Chapter 498: Search

 Chapter 498: Search

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That night, the female military officer, who had once gone looking for Fang Xingjian and given him a warning, knelt down before the building's entrance, seeking Fang Xingjian's forgiveness.

All the survivors of the Planetary Defense who were related to this event had all been arrested on the charge of antisocial behavior, and they were now waiting to be trialed by the court-martial.

Concurrently, a tremendous amount of Li Shuanghua's information, which the Federation had, was sent over and handed to Fang Xingjian.

The entire Federation seemed to have been completely subdued by Fang Xingjian's martial power.


At the center of the Pacific Ocean, above a small island which had not been recorded on maps, Fang Xingjian stood on void space. He constantly sensed the hints of light waves with his Heaven's Perception as he monitored the situation on the small island.

He had left Demonic City, the only domain which had an overlap with Miracle World. Thus, there were almost no ether particles at all here. However, for a Demigod like Fang Xingjian, the energy in his body was already sufficient to allow him to do many things.

Li Shuanghua had secretly set up a tremendous number of laboratories all over the planet,most of which even Fang Yuehe was unaware of. The only reason why the upper echelon of the Earth's Federation had a lot of information about many of the laboratories was because Li Shuanghua had utilized a lot of their resources and a large number of their specialists .

Right now, under Fang Xingjian's feet was one of the biggest laboratories Li Shuanghua possessed. It was also the one with the highest possibility of being the laboratory where the remains of Fang Xingjian's mother were stored. However, it could also be where Li Shuanghua was hiding.

Therefore, before he invaded the base, he continued to scan it carefully, gathering information.

'It seems that... she isn't here?'

Fang Xingjian's eyes squinted slightly. Then at the next moment, he had already entered between the spatial gaps and was headed toward the direction of the base.

The moment he entered, he went through the entire base. He found that most of the laboratory rooms were conducting various human experiments.

They turned men and women of unknown origins into magic prints Warriors, then they used the bodies of these magic prints Warriors to experiment on forging Divine Weapons.

Throughout the entire process, those men and women were like the lab rats. From the beginning till the end, they were grabbed and controlled by many mechanical arms, completely unable to resist.

Such brutal experiments caused even Fang Xingjian to frown.

Even in Miracle World, the various big countries would not conduct such antisocial activities in order to increase their military power. This was something that only a heretic influence like the Terrene Shrine would do.

Furthermore, when he thought of how his mother's corpse was here as well, the killing intent in Fang Xingjian's heart grew increasingly stronger.

As he walked, Fang Xingjian sent out streams of sword intent into the brains of the staff working here. Once he found his mother's corpse, he would immediately cause the streams of sword intent to explode, thereby turning all these people either brain-dead or placing them into vegetative states.

Fang Xingjian carried on walking and finally found his target in a secret room made from pure metal which was located on the lowest story of the base.

He stepped out from the void space and looked at the ice coffin before him which was over three meters in height and exuded a powerful chill. His gaze was filled with complicated emotions.

The ice coffin was very thick. However, Fang Xingjian possessed Heaven's Perception, so he could still clearly see the contents of the ice coffin very clearly.

Inside it, there was a lady who appeared to be in her 20s and seemed as if she had gathered all the spiritual Qi from the heavens and the earth. She lay in the coffin, dressed in white palace clothes, and appeared as if she were alive.

Especially her beautiful red lips, her face, her long lashes, and her fair skin... All these made her look as if she was still alive.

However, the one thing that caused Fang Xingjian's heart to palpitate the most was still her appearance.

Her eyes, nose, and mouth all had a 70% to 80% similarity to his own.

'We really do look alike...'

It was a pity that through Fang Xingjian's Heaven's Perception, he verified that the woman no longer had any heartbeat nor was she breathing.

Fang Xingjian stared at the ice coffin. His solemn expression seemed to be filled with complicated emotions as he stood there in a daze.

'This is my mother?'

Ten minutes later, a plasma sword emerged from void space with a flash of light, and a black-clothed warrior thrust a blade toward the back of Fang Xingjian's head.

This black-clothed warrior was the person in charge of the base. He was a level 29 magic prints Warrior, and he possessed the powerful ability to teleport.

Fang Xingjian had truly stayed for too long, causing this warrior to immediately notice his intrusion. He approached Fang Xingjian very carefully and then activated teleportation from outside the room, wanting to deal him a serious injury in one hit.

Till now, everything seemed to be progressing very smoothly.

The black-clothed warrior watched as the plasma longsword got increasingly closer to Fang Xingjian. Seeing how Fang Xingjian continued to show no reaction as he looked at the ice coffin in a daze, the black-clothed warrior's eyes filled with feelings of excitement.

'He's in a daze? He's really in a daze?

'This is understandable. After all, it's his mother. It's hard for one not to enter a daze when suddenly faced with such a sight.'

The black-clothed warrior thought of the stir Fang Xingjian had caused across Earth. Then when he thought of how he was going to kill such a person with just a single slash, the black-clothed warrior felt increasingly excited.

However, that was only until the next moment. The plasma longsword had already gotten close to Fang Xingjian's scalp. Then when a few strands of Fang Xingjian's hair got cut off, Fang Xingjian tapped out with a single finger.

His sword finger attacked at a later time, eerily appearing on the black-clothed warrior's forehead with a flash.

With a light and crisp sound, the black-clothed warrior's body suddenly came to a stop.

He lifted his head and looked in Fang Xingjian's direction, saying, "Great sword arts. Endless sword intent and unrivalled sword force are contained in a single sword attack that deals great destruction to your opponent body physically and mentally...

"It's true that you have the right to challenge Madam Li Shuanghua. I shouldn't have challenged you. I'm the person in charge of this base. I'm called..."

Suddenly, there was a pffft sound, and the sword ripples from Fang Xingjian's Light Pursuit slashed through the black-clothed man's throat. Fang Xingjian spoke indifferently, "You're too weak. I won't be able to remember you even if you tell me your name. It's better for your to leave quietly just like this."

A hint of non-acceptance flashed in the black-clothed man's eyes. However, it only went on for one or two seconds before he completely collapsed as both his consciousness and physical body were killed off.

Fang Xingjian looked at the ice coffin before him, and sadness filled up in his eyes. He suddenly recalled many things from his childhood. He recalled how from a young age, he had been bullied, there had been no one he could rely on, and he had to live as an orphan.

Letting out a sigh, he instructed Tyrant, "Store this into the Gates of the Netherworld."

Even though Fang Xingjian had found his mother's remains, he had yet to decide on how he was going to handle this corpse. He decided on storing it in the Gates of the Netherworld for now.

However, just as he was about to do this, another vortex suddenly appeared at the center of the coffin, instantly absorbing the entire ice coffin and the corpse in it.

"Who's there?!" Fang Xingjian glared, and overwhelming sword intent gushed out in all directions.

Tyrant said in surprise, "It's the Gates of the Netherworld. The other party also performed the Gates of the Netherworld."

At the next moment, a black-clothed man suddenly appeared at the location from where the ice coffin had disappeared. Looking at this person's silhouette, Fang Xingjian's countenance changed.

It was because this black-clothed man was the same one who had given him the purple flames back when he was still at the Fang Clan.

Fang Xingjian questioned coldly, "Who are you? Why did you snatch my mother's remains?" He kept on attempting to use Heaven's Perception to scan the other party's body, but all he could sense was pitch black darkness. He could not read anything at all.

The black-clothed man looked at Fang Xingjian and said calmly, "Come and look for me after you've become unrivalled on Earth and number one in the Empire.

"I'll be waiting for you in the City of Universal Truth."

The City of Universal Truth... That was where the headquarters of the Church of Universal Truth, which was the most powerful influence in Miracle World, were located. It was the Church of Universal Truth's sacred city, the promised city.

Fang Xingjian asked hastily, "Who on earth are you?"

"You know who I am."

The man did not say another word. Then as spatial ripples were sent out, he completely disappeared.


Simultaneously, under a glacial sheet in the Arctic, the body of the Fang Clan's third son, Fang Yueming, was floating in midair in the center of a huge ice cave. The skin and flesh throughout his body were undulating incessantly, exuding powerful green light.

Below him, Li Shuanghua wore a grim countenance as she carefully healed Fang Yueming's body.

While it was easy to heal other areas, the crucial issue was that Fang Xingjian had even dealt a serious injury to Fang Yueming's brain.

The brain had over ten billion nerve cells as well as countless other structures. Even though Li Shuanghua was a Divine level expert, she would still need to accurately repair the various electric signals and chemical reactions in order to restore the several tens of billions of cells in another person's body. This was considered as a super big operation even for her.

A Divine level expert who had transitioned from a magic prints Warrior possessed diabolic energy. Thus, they could perform various unique diabolic abilities and possessed even stronger extraordinary strength in comparison to Knights.

However, in regards to the development of the human body, they did not possess the specialty seeds which Knights had. Additionally, they had neither brain regeneration abilities nor ether organs.

As she was afraid that she would be disturbed, she had gone under the Arctic's ice sheets, and spent two days and two nights before she managed to barely pull Fang Yueming back from the gates of hell.

However, despite this, Fang Yueming only managed to keep his life for now. Li Shuanghua still needed to exert more effort before she could ensure his recovery.