Chapter 499: Joining Forces

 Chapter 499: Joining Forces

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Just as Li Shuanghua was doing what she could to treat her son, a human figure slowly walked over from outside the ice cave.

It was a young man with silver hair. He wore white battle clothes and had a pair of black sunglasses on his head.

When the young man saw Li Shuanghua, he said, "Hehe. Old Granny Li, it seems like you have not contacted the outside world after giving your orders to the Federation 12 hours ago. You probably don't know what has happened outside, right?"

Li Shuanghua turned toward the silver-haired young man. He was from the Ford Clan, one of the Five Great Clans which specialized in technological advancements. This person had the nickname of 'Thunder Monarch'. He was one of the five Divine level experts, as well as the youngest amongst them.

Hearing what the Thunder Monarch said, Li Shuanghua replied calmly, "Could it be that... that defiant grandson of mine has done something shameful again?

"But our Fang Clan will deal with our matters on our own.

"After I've treated Ming`er, I'll personally suppress that vile spawn. There's no need for you to worry."

"Hehe," the Thunder Monarch snickered and said, "Right now, it'll probably require the two of us to join forces in order to suppress him."

"The two of us joining forces? What kind of joke is that?" Li Shuanghua sneered with a frown.

Li Shuanghua was a Divine level expert. The way she saw it, for her to have to personally suppress her grandson, it already seemed like she had become a laughing stock among all of the clans. If she still had to join forces with the Thunder Monarch, it would be a total humiliation.

The Thunder Monarch shook his head. "You should take a look at this first."

The Thunder Monarch took out a silver-white sphere, and at the next moment, it reflected several beams of light onto the ice walls. It played out the scenes of how Fang Xingjian had moved the earth, causing it to fly out of the atmosphere.

Moreover, this clip had been edited before, combining a majority of the scenes which had been uploaded onto the internet. Even the scenes taken by satellites were included, causing the entire picture to appear even clearer and smoother.

"This was what Fang Xingjian did 12 hours ago. The Federation has already submitted to him for now. It's said that he has just broken through your base on a small island in the Pacific Ocean, and he has obtained your daughter's corpse."

The Thunder Monarch spoke slowly, "Right now, the Earth's Federation has secretly entered a planet-wide state of being prepared for battle. After all, regardless of whether it's them or us, all of us aren't able to accept the appearance of a sudden overlord above us. What do you think?"

Li Shuanghua closed her eyes. There was no expression on her face. It was as if she was a nun who had meditated for many years.

"I never expected that vile spawn would actually be quite talented. To think that in a mere two years, he has successfully cultivated earth-shaking sword arts.

"It's a pity that despite having such power, he doesn't know that he should show his loyalty to the clan. Instead, he chose to inflict harm onto his elders and resist the Federation..."

After saying that, Li Shuanghua took in a strong breath and said, "Since his battle prowess has already reached such a level, then there's clearly a need for us to join forces. However, since we're joining forces, we must increase our chances to the maximum. What did the others say to this?"

A hint of surprise flashed across the Thunder Monarch's face. He had not expected that this old granny, whom he had thought to be old-fashioned, inflexible, solemn, and unreasonable, would agree to them joining forces so easily. He was stunned for a short moment before saying:

"No one knows which part of Miracle World Tiandao and Titan have gone to. Despot is willing to join us. However, that black devil requests that after the matter is settled, he wants half of your daughter's remains."

Li Shuanghua's eyes abruptly popped open, and there seemed to be a cold gleam flashing in them.

However, after taking a look at the dire state her son was in and then recalling Fang Xingjian's performance displayed in the clips, she swallowed her fury and said, "The price is still considered as ordinary for inviting a Divine level expert's assistance."

The Thunder Monarch smiled. "Alright, then this is settled. You should prepare first. The Federation will also have to garner up their power once again. We'll take action in one month.

"With three Divine level experts, the Federation's core troops, as well as our Ford Clan's secret weapon, we'll definitely be able to suppress him."

The Thunder Monarch's body then slowly faded away. He wondered how Fang Xingjian had been able to make such tremendous progress in just two years. It was to the extent that Fang Xingjian could even possess power which could match, or even exceed, those in the Divine level when he was just at level 29.

'It's fine. After I've caught you, I'll slowly figure you out.'


Two hours later, Li Shuanghua sent out a challenge letter to Fang Xingjian, promising a battle at the Sahara Desert one month later.

The moment this news spread, the eyes of countless people popped out in shock.

The five Divine level experts had always been thought of as being the top notch battle prowess on Earth, the dark sovereigns who ruled from behind the scenes.

Although Fang Xingjian had sent the Planetary Defense's headquarters flying with a sword attack, there were still disputes on which party was stronger-Fang Xingjian or the Divine level experts.

Right now, Li Shuanghua, a long time Divine level expert, was about to challenge Fang Xingjian. This made countless people excited, and they waited in anticipation over the result of the battle.

This was particularly because Fang Xingjian and Li Shuanghua were both from the Fang Clan, yet they had blown up the matter so much that they would not stop until one party perished. The clan's internal strife and grudges also made many people very curious.


On the highest story of the Fang Clan's building, Fang Xingjian sat cross legged and floated in midair. Tyrant stood on the spot, appearing like a ferocious beast baring its teeth and fangs at Fang Xingjian. He seemed to be incessantly accumulating his aura and power, as if he could unleash a deadly attack toward Fang Xingjian at any moment.

Then there seemed to be the vague howls of a myriad of draconic beasts in the air, And the undulating howls sounded as if there were waves of a myriad of beasts approaching.

In the entire Fang Clan's building, countless people suddenly felt helpless and alarmed. There were even faint feelings of terror sprouting ceaselessly in their hearts, as if some kind of huge beast was hiding in the darkness and would dash out at any moment to tear them up.

Compared to Tyrant's surging aura, Fang Xingjian appeared very calm, exuding no hints of aura.

However, in actuality, Fang Xingjian was now having a spar with Tyrant through their martial wills. Their sword intents and fist intents continued to clash in void space, fighting will against will, thoughts against thoughts. This caused Tyrant to break out in cold sweat continuously.

Suddenly, with a furious bellow, Tyrant retreated three steps back and said, "That's enough, that's enough. I don't want to fight anymore. Your sword intent is far too sharp. It's causing my brain tremendous pain."

Looking at Fang Xingjian's calm appearance, Tyrant suddenly said, "Do you have confidence in the coming battle? I don't think your grandmother is someone who would fight fairly."

"I already have full confidence to defeat her. However, in order to defeat the entire Federation, I'll still need stronger power."

Fang Xingjian stretch out his sword finger, and a surge of sword-shaped void figures seemed to be produced. They appeared to exude an extraordinary spiritual light in Tyrant's eyes.

Fang Xingjian continued to say, "Let's try to merge into one first. If we can succeed, it'll really be able to increase our battle prowess tremendously. After all, right now, I can only rapidly raise the progress of my sword arts. Specialty seeds, physical particles, brain regeneration, and ether organs aren't things that can be achieved within a short amount of time."

Tyrant walked over with an awkward expression and asked, "Unless there's no other way out, don't use this move."

A few minutes later, their figures merged into one. Tyrant's body seemed like layers of mercury encompassing on Fang Xingjian's body. It was as if he had become another layer of skin covering Fang Xingjian. Furthermore, Tyrant even seeped into the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor, connecting with Fang Xingjian's body directly.

Then at the next moment, the auras of over 1,440 specialty seeds surged from Fang Xingjian's body.