Chapter 490: Federation

 Chapter 490: Federation

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At the highest level of a building with 200 floors, and in the most luxurious room of the entire Demonic City, Fang Xingjian looked down at Demonic City below his feet as it beamed with brilliant lights. All kinds of sword intent continued to seethe in his mind.

Behind him, Tyrant was lazing on the sofa. His eyes seemed to be shut and yet they were not really so. It was as if he was dozing off.

Fang Xingjian threw him a glance and said, "Why have you become lazier and lazier of late? Cultivating one's martial will is like sailing against the currents. If you don't advance, you'll end up falling further back. If you continue being so lazy, your martial will will probably become increasingly weaker."

Tyrant opened his eyes and said lazily, "I joined you guys to interact with you in seclusion previously, and I have a clear plan for my future path now.

"I feel that something like black magic isn't something prepared for us humans. Just relying on black magic can only increase one's battle prowess, yet it is difficult to bring one's realm up. It's more of a means of attacking intended for living creatures that are powerful to begin with.

"Therefore, in order to let myself attain a breakthrough to the Divine level, I must combine the Knight's means of tempering the will and physical body."

Fang Xingjian nodded, "That's right. It's the same for magic prints and black magic. Borrowing the idea of how Knights cultivate can better help you attain a breakthrough to the Divine level.

"This time around, when you went against the many experts from the Fang Clan by yourself, I could tell that you were already able to have a great control of your physical body and will. You also showed signs of advancement in your martial arts, as well as progression in your fist intent."

Back when Tyrant had single-handedly fought against the many experts from the Fang Clan, each punch and kick that Tyrant displayed had not only been accompanied with extremely explosive and violent physical strength. It had also come with a world-crushing, beast-roaring state. However, the fist intent seemed more vague and hazy, having yet to be fully nurtured.

"That's right. But after I saw your exchange with Li Shuanghua, my level of comprehension went up a notch," Tyrant said. "You press forward with an indomitable will because you have the support of your extraordinary talent.

"I don't have your talent. If I charge on forward without knowing how to advance or retreat at the right moment, I may end up completely exhausted like a meteor one day.

"Therefore, as I progress, I need to rest even more.

"When I'm fighting, I must be fierce and domineering like a demonic god from hell. But during ordinary days, I must enjoy myself and nurture my spirit."

As Tyrant said this, he smiled. That feeling of laziness he exuded was even stronger now. He was like a huge beast laying down prone, turning around and yawning, slowly nurturing his physical strength.

"The true path of cultivation is to alternate the tension between tightened and relaxed. I'm unable to cultivate in the same way as you do. If I keep myself that tense all the time, I'll collapse. So, I can only choose to cultivate in another way.."

Fang Xingjian did not say anything. He merely thought of the remaining three years of his lifespan and nodded slowly. "This is a way as well. It's all good as long as you've found a way that suits you."

Tyrant looked at Fang Xingjian and said, "Then what about you? Although Fang Qian is unaware, I am fully aware that your Four God-Slaying Swords technique doesn't just have four swords. There's still the concealed profoundness of that fifth sword. That sword move is probably the one that can truly bring down a Divine level expert.

"Your comprehension must now be greater than mine after your exchange with Li Shuanghua's clone this time around."

"I did gain some comprehension." Fang Xingjian lifted his head and looked toward the sky, gazing at the starry night sky. He said, "The will of Divine level experts is even more powerful than I expected. If I want to really complete the fifth sword, I still need some time."

It was because Fang Xingjian was still unable to perform the fifth sword independently that the Four God-Slaying Swords was still called as such.

However, what Fang Xingjian did not share was that although he was unable to perform it by himself, he could perform the fifth sword once he activated the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent.

This was also the trump card Fang Xingjian had prepared for when he would go against the actual Li Shuanghua.

At that moment, there was the sound of someone knocking on the door. Then Second Uncle Fang Yuehe came in. He wore a complicated gaze as he looked toward Fang Xingjian, who had his back to him, and said, "Xingjian. Time's up. There are still seven people who haven't come."

Saying that, Fang Yuehe placed a stack of documents on the table, and Fang Xingjian started scanning through these documents with his Heaven's Perception.

The people, whom they were waiting for, were all either the presidents of the various companies which were under the Fang Clan, the commanders of the various bases, or the leaders of special troops.

There were a total of seven of them, and they were all considered as the key personnel of the Fang Clan. They held control of 80% of the Fang Clan's manpower and wealth, but none of them had come to meet Fang Xingjian within the stipulated time frame to pledge their loyalties to him.

This was also within Fang Xingjian's expectations.

"Alright, let's go then," Fang Xingjian said to Tyrant, "I'll take four, you'll take three?"

"Bring them all over?"

"Bring them all over and then let them stay here to live out their old age," Fang Xingjian communicated to Tyrant through his thoughts.

Many people had guessed that Li Shuanghua would rush over with her actual body to suppress Fang Xingjian, the clan's rebel.

However, Li Shuanghua had not appeared at all. Seeing that things were gradually moving in a direction he did not hope to see, the killing intent in Fang Xingjian's heart grew increasingly stronger.

He had already made the decision that even if he had to overturn the world, he had to force Li Shuanghua out.

However, just as they were about to set off, Second Uncle Fang Yuehe's cellphone rang. The moment he picked it up, his countenance immediately changed. Then he turned to say to Fang Xingjian, "Xingjian, a representative from the Federation has come."

Before he finished his words, the door to the room was pushed opened, and a cool looking lady with short hair walked in. She was wearing high heels and a set of military uniform with a short skirt. Ta ta ta ta sounds came from her high heels, and she walked straight right up to Fang Xingjian as if there were no one else around.

"Hello, Mister Fang. I'm Gao Lan, from the Planetary Defense of the Earth's Federation. I represent the Federation to order you to stop all the activities you're carrying out in Demonic City."

Fang Xingjian frowned and asked, "Earth's Federation?"

The Earth's Federation referred to the ultimate organization formed by the Earth's five strongest countries and the Five Great Clans. They practically represented the Earth's strongest influences in various domains.

"That's right. The Federation's upper echelon, as well as the various countries' leaders, are extremely unsatisfied with your recent actions in Demonic City. They hope that you can immediately stop such violent and barbaric actions. Otherwise, we can only interfere by using force."

After hearing what Gao Lan had to say, Fang Xingjian said nonchalantly, "Based on what I know, Li Shuanghua is one of the ten permanent council members of the Earth's Federation. Is she the one who asked you guys to come and stop me?"

That lady smiled. "Regardless of the answer, we hope that Mister Fang can be more rational and not lose your head to fury. The great influence of the Federation encompasses the entire Earth. Making an enemy of the Federation would mean that you're also making an enemy of all of Earth. I hope that you can give your reply after careful consideration. Don't act on impulse and make a rash decision that you'll regret for life just because you're young and impetuous."

Fang Xingjian said calmly, "Li Shuanghua feels that I won't be able to stand up to the pressure from the Federation and that I will quietly wait for her to come back, right? Or maybe she thinks that she doesn't have to rush back and that she can suppress me by relying on the Federation's powers?"

The female military officer smiled. Although she appeared polite, she could not hide her air of superiority that was in her eyes. "Is that not the case?"