Chapter 484: Ferocious Beast

 Chapter 484: Ferocious Beast

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Despite seeing that a team of Black-Crystal Armored Soldiers had dashed in and were pointing their electromagnetic rifles at him, there was not a hint of anxiety reflected on Fang Xingjian's face.

His powerful martial will, which was also his powerful sword intent, allowed him to accurately grasp the surrounding situation.

In the entire meeting room, only three people could get his slightest attention.

One of them was naturally his second uncle, Fang Yuehe.

This second uncle of his had spent his time slowly accumulating power to get stronger, Instead of being mesmerized to take the faster path through magic prints, he had spent a lot of time staying at first transition. He had been consistently tempering his physical body and will, and had only attained a breakthrough to the second transition two years ago. During the last two years, his power had soared at a rapid rate. Right now, not only was he a level 29 magic prints Warrior, but his battle prowess was one of the very best amongst those magic prints Warriors who were at the same level as him.

Fang Xingjian could sense that the diabolic energy in his second uncle's body was much greater than what others had. It was clear that his second uncle, Fang Yuehe, had already been to Miracle World before, and that he had brought back a tremendous amount of diabolic energy with him.

The second person who attracted his attention was his third uncle, Fang Yueming. Fang Yueming was also a level 29 magic prints Warrior, but he had become one through using a tremendous amount of resources. Even if a little bit of the resources which had been used on him were given to Warriors who were slightly more talented, it would have been possible to nurture ten level 29 magic prints experts.

Therefore, the thing that had really attracted Fang Xingjian's attention was not his third uncle but that faintly discernible power in him which seemed to be exuding a faint pressure.

The third person who had attracted Fang Xingjian's attention was a middle-aged man who had been sitting in a corner of the meeting room all this while. From the moment when Fang Xingjian appeared till now, this person had been keeping his eyes closed, resting as if nothing before him could pique his interest.

However, Fang Xingjian could sense that aside from himself, the martial will on this person was the strongest amongst everyone present. If the martial will of the other people could be said to be a fruit knife, then this person's martial will could be said to be a thoroughly tempered battle saber. Furthermore, this person was constantly tempering and condensing his martial will, causing it to exude a great glow when Fang Xingjian sensed with his Heaven's Perception.

Using his powerful martial will to control the situation, Fang Xingjian looked toward Third Uncle Fang Yueming and said coldly, "I'll kill whoever tries to kill me."

Third Uncle Fang Yueming spoke with disdain, "Seize him."

Two of the Black-Crystal Armored Soldiers reached out to grab Fang Xingjian's left and right shoulder respectively. However, they had only gotten one inch closer when Fang Xingjian's body moved ever so slightly, taking the initiative to knock into them.

With a tremendous boom, the battle clothes the two Black-Crystal Armored Soldiers wore, which could protect them even against grenades, were smashed into pieces. The two soldiers were sent flying out with blood spurting from all over their bodies.

At almost the same time when Fang Xingjian made his move, all the Black-Crystal Armored Soldiers fired their rifles. The electromagnetic blasts shot out bullets which traveled at ten times that of the speed of sound. Each of them was capable of penetrating through armors and even tanks.

Countless bullets encompassed Fang Xingjian's body.

The bullets hit on his body, and immediately, it seemed as if they had struck against some indestructible material. Swoosh swoosh swoosh! Endless electric sparks splattered and then reflected out, causing the people in the room to retreat rapidly.


'How can this be?"

"Several hundred bullets that can penetrate armors at ten times that of the speed of sound... Even a stronghold would be crushed. Yet to think that he's able to forcible force them off?!"

Just as everyone was shocked speechless, Fang Xingjian moved.

In that instant, his entire silhouette dissipated and became extremely wispy, charging toward the Black-Crystal Armored Soldiers like a gust of smoke. Then he continued to throw out punches with the most primitive and brutal sheer force which was filled with endless evil and viciousness.

It was like a super meat grinder. Flesh and blood were suddenly sent flying all over in that instant, and all the Black-Crystal Armored Soldier were torn into tiny pieces.

"How bold!"

In almost the same instant when Fang Xingjian dashed into the crowd and crushed all the Black-Crystal Armored Soldiers, the middle-aged man who had kept his eyes closed all this while made his move.

At the moment he moved, he was like a divine dragon from beyond the heavens, appearing behind Fang Xingjian with a flash. His two fists flashed with starlight for a while before his countless punches struck Fang Xingjian's body.

Each of his punches carried an astonishing martial will. Then it was as if that with every punch on Fang Xingjian's body, the people in the surroundings felt as if their heart leaped strongly. After over ten punches, all of them were feeling faint and wondered if their hearts would explode.

This was the middle-aged man's renowned martial arts, the Soul Shaking Fist.

In each punch,the explosive force from his physical body was secondary. The most important component was the overwhelming martial will contained in them. They would shake the hearts of people and destroy the opponent mentally.

It was said that he had once fought against over ten assassins who were wearing armor. Each of his punches was shocking. So, after only 20 punches, although all of the armored warriors appeared to be without a single injury, all of them had died due to having their hearts explode.

This time around, the middle-aged man had gone at full power toward Fang Xingjian. Fang Xingjian's body stiffened with every punch, as if he was badly shaken by the man's martial will to the extent that he could not move.

After a total of 108 punches with the Soul Shaking Fist, the middle-aged man's countenance was pale, and there seemed to be cold sweat emerging on his forehead. It was apparent that his martial will was depleted by quite a lot.

Looking at Fang Xingjian whose body had stiffened and was no longer moving, the middle-aged man let out a cold laugh and said, "For you to just be practicing martial arts but not the mind... what's the point even if your physical body is extremely powerful?"

An evil smile crept up the corners of Fang Xingjian's lips. "You're done?"


In the next instant, over 1,000 streams of mysterious aura rose up. Before the middle-aged man could react, an extremely malevolent power exploded at his chest. His entire body was forcefully torn into two pieces by Fang Xingjian, who had used two forces to tug on the left and right of the middle-aged man's body.

Strong gales gushed out in all directions from Fang Xingjian's action, sending blood spraying everywhere. Seeing this, the people in the surroundings were all horrified.

They had been in power for very long, and their levels had practically all been gained through taking in resources. When had they even encountered a fight like this up front?

"To think that even the Soul Shaking Fist was torn apart by him..."

"Fang Xingjian's body is so powerful!"

"He's just like a human-shaped beast."

Third Uncle Fang Yueming was so angry that his eyes turned bloodshot. He pointed to Fang Xingjian and scolded, "You little b*stard! How dare you choose to be a beast over being a human and killing a member of your own family?! Today, I shall teach you a good lesson on behalf of Mother! I'll let you know what it means to respect people of a higher status! I'll show you what strict regulations are like!"

However, Fang Xingjian merely threw him a glare, and Fang Yueming immediately took three steps back in fright. At the next moment, a black shadow encompassed Third Uncle Fang Yueming's body.

That was the punch which Fang Xingjian had launched out after dashing forth directly. His fist seemed to contained the most terrifying power in the world. It was like it was going to tear the world apart.

When this punch was thrown out, everyone present felt as if there was a huge and extremely ferocious and malevolent beast soaring up into the air. It was as if after letting out a furious bellow, the huge beast shattered the ground and tore the sky apart.

Everything before them turned dark, like the world had been completely destroyed and there was neither light from the sun nor the moon. Faced with this punch from Fang Xingjian, everyone present seemed to be unable to summon any will to resist. All their spirit, will, and consciousness seemed to be suppressed. Under the pressure they squeaked like they would be completely crushed at the next moment.