Chapter 492: Pursue and Attack

 Chapter 492: Pursue and Attack

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Fang Xingjian stood before the full-length window on the highest story of the building. Looking down at the mecha warriors who were being moved out ceaselessly, as well as the female military officer who had escaped, Fang Xingjian said to Tyrant, "You stay here and watch the place. I'll follow them to take a look."

At the next moment, the Infiltrating Void was activated, and he darted into spatial gaps and completely disappeared.


Elsewhere, the female military officer was in a limousine which was moving at a rapid speed of 100 kilometers per hour. The street, along which the car was moving, had already been cleared off in advance.

The female military officer looked at the incoming call on her cellphone with a grim countenance.

"No, we failed.

"Yes... Yes... Yes...

"We'll be heading over immediately...

"I understand."

After the female military officer put down her cellphone, she got a shock. It was because she realized that without her knowing when, Fang Xingjian had taken a seat opposite her.

One of her hands quickly reached for the gun she had, but Fang Xingjian only had to send out his sword intent before her body completely stiffened up, rendering her unable to move.

Hints of a desire to struggle, hesitation, and desperation flashed in her eyes. Her will was completely suppressed by Fang Xingjian, just like a rock knocking against an egg, crushing it into bits. She could no longer summon any power to resist.

"Who were you reporting to? Where are the seven members of the Fang Clan's upper echelon who went against me?"

The female military officer said in a daze, "I was reporting to General Tang. The seven members of the Fang Clan's upper echelon have all been brought over to General Tang's residence."

Fang Xingjian carried on to ask a series of questions and got a better understanding of the entire Federation.

If the Five Great Clans were said to only have taken up a 30% share in the Federation at the start, then as time went by, their development, as well as the Divine level experts' various extraordinary powers, resulted in them now controlling over 70% of the entire Federation.

Although there was internal conflict in the Federation, they would naturally join forces when they encountered external enemies.

It could be said that this time around, in Fang Xingjian's fight against Li Shuanghua, the worst possible scenario would be for him to have to fight against the Federation and the other four Divine level experts.

This would happen unless Fang Xingjian could continue on undefeated, killing and defeating his opponents in turn. He had to make them understand that the price of them going up against him was much higher than for them to make an enemy out of Li Shuanghua.

General Tang, whom the female military officer had contacted, was Li Shuanghua's representative in the Planetary Defense of the Earth's Federation. He controlled the power of the troops in the Planetary Defense.

'I shall unroot all of your influences in the Federation completely. Let's see if you'll come out then.'

"Where is General Tang? Bring me to him."


Outside a mountain villa in Demonic City's countryside, Fang Xingjian strolled in between spatial gaps, as if he were taking an idle stroll in a garden. In merely a few seconds, he managed to pass by many guard posts, but he also found a small surprise.

Three young men dressed in black were slowly getting closer to the external wall of the villa.

'If there are Divine level experts lying in ambush, the three of them would serve well as scouts.

'And with these newbies' abilities, they're doomed to die if they enter. I can consider ensuring their safety if I follow them.'

After giving it some thought, Fang Xingjian followed behind the three young men.

Looking at the majestic villa, the young man in the lead, who had slightly tanned skin, said, "It's right here. Based on the surveillance camera on the highway, my younger sister was eventually brought to this place."

Beside him, another young man said, "Ah Hao, this place seems to be the military's territory. Maybe we shouldn't be barging in..."

Another young man with a buzz cut also said, "I heard that a high ranking military officer stays here. What on earth did your younger sister get herself into?"

The slightly tanned young man smiled and said, "I've already investigated. My sister wasn't the only one who was brought here after going missing. A number of young girls have also gone missing here. There were even some female stars who came by this place. What did you think could happen?"

The countenance of the young man with a buzz cut changed, and he said, "Ah Hao, is what you said for real? If that's the case, the person inside is probably very dangerous. He's definitely a highly ranked officer."

The slightly tanned Ah Hao said, "If you guys want to leave, then go on. Before they died, my parents left my younger sister in my care. Even if I die here, I must go in and check it out."

The young man with a buzz cut then immediately said, "Ah Hao, what kind of people do you think we are? People from our Righteous Dojo are all good brothers. In the worst scenario, we can just die together. I'm going in with you!"

The other long-haired young man hesitated for a moment before refusing to follow them. "I can't go in. I still have to take care of my grandmother. Ah Hao, I'm sorry, I really cannot go with you."

The two young men climbed over the wall, and the corners of Fang Xingjian's lips curled up slightly. He had already decided on saving the lives of these two young men.

It was a pity that Ah Hao and the young man with a buzz cut were only at first transition level and their ability to sneak in and investigate was extremely weak. At almost the same instant when they went over the wall, they were detected by the infrared rays of the security system. Then just two minutes later, they were already surrounded by a large number of soldiers.

A one-eyed military officer smiled coldly as he looked at the two young men who were now surrounded. "The two of you are really brave to dare barge into this place."

As he spoke, he waved his hand, and over ten soldiers charged forth to seize the two young men. As the two young men were only at first transition, they were completely suppressed in the blink of an eye.

However, just as Ah Hao was about to be seized, Fang Xingjian, who was hiding in the spatial gaps, suddenly pointed out with a finger, releasing a stream of sword intent onto Ah Hao.

At the next moment, it was as if Ah Hao had received divine help, and he struck out with his palm. A tremendous boom rang out, and powerful air currents shot out in all directions. Amidst violent sword Qis, streams of sword force shot out in all directions from the center of his palm. The explosive outburst of power in this moment seemed as if several hundreds of thousands of kilograms worth of explosive had gone off.

As a tremor ran through the ground and the mountains shook, half the villa was turned into flat land. The area within several tens of thousands meters turned into ruins, and several hundreds of soldiers were killed by the blast. Only Ah Hao and his friend remained standing there, looking at the ruins before them.

Ah Hao stared at his palm in a daze, as if he could not believe that he was the one who had done this.

"An expert!" That one-eyed military officer bellowed and darted out from the ruins. He glared at Ah Hao and said, "I'm the Planetary Defense's World Demolition Fervent Saber. An expert like you is definitely not a nobody. Tell me..."

Ah Hao unconsciously punched out across space, and the second transition level 29 magic prints Warrior exploded, sending a sheet of blood rain down.

Under his companion's astonished gaze, Ah Hao stomped one of his legs down onto the ground. Then the area within one kilometer exploded instantly, revealing a large area of underground structures. This was the true face of the mountain villa.

At the next moment, several tens of powerful auras locked onto Ah Hao and his friend, and endless killing intent gushed toward them.

The young man with the buzz haircut opened his mouth wide and said in astonishment, "F*ck. Ah Hao, you're incredible!"