Chapter 493: Too Weak

 Chapter 493: Too Weak

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Ah Hao was looking at this scene in a daze. He said in slight disbelief, "I'm actually this amazing?

"I'm actually so f*cking amazing?"

At that moment, several tens of experts emerged from the underground base, eight of whom were securely guarded in the center.

Seven of them were the members of the Fang Clan's upper echelon who were protected at this villa. The remaining person, a thin old man with a full beard, was General Tang, the Fang Clan's representative in the military.

Although he appeared to be very old, he still had great vigor and exuded strong valiance. He seemed to be a person who shouldn't be underestimated.

An old president from one of the Fang Clan's organizations shouted out as he looked anxiously at the state of the ruins, "Is Fang Xingjian here?! Is Fang Xingjian here?!"

General Tang, who was beside him, gave him a slap and shouted, "What are you screaming for? If you don't wish to die, then just stay here quietly."

As he spoke, he had already walked up till he was 100 meters away from Ah Hao. "Kid, who are you? Do you know where you've barged into?"

Ah Hao looked at the crowd of people who were all wearing military uniforms. Even if he did not recognize the components on their uniforms, he knew that this person before him was a high ranking officer. He said a little nervously, "I'm Lai Wenhao. My younger sister was abducted and brought here. Release her immediately."

"What rubbish are you talking about?" General Tang frowned. He had initially thought that this person was someone Fang Xingjian had sent, but it seemed that this person was totally unrelated to Fang Xingjian.

General Tang waved his hand and said, "Seize them."

However, no one in the surroundings moved. In fact, they could not even stay standing as they fell in succession, let alone being able to move.

These people around General Tang were all elites in the military who were under the Fang Clan's command. There were several tens of them, and they were all level 29 magic prints Warriors. Putting aside the fact that they were experienced fighters, they were all powerful warriors who were well equipped. Yet, to think that they had all fallen without any warning!

By this moment in time, Fang Xingjian had already slowly walked out from the spatial gaps. Looking at the seven members of the Fang Clan and General Tang, who were the only ones still standing, Fang Xingjian said calmly, "You people dare to lure me here without even getting a Divine level expert to set up an ambush?"

General Tang's face trembled a little as he looked at Fang Xingjian and asked, "You're Fang Xingjian?"

Fang Xingjian did not reply and just looked at the seven members of the Fang Clan's upper echelon. The disposition he exuded was hard to fathom. Ever since he emerged from his seclusion back in Great Western City, his abilities had become increasingly unfathomable, and his sword intent was increasingly hard to grasp.

Furthermore, after his battle with Li Shuanghua's clone, this situation was growing increasingly serious. It was as if Fang Xingjian did not fit in with the rest of the world and that he would dissipate into thin air at any moment now.

When General Tang saw that he was completed ignored, a hint of fury flashed in his eyes. Then streams of green light flashed through his body, and explosive air currents burst forth from his back. He charged out toward Fang Xingjian like a rocket.

Concurrently, lightning flashed through his body and he was covered up in a layer of metallic armor.

At this moment, the power of his magic prints, muscles, and armor were all merged into one and gathered in his hands. Forming seals with his hands, he showed a 70% to 80% similarity to Li Shuanghua's large hand which was formed from her condensing her martial will. As the impact emerged from his hands, the sounds of the wind and thunder could be heard, and it was as if a myriad of thunderbolts had exploded in the sky.

Confronted with this palm strike which General Tang demonstrated at 120% of its power, Fang Xingjian casually sent his palm out to collide with General Tang's.

It was a pity that when the two palms came into contact, General Tang's face flushed red and the blood vessels throughout his body swelled up. He felt as if he had collided into an aircraft carrier and the pressure was so great that his entire body was rendered unable to move. He could only forcibly receive the blows from the surges of backlash, unable to say a single word.

Fang Xingjian's expression was very much at ease as he spoke in a soft voice, "You're so weak. Why do you still want to fight against me?"

Then at next moment, waves of power exploded in General Tang's body directly. With a loud cry, he spat out a large mouthful of blood and retreated rapidly. He even ended up stumbling and falling to the ground on his butt.

"Too weak." Fang Xingjian could not feel any happiness from breaking through General Tang's attack. He merely shook his head and said, "I know that you still can't accept this, and I know that this won't leave a scratch on you and the Federation. Therefore, I'll spare your life.

"As for the seven people from the Fang Clan, I'll be bringing them with me. However, I'll be back again tomorrow. I hope that you guys will be able to bring me a bit of a surprise."

Fang Xingjian then turned to look at the seven members of the Fang Clan's upper echelon. With a casual brush of his sword intent, the astonishment, terror, and anxiety that the seven of them had been feeling earlier all disappeared. They walked out like the undead, headed toward the location of the Fang Clan's building.

Then Fang Xingjian looked at Ah Hao and his companion. The two of them gazed at Fang Xingjian excitedly and nervously. By now, they were well aware that everything had been due to Fang Xingjian's intervention in the background.

Fang Xingjian did not say anything but sent out his sword intent brushing toward them to tell them that Ah Hao's younger sister was under the debris over 30 meters behind them. Additionally, Fang Xingjian told them that under his intentional protection, she was unscathed.

"These two people aren't bad. I don't wish to see them dead." Fang Xingjian's words were directed toward General Tang.

Fang Xingjian believed that as long as he was still alive, no one would ever target these two young men again.

Following this, Fang Xingjian left while exuding an aura which made him seem increasingly like he was from out of this world. It was as if he did not care in the least what would happen next here.

He returned to the Fang Clan's building. However, it was not long before he understood that the Federation's attitude and counterattack would both be even more intense and fiercer than he had imagined.


At the center of the Demonic City, in a meeting room which belonged to the Earth's Federation, many people were engaged in an intense quarrel.

"Te...rro...rist! This is blatant terrorism! If we let off a person like this who takes the initiative to assault the military and innocent commoners, then the entire Federation's reputation will go down the drain!"

"But Fang Xingjian is very powerful. Ordinary means would probably be useless against him."

"Where are Madam Li Shuanghua and the others? It's best if we can get the Divine level experts to take action immediately. We must suppress this Fang Xingjian instantly."

"Madam Li Shuanghua, Lord Thunder Monarch, and Lord Despot haven't responded. Lord Tiandao and Lord Titan are still in Miracle World and are unable to come over for now."

Just then, General Tang, who was wrapped up in white bandages but still had hints of red blood seeping through them, started coughing. Then he said with a grim expression, "I suggest that we deploy the Zero troop."

"The Zero troop?"

"This requires the affirmation from the permanent council members, right?"

"In such a short period of time..."

General Tang spoke with a vicious expression, "Are you guys going to just watch as Fang Xingjian brings chaos to Demonic City while we're just left with no solutions?" Saying that, he clapped his hands and someone behind him brought over stacks of documents.

"This is the emergency order Madam Li Shuanghua sent out. It has already received agreement from the several other lords of the Divine level. We're to immediately deploy the Zero troop, and we must suppress Fang Xingjian within the shortest time possible, removing all odious influences."