Chapter 489: Retreat

 Chapter 489: Retreat

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Fang Xingjian's eyes narrowed into fine slits, and it seemed as if endless sword light was running turbulent in them. His Heaven's Perception was unleashed to its limits as he continued to absorb all light waves and sound waves, analyzing the locations, directions, and speed of the Windthunders.

Then the Four God-Slaying Swords' third sword, Light Pursuit, was activated.

This sword technique, which pursued extreme speed, was suddenly activated. In Fang Xingjian's eyes, the entire world had become so slow that it was as if everything had come to a standstill.

The densely packed Windthunders in the sky seemed to have frozen in midair. Each gap between them and each flaw they had were now apparent to Fang Xingjian.

Then a stream of sword light appeared with a flash out from the first Windthunder that landed. It was followed by a second stream, a third stream, a fourth stream...

The densely packed streams of sword light pierced through the Windthunders, one after another...

Light Pursuit was activated at full power, and with just a single thought, over one million streams of sword ripples swept out across the air, turning each and every Windthunder into powder.

In this space, which seemed to be almost at a complete standstill, all the Windthunders started to swell up slightly. They were all going to explode and scatter completely in the air in the next few seconds, blasting a tremendous hole in the atmosphere of the entire Demonic City.

Fang Xingjian's gaze once again turned toward Li Shuanghua. Then at the next instant, several hundred thousand streams of sword ripples gushed forth within a millisecond.

Right now, Li Shuanghua's physical body was not present. She had only left a part of her power and consciousness in Fang Yueming's body. Earlier, she could still fend off Fang Xingjian's ordinary slashes. However, right now, every single physical particle in Fang Yueming's body was being slashed consecutively by several tens of streams of sword ripples. Being attacked by such a high density and frequency attack, even the power she had left behind was unable to fend it off.

Kacha kacha kacha. In almost one-hundredth of a second, Fang Yueming suffered from tens of millions of slashes. At the next moment, the burst of green light surrounding his body was completely shattered, and he was cut up into a bloody mess, practically turned into a lump of meat paste.

However, Li Shuanghua was a Divine level expert after all. For Fang Xingjian to be attacking in one-hundredth of a second, he had already reached his limits. So, just as Fang Yueming's body was on the verge of death and the one-hundredth of a second had already passed, Li Shuanghua finally made her move. Completely encompassed by layers upon layers of green light, Fang Yueming's body was seemed as though it was pushed by endless waves from the atmosphere, and he disappeared into the horizon after a slight pause.

In order to protect her son's physical body, Li Shuanghua had directly controlled the atmosphere and transported Fang Yueming away. The only thing left behind was a voice filled with killing intent, resonating in midair.

However, having faced such an attack, even if Fang Yueming could survive, he would be a complete cripple.

"You vile spawn. My physical body isn't present today, so I shall spare your life for now. The next time we meet, I'll definitely suppress you personally so that you won't get to keep on living and bringing shame to our Fang Clan."

Concurrently, a stream of green light flashed explosively and blasted against Fang Xingjian's body at the speed of light, preventing him from giving chase. After Fang Xingjian sent out several hundreds of thousands of sword ripples slashing out to disintegrate the green light instantly, Fang Yueming's figure was nowhere to be found. He had escaped several hundreds of kilometers away and then disappeared.

Watching this scene, everyone was stunned.

Li Shuanghua, who had managed to suppress Fang Xingjian completely earlier, had made her escape?

Everyone seemed to find it hard to accept this scene.

It was not until when Fang Xingjian appeared in the void space, sending his domineering sword intent gushing out and striking against everyone's bodies, that someone reacted.

As a patter sound rang out, as if unable to withstand the pressure from Fang Xingjian's sword intent, the remaining members of the Fang Clan's upper echelon all kneeled down to the ground.

Fang Can looked in horror at Fang Xingjian who was up in the air. To think that he could force a Divine level expert's consciousness to withdraw... Just how terrifying was his battle prowess?

Third Uncle's wife also looked with disbelief in the direction Fang Yueming had disappeared to as she mumbled to herself, "How is that possible? How could this be? To think that this little b*stard managed to force Mother's power to draw back?"

The moment she finished saying this, she felt an immense pain coming from her face. As a tremendous force exploded on her face, she was sent spinning and flying out with a boom, knocking into ten over buildings and causing them to collapsed. She then landed into a pile of ruins.

"Who hit me?!"

Struggling to get to her feet, Third Uncle's wife spurted out a mouthful of blood, together with a few teeth. She lifted her head in fury, only to see Fang Xingjian standing before her, watching her with a cold gaze. Hints of sword intent circulated around her body, and it felt as if a basin of cold water had been poured down on her.

'If I speak carelessly, he'll really kill me.'

Third Uncle's wife shuddered and said while trembling, "I... I'm from the Hua Clan. You've already offended Li Shuanghua. If you kill me, our Hua Clan won't let you off either."

Fang Xingjian looked at her coldly, as if he were looking at a piece of pork served on a dish. "I hit you because of your impertinent words. The reason I'm not killing you is because your sin isn't deserving of death. It has no relations with the Hua Clan at all.

"However, you helped Fang Yueming to set up the anti-ether formation. I can't let this go just like that."

At the next moment, Hua Meimei let out an agonizing cry and collapsed. She felt as if something sharp had exploded in her mind. That was from Fang Xingjian tapping directly into her mind using the Infiltrating Void. From that day onward, her limbs would be completely uncoordinated, and she would never be able to perfectly coordinate her physical body's power. She would not be able to cultivate martial arts for life and would only remain an ordinary person.

Turning his head, Fang Xingjian looked toward the members of the Fang Clan's upper echelon who were present and said coldly, "From today onward, I'll be the head of the Fang Clan. Do any of you have anything to say?"

Everyone exchanged glances. Although Fang Xingjian had pushed back Li Shuanghua this once, it had only been her clone after all. They were still afraid that Li Shuanghua would come after them in the future if they were to surrender to Fang Xingjian completely.

However, Fang Xingjian was before them right now. If they did not agree, they were afraid that he would kill them with a single slash of his sword.

Just as everyone was hesitant on what to do, Second Uncle Fang Yuehe took a step forward and said, "Xingjian, with your current abilities and sword arts mastery, I have no objections for you to become the clan head.

"Before the battle between you and Mother is truly decided, we'll also help you to manage the clan temporarily."

Fang Yueming made his point very clear. Before the victor between Fang Xingjian and Li Shuanghua was really decided, they would help Fang Xingjian to manage the clan. However, once Li Shuanghua won against Fang Xingjian, they would pledge their loyalty to Li Shuanghua. Basically, they would just listen to whoever turned out to be the winner.

However, even if that was the case, they would definitely still suffer from Li Shuanghua's wrath after the whole matter was over.

The reason that Fang Yuehe took the lead to say this was clearly because he was aggrieved by his Mother's biasedness.

The others wore troubled expressions. However, when they sensed the increasingly intense killing intent coming from Fang Xingjian, they could only nod in agreement helplessly.

Fang Xingjian was aware that it was impossible for them to completely submit to him before the Divine level expert Li Shuanghua was defeated. He nodded slightly and said, "Help me spread the word that I'll be Fang Clan's clan head from today onward. Li Shuanghua has been a negative example over the years, acting like a tyrant. She is no longer fit to continue to take the position as the clan head.

"All of Fang Clan's influences in Demonic City must come to pledge their loyalty to me within three hours. Otherwise, they'll be seen to have rebelled against the clan together with Li Shuanghua."

Fang Xingjian's eyes narrowed. He had not expected that for the sake of her third son, Li Shuanghua would be able to ignore the loss of her reputation as a Divine level expert and withdraw just like that.

The thing he was most worried about at the moment was that Li Shuanghua did not care about her reputation at all and would choose not to come look for him. He was worried that she would choose to bear with it for now, for the sake of the Divine Remains Equipment, and only decide on the next action after she had successfully forged the Divine Remains Equipment. If that were the case, the methods he could choose to use would be too little.

Therefore, he decided to go with the current plan as he thought with great feelings of hatred, 'I don't believe that even this won't be able to force you out.'

Everyone nodded bitterly, knowing that a huge storm would be brewing in Demonic City.

This was also the truth. With the accelerated networking of the modern society, the news of Fang Xingjian pushing back Li Shuanghua's clone had spread throughout the entire Demonic City in less than half an hour. Then it spread toward all the major influences on Earth.

Of course, only the various powerful clans, influences, and experts knew of this piece of news. Ordinary people only heard that a gas explosion had occurred in Demonic City. They knew nothing of the battle between experts or the division of the Fang Clan.

Then as the piece of news that Fang Xingjian had sent out became known by more and more influential people, more and more people rushed over to Demonic City in great anticipation for the great show which would be broadcasted.