Chapter 488: Windthunder

 Chapter 488: Windthunder

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Hearing Fang Xingjian's words, Fang Yueming's expression became even more savage.

No, it was not Fang Yueming's expression. The physical body of Fang Clan's third son was now under Li Shuanghua's complete control.

Her power and consciousness which had been left behind in Fang Yueming's body were now finally awakened in this crisis.

A Divine level expert... Just a hint of their martial will could affect the physical world, just a single thought from them could create tornadoes, and just a hint of their consciousness could create a tsunami.

Layers and layers of green magic prints rose from Fang Yueming's body incessantly. Accompanied by a will which was extremely dignified and majestic, everyone felt as if their bodies were no longer within their control.

Conferred Knights could use their Heaven's Perception to sense the area within a ten meter radius, but the will of a Divine level expert was over ten or even 100 times more powerful than the will of a Conferred Knight. In this instant, Li Shuanghua's will had already encompassed the space which was over 1,000 meters in radius, and the space seemed to distort continuously. That was from Li Shuanghua's consciousness unconsciously distorting the space.

When everyone present saw this scene, their countenances turned extremely grim. The power of a Divine level expert was far too terrifying. Just a single movement, or a single thought, could affect the space which was within a 1,000 meter radius.

Fang Xingjian, who was hiding in the spatial gaps, also felt shocked.

However, his martial will was extremely strong, so how could he possibly be frightened? He immediately activated his Infiltrating Void at full power once again, and streams of sword force were sent gushing into Fang Yueming's body. The sword force exploded where his blood vessels, nerves, brain, and even heart were located.

However, Fang Xingjian's action this time around only caused Fang Yueming's body to shiver a little, leaving him unscathed.

Fang Yueming's body was now completely covered up by layers of green energy, on the inside and the outside. This power which seemed similar to green diabolic energy was not really the evil god's power. It was actually Li Shuanghua's power.

She had refined the diabolic energy into her own power. Right now, she was having them encompass Fang Yueming's entire body, right down to every single physical particle. With this, Fang Xingjian's sword force was forcibly fended off.

At the next moment, Li Shuanghua's (Fang Yueming's) eyes burst out with green light. Layers of martial will seemed as if they were traversing through the world, searching into each and every spatial gap.

The power of a Divine level expert's martial will was not only able to affect the physical world. It could also conduct the most detailed scan through the spatial gaps.

Being highly adaptable, a Divine level expert's martial will would encompass 1,000 meters when it was great and powerful, and penetrate deep into spatial gaps when fine and tiny. This was what a Divine level expert's martial will was like.

"I've found you!"

At the next moment, green light burst forth explosively in the void space. Fang Xingjian's silhouette suddenly appeared and plunged down at rapid speed from midair. With a tremendous boom , he smashed down into the ground, causing the ground to tremor, rippling like huge waves and pushing away large areas of buildings.

Sensing such a terrifying prowess, Third Uncle's wife laughed out loud, "You little b*stard, weren't you being very arrogant? Didn't you want to be treacherous and a heretic? Today, we'll let you know just how different you are from a Divine level expert."

However, at the next moment, looking at Li Shuanghua's green eyes which had turned in her direction, Third Uncle's wife immediately shut her mouth from fright.

"You're our Fang Clan's daughter-in-law. It's improper for you to be shouting so loudly."

Third Uncle's wife immediately nodded like a docile little chick.

Li Shuanghua looked toward the direction Fang Xingjian had plunged down into and said coldly, "Vile spawn, are you still going to resist?"

At the next moment, invisible sword forces exploded within a ten meter range from Li Shuanghua's body, both inside and outside her body. The explosions caused the streams of green light encompassing Li Shuanghua to tremble wildly. There seemed to be countless green sparks splattering out as well.

"It's useless," Li Shuanghua said coldly, "A Divine level's martial will is even sturdier than a level 29 Superior Divine Weapon. Its scanning range can reach out to 1,000 meters, and the rate of transmission is at the speed of light. It can scan right down to physical particles and into spatial gaps.

"What do you have to go against me?"

With a loud boom , Fang Xingjian was once again blasted out from the spatial gaps. After he plunged down to the ground, beams of green light incessantly blasted against his body in void space. That was Li Shuanghua using her martial will to strike him directly.

A Divine level expert's martial allowed them to affect the physical world within 1,000 meters as they wished. This was especially so when the martial will was a type of electromagnetic wave which could transmit at light speed, preventing the person receiving the attack from fending off or avoiding it. The target would only be able to take the attacks as they came.

Boom boom boom boom! As the attacks were launched wildly, Li Shuanghua simply stood where she was. With a change in her thoughts, green light flashed explosively in the void space, and surges of invisible martial will continued to strike directly against Fang Xingjian's body, smashing him over 50 meters underground.

"You vile spawn! Surrender now!"

Accompanied by a thunderous bellow, which resonated across the skies and under the outburst of green light, Li Shuanghua's martial will materialized into a huge green palm. It was covered with various green shining magic printsand exuded a profound, long-lasting, mysterious, and cool aura.

With the appearance of this palm, the atmosphere in the air above the entire Demonic City seemed as if it was being controlled as countless tornadoes gathered, compressing the air more and more. Many pure white spheres were formed as part of Li Shuanghua's renowned ultimate technique-Cloudmist Windthunder.

The moment each atmospheric compression of Cloudmist Windthunder exploded, the shock waves formed from the explosions could destroy the buildings within a 100 meter range.

Right now, numerous Cloudmist Windthunders appeared, densely packed, in the sky. It was a scene which would really give a person the chills.

Everyone was thinking that if these Cloudmist Windthunders were to explode, would that not mean that at least half of Demonic City would be blasted away?

Second Uncle Fang Yuehe's eyes were filled with disappointment. One of the reasons for that was because as a Divine level expert, Li Shuanghua's prowess was far too great. The moment she took action, Fang Xingjian, who had suppressed the entire scene earlier, had no means of fighting back.

Another reason was because he secretly hated how Li Shuanghua was biased. To think that she had left her consciousness and powers in Fang Yueming's body. Earlier on, even when Fang Xingjian's hands grabbed him, Li Shuanghua had not come out to protect him.

'I'll probably never be able to become the head of the Fang Clan as long as my mother is around.'

As for Fang Xingjian, after once again witnessing the prowess of a Divine level expert, no one felt that he still had any hope for the future. He would just be a stepping stone which would better bring out the shine of how powerful a Divine level expert was.

Looking at the densely packed Windthunders in the sky, a cold gleam exploded in Fang Xingjian's eyes. "Li Shuanghua, since I said that I'll be killing Fang Yueming today, I'll definitely be killing him. There's no way that you'll be able to save him no matter how much you try."

Li Shuanghua bellowed coldly, "B*stard. Going against the people above you and assaulting your seniors... How can you possibly still have the shame to stay alive?!"

Fang Xingjian let out a loud laugh and said, "Li Shuanghua, you're still not going to open your eyes and see what kind of useless son you've given birth to? He is arrogant, acts like a tyrant, and his talent is extremely bad. Yet he only knows how to be jealous of those with talent and tries to get rid of people who are dissidents to him.

"Right now, even I alone would be able to beat up this entire group of people. Even if I leave elders like these alone, it would just be trouble. What does it matter if I kill all of them?"


With a furious bellow, Li Shuanghua sent the Windthunders charging down toward Fang Xingjian's body.