Chapter 486: Anti-ether

 Chapter 486: Anti-ether

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Seeing Fang Yuehe was being grabbed, the other members of the Fang Clan's upper echelon let out a cry and unconsciously wanted to make a move to save him.

A person sent out a tornado toward Fang Xingjian, but Fang Xingjian sent it flying back toward the person with just a puff. The person was then was knocked into the ground, and they fell unconscious on the spot.

Another person sent out over 100 wind blades slicing out at a rapid speed, but the blades were flicked away by Fang Xingjian's kick. Kicking the air like this, the shockwaves, which were formed from compressing the air, crushed all the wind blades. This attacker was also sent flying several tens of kilometers away.

Then yet another person dashed right up to Fang Xingjian, and the high frequency saber he was holding slashed out toward Fang Xingjian's neck.

The high frequency saber, which vibrated ceaselessly at a rate of 20,000 times per second, was sufficient to crush all metals in the world. This was especially true when this member of the upper echelon of Fang Clan had a powerful aura, and all the forces from the saber's edge were gathered into one spot. It was clear that this person was an expert in using the saber.

When this saber attack came slicing down, it exuded an impact which would even slice through a mountain or river even if they were to appear before the wielder.

There was a clank sound, and the member of Fang Clan's upper echelon felt happy. "I hit! No matter how strong your body is, to think that you would dare to take my full power attack with your throat. You're far too arrogant!"

However, after this thought went through this member's mind, he realized that his saber attack could not cut through no matter what he did. There was even a powerful backlash. The high frequency saber was instantly rendered into dust by the vibrations. The wielder also suffered from broken tendons and bones as he dropped to the ground, spurting blood.

Faced with everyone's attacks, Fang Xingjian had not even moved his upper body a single inch from the very beginning. He stood there in midair like a demonic god that had come from hell as he grabbed the throat of the Fang Clan's second son, Fang Yuehe, tightly with one hand.

Fang Xingjian was also exuding a surging malevolent aura which was filled with brutality, craftiness, and maliciousness.

No one else from the Fang Clan's upper echelon dared to charge up to Fang Xingjian, and they all stared at him, who was standing in midair. They were like ducks who had their throats grabbed, unable to say a single word.

Fang Xingjian glanced across the entire room while grabbing onto Fang Clan's number two, Fang Yuehe, as if he were a small chicken. With long black hair swaying in the wind and appearing like flames, Fang Xingjian spoke calmly, "Under Li Shuanghua's lead, the Fang Clan is really getting weaker by the generation. The upper echelon is mediocre and incompetent, while those at the bottom are without the chance to excel. Furthermore, the Fang Clan's third son, Fang Yueming, is extremely useless as well.

"I think that from today onward, it's best to remove Li Shuanghua from the position of the clan's head. I'll be the one to lead the Fang Clan."

Hearing what Fang Xingjian said, everyone turned pale from shock. Fang Clan's third son, Fang Yueming, even bellowed furiously, "What impudence! How dare a b*stard like you dare to speak so shamelessly?!"

"Speak shamelessly? There are so many useless and good-for-nothing people here, but none of you can even take a single attack from me. What's the problem with me leading over all of you?"

Fang Clan's third son, Fang Yueming, said furiously, "Wretched kid! You're really a wretched kid! To think that you would dare to speak words of such heresy! Mother was right about you. You're an inhumane and ungrateful kid..."

"Have you said enough? If you have, then it's time for you to die." Fang Xingjian squinted. Then as his body created a long air current, his empty hand had already clenched into a fist, smashing down on Fang Yueming's head fiercely like a descending meteor.

However, at this moment, an abnormality arose. A strange smile crept up on Fang Yueming's face. Then at the next moment, even though Fang Xingjian's fist had smashed down onto Fang Yueming's head, Fang Yueming seemed to have disappeared like smoke.

Fang Xingjian was slightly taken aback. Then at the very next instant, a deafening sound rang out from within a one-kilometer radius. Many thick stone pillars rose up, forming a huge formation.

From outside the formation, Fang Clan's third son, Fang Yueming, smiled smugly and said, "Fang Xingjian, did you really think that we didn't know of your arrival? Fang Can secretly reported it to us long ago! Not only were we aware that you were coming, but we also knew that you've taken up the path of Knights and become a Demigod with one tier of perfection!

"However, I hadn't expected that not only have you attained perfection in your body's toughness, but there's also the aura of over 1,440 specialty seeds (internal specialties plus external specialties) coming from your body. You've already reached two tiers of perfection, right?

"However, that's useless. This anti-ether formation is something that the Earth's Federation specially came up with to deal with Knights like yourself. Once this formation is activated, you won't be able to perform any martial techniques, regardless of what they are. You'll also be attacked by the geomagnetic force of all of the earth. Fang Xingjian, you better submit to us without putting up a fight."

Standing beside the Fang Clan's third son, Fang Yueming, was his wife. She said impatiently, "Why are you saying so much crap to him? When dealing with a b*stard like him, we must first give him a good beating before we talk."

Hearing what the two of them said, the countenances of all the people present turned grim. In particular, Fang Can's face was now extremely pale as she shouted, "Third Young Master! I'm still in here!"

Fang Yueming laughed loudly. "Fang Can, you're sacrificing yourself for the clan. I'll help you take good care of your entire family."

A member of the Fang Clan's upper echelon said, "Excellent, excellent, excellent. What a vicious Third Young Master. Your intention today isn't just to seize Fang Xingjian. You're probably also thinking of getting rid of us old men so that it'll be easier for you and your son to lead the clan in the future."

Fang Yueming did not answer directly but just smiled and said, "My son has already become a blessed son of the heavens, someone who will move unhindered in the world in the future. As his father, I can't be too much of a disgrace, of course.

"Naturally, I'll also be dealing with the messy small matters on his behalf."

The cold light gleaming in Fang Yuehe's eyes grew increasingly stronger. However, while he was still being grabbed by Fang Xingjian, he could not say anything, nor could he look in Fang Yueming's direction. He could only control the vibrations in the atmosphere to converse, "Third Brother, you already knew about this?"

"Mmm," Fang Yueming nodded and said, "I'm sorry, Second Brother. However, there can only be one clan head in the Fang Clan, and it's clear that my son is more suitable for the job. Therefore, I can only make preparations for that."

Fang Yueming was actually planning on killing his Second Brother and the members of Fang Clan's upper echelon. Then he would push all the blame onto Fang Xingjian.

However, it was not just because these old men would impede Fang Xingchen's rule over the Fang Clan. There was another reason for Fang Yueming's actions. He had already received the information that his Second Brother kept a minor celebrity as his mistress and that she had gotten pregnant three months ago.

At first, Fang Yueming's Second Brother had not gotten any children all this while and thus had not been a match for him. However, now that his Second Brother had gotten an illegitimate child, Fang Yueming would have to make the first move.

After all, human nature would not change. From the perspective of the Fang Clan's third son, Fang Yueming, it was hard to say if his Second Brother would still remain as harmless in a few more years after having a child of his own.

"What's the point of saying so much?" Fang Yueming's wife waved her hand and said, "Do it. Activate the formation."

Fang Yueming proceeded to put his hands together to form seals. Streams of electricity flashed about, and countless geomagnetic forces underwent changes, moving around unhindered in the formation. Wherever they passed by, all the buildings and streets were rendered into dust.

Concurrently, the entire Demonic City and even the ten over cities around Demonic City experienced a large-scale blackout. All the electricity had been gathered to this spot.

Right after that, the anti-ether formation was completely activated. Streams of lightning filled up the entire space, and amidst waves of agonizing cries, over half of the Fang Clan's upper echelon were pulverized.

As the atmosphere bellowed, Fang Xingjian dashed forth. However, when he reached the borders of the formation and was about to dash out of the formation, it was as if he had smashed into an invisible wall. With a tremendous boom , a violent power swept out, and Fang Xingjian felt like he had knocked against a continental shelf.

Then Fang Xingjian's countenance changed, and gray light started to rise from his body.