Chapter 491: Surround and Attack

 Chapter 491: Surround and Attack

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As a member of the Earth's Federation, the female military officer was very clear as to how extensive the power of the Earth's Federation was. As an organization jointly started by the Five Great Clans and five powerful countries, not only had they brought in the five strongest humans on Earth who were the five Divine level experts, they had also garnered in 80% of the countries, organizations, businesses, and main influences of the world.

Under such a tremendous power, not a single person or object would be able to resist. Whoever or whatever dared to resist would all be crushed into powder by extreme power.

Especially since the influence of the Divine level experts had been growing for the past few years. The Federation's influence had continued to grow rapidly, and it had truly become the Earth's strongest power.

This was also not the first time that the female military officer had encountered people who were supposedly experts, leaders, or dictators. However, when they faced the Federation, these people immediately turned into trembling little lambs.

Therefore, she smiled quietly, as if waiting for Fang Xingjian's terror and anxiety.

However, Fang Xingjian's reaction seemed to be completely beyond her expectations. He seemed extremely calm, feeling neither fury nor terror. He merely asked curiously, "Haven't you guys thought of the possibility that I can not listen to your requests?"

"Huh?" The female military officer seemed to have yet to react to Fang Xingjian's words.

Fang Xingjian shook his head, "You people have stayed too long in a safe environment and think that power, regulations, and society is everything. Haven't you people ever thought that if an overwhelming power ever was to appear, all the authority, wealth, and power that you usually rely on would all be useless?"

Fang Xingjian understood that Earth was different from Miracle World after all. Their societal rules and ways of thinking had been seeping in for several hundreds or thousands of years. They were nothing something that a few strong experts could change in a mere ten or so years.

Moreover, the Earth's military forces were equipped with varied high technology items and the density of the ether divine art and diabolic energy here were both extremely low.

Therefore, the people here did not revere the strong as blatantly nor as much as compared to those in Miracle World. The people here were more used to relying on politics, wealth, influences, and military force to resolve issues.

Hearing Fang Xingjian's words, the female military officer laughed in contempt as she looked at Fang Xingjian as if she was staring at an idiot, "Do you think that you're that overwhelming power?"

Fang Xingjian did not reply. The reason he had dared to come to Demonic City to face Divine level experts was clearly because he had made his own assessments.

The diabolic energy on Earth was weak. Moreover, Fang Xingjian himself was immune to diabolic energy. This would result in all the Divine level mystical prints Warriors being unable to rely on their diabolic energy, thus only able to rely on their own power to fight against him.

In a battle of physical strength, there was no overwhelming difference between Divine level experts and level 29 experts. For example, the only area in which an existence like Li Shuanghua was more powerful than him would be her martial will.

From the look of things, his 'Light Pursuit' could already close this gap through extreme high speed sword techniques. Moreover, he still had his fourth sword, as well as the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent, Terra Ingurgitation, and his fifth sword which he had not performed back then.

On Earth, Fang Xingjian's abilities were sufficient to allow him to fight against Divine level experts. Since that was the case, how could he possibly be making compromises?

"Li Shuanghua has yet to take my abilities in high regard? She feels that you good-for-nothings are enough to stop me? Then I'll make her see how ridiculously wrong she is."

Fang Xingjian threw a glance at the female military officer and calmly said, "Scram. Tell the people from the Federation that unless they immediately break off ties with Li Shuanghua, expel her from her position as a permanent council member, and get her to either hand over my mother's remains or tell me where she is. Otherwise, I will not stop.

"I will make you guys understand that not only are you forbidden to go against me, but if you were to meet my enemies and not immediately chop them up into pieces and bring them to me, you'll all suffer the most painful and bloody revenge from me."

The female military officer looked at Fang Xingjian as if she was looking at a fool. However, the next moment, she sensed a surge of sword intent entering her brain from the top of her skull. Her own will was unable to stand up for a fight before this sword intent and her body was instantly and completely controlled by this will. She dropped to the ground and rolled out of the place.

The female military officer continued rolling on the ground, entering the lift, then exiting from the lift at the first story, and then continued all the way out of the building.

Covered in dirt and dust, she stood up, wearing an infuriated expression. As she looked in the direction of the building's highest story, she gritted her teeth and said, "This b*stard! This lunatic!"

Her cellphone rang, and when she picked it up, a man's voice could be heard, "How was it?"

"He rejected!" the female military officer said furiously. "This guy is extremely stubborn! If we don't teach him a lesson, he won't know who he is up against!

"Take action! Take action immediately!

"We will earn great merit as long as we apprehend him!"

A short while later, through the sound waves and light waves Fang Xingjian was absorbing, he could sense that over 100 people had barged into the building. Many of the levels were being attacked and taken over. They were making their way up to the highest story at an astonishing speed.

Each of these people were covered in armor. They looked as if they were fully equipped robots , as if they were the warriors of the future.

Ordinary walls and levels were unable to stop them. With the enhancements from their mechanical exoskeletons, no weapons could penetrate them and all of them had great strength. Even Fang Clan's Black-Crystal Armored Soldiers were brought down by them without being able to show any form of resistance.

From the bottom, the female military officer looked at the mecha troop that was rapidly heading upward in the building and said with a cold smile, "This is the Federation's newest mecha troop. Each set of equipment they are wearing are formed from three layers of explosion-proof metal, providing resistance against explosions, from being pierced, from bullets, as well as high and low temperatures. They are even equipped with the newest exoskeleton power system, which allows the explosive burst of their strength and agility to be magnified by ten times or even more.

"When matched with top quality ion rifles and circular lightning swords, their damage prowess could easily match that of second transition Conferred Knights.

"Each member of the troop has also undergone a long period of hypnotism and medicinal injections. They are all highly experienced soldiers with wills of steel. Unless it is by Divine level experts' martial wills, they won't be suppressed by any things such as fist intent or sword intent.

"Moreover, each of them are also second transition magic prints Warriors for which the Federation has invested tens of millions to nurture."

Next to her, another military officer nodded and said, "As long as they can successfully apprehend Fang Xingjian this time around, not only will we be able to get full support from Madam Li Shuanghua, but we'll also be able to expand our troop and become one of the core troops of the Federation."

The female military officer broke into a confident smile. Over 100 level 29 magic prints Warriors were all equipped with the best equipments. Since its very beginnings, this troop had yet to fail any missions and they had even had the record of suppressing the rebellion of an elite troop formed from 100,000 men with 100 soldiers alone.

In her mind, Fang Xingjian was doomed.

Not long after their conversation, the armored warriors who were moving along the corridors at rapid speed fell, one after another.

After being swept through by Fang Xingjian's sword intent, the fervent beliefs and steel wills formed by their usual training were not worth a mention. One after another, their consciousnesses were attacked by the sword intent and they were knocked out unconscious.

Ten minutes later, the female military officer stood at the building's entrance with a grim countenance as she watched the unconscious mecha warriors being brought out one after another.

Suddenly, blood started flowing from her seven apertures. A large amount of her capillaries had been cut open and blood was spurting from them. Although the damage was not serious, her appearance was very scary.

It was then that the female military officer finally realized that as long as Fang Xingjian wanted to, he could easily kill her whenever he would want to.

Terrifying sword intent seethed in her consciousness, leaving behind seeds of terror in her heart. Unless she could defeat Fang Xingjian, she would forever have a great flaw in her will for life, unable to make any further progress. For several decades from that day onward, she would be plagued by nightmares of Fang Xingjian every single night.

However, she could no longer care much about it. Running over to her car, she made her escape immediately, absolutely terrified.