Chapter 482: Plans and A Gathering

 Chapter 482: Plans and A Gathering

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Right now, Gustav's gaze was completely filled with terror and regret. He would never have thought that the person he was up against was actually a Demigod who had reached one tier of perfection. Moreover, this person was just right before him.

Streams of sword intent continued to move about in his mind, causing him to feel a constant piercing pain throughout his body at all times.

He first turned toward Fang Can and asked, "Fang Can, this person is really a member of your Fang Clan? Who is he?"

Fang Can smiled bitterly and said, "He's the grandchild of the clan head, Fang Xingjian. He's also the son Miss Yueru's son."

"Fang Xingjian?" Gustav had heard before that there was an eldest grandson in the Fang Clan by the name of Fang Xingjian. He was an ordinary person with mediocre talent and was not treated in high regard. Two years ago, he had run away from home and disappeared. No one had expected him to have become a Demigod and even returned with killing intent.

Gustav looked at Fang Xingjian and said, "Sir, I really didn't know of your identity before this. I hold your power in great respect and awe, and I hope to receive your forgiveness for my impulsiveness this once. I'll definitely make it up to you after this."

"I said earlier..." Faced with Gustav's plead for forgiveness, Fang Xingjian said nonchalantly, "That because of your rudeness, I'll have to take at least one of your arms. With the powers of the Dupont Clan, it's nothing to reconnect back an arm."

Gustav still wanted to plead further, but suddenly, he stared at his right hand with eyes agape.

Under everyone's astonished gazes, Gustav's right arm had already disappeared before anyone knew what had happened. Blood was spurting out furiously from the wound at his shoulder, and Gustav rolled onto the floor, crying out in agony. He no longer carried the disposition of a member of a great clan.

As one of the successors of a clan with such a long history, he had always been a person who had everything brought before him. Having been pushed to level 29 through the use of resources, he had not even experienced a battle of life and death before. So, how could he possibly bear the pain of losing an arm? In the blink of an eye, he fainted from the immense pain.

After all, magic prints Warriors relied on the power of magic prints. They did not go through so many realms, and they were not equipped with as many abilities as Knights were. Even at level 29, not all magic prints Warriors were equipped with the ability to regenerate. If Gustav continued to be in a coma, he would probably die from the loss of blood directly.

The desperation in Jessica's eyes grew even stronger. With what she had done to Fang Xingjian previously, she could not even begin to imagine how he would take his revenge on her.

At the next moment, Fang Xingjian looked toward Jessica and said, "The person that I'm looking for is already here. Right now, I'm going to kill you. What more do you have to say?"

"I..." Jessica suddenly dropped down to her knees and went into a daze for a while. Her tears were like a kite which had broke off from its string, flowing down endlessly without restraint. Under the terror of impending death, her mind was completely blank, seemingly unable to think of anything.

When Fang Xingjian shook his head and was about to take action, Jessica suddenly screamed out, "Wait! Wait a minute! You're looking for Caroline, right? Back then, she was the one who came looking for me and got me to betray you. You want to seek revenge from her, right?

"Right now, she has already entered a secret department of the Federation, and you won't be able to get to her so easily. However, there's still a secret channel between us, and I can help you to look for her!"

As she spoke, Jessica could not hold it in and began crying. Simultaneously, she kept her eyes on Fang Xingjian with an expectant gaze.

"Caroline..." Fang Xingjian smiled. However, at the next moment, his entire face seemed to be covered in endless frost. "I don't need your help to look for her. I'll wipe out the entire Onassis Clan.

"However, you can stay alive for a little longer and wait to watch the show."

At the next moment, Tyrant, who was in the form of a bangle, transformed and turned into a huge python that was over one meter wide. He swallowed up Jessica entirely.

The huge python then turned back into a bangle and returned to Fang Xingjian's hand. However, there was now another face on the surface of the bangle.

On a closer look, one would be able to tell that it was Jessica's face, which had shrunk many times over. Her eyes blinked, and there was desperation in them.

Fang Xingjian instructed Tyrant, "Let her stay alive for now. I want her to see for herself how wrong her decision was back then."

Fang Xingjian then turned to look toward Fang Can.

Fang Can had long since been dumbfounded by the power and series of brutal means Fang Xingjian had displayed. When she saw Fang Xingjian's gaze turn toward her, she could not help but tremble a little and say, "Xingjian, we're kin of the same blood. You can't possible want to kill me?"

"Kill you? You think that I only want to kill you?" Killing intent surged in Fang Xingjian's eyes as he said, "That old demoness Li Shuanghua is heartless and vicious. She killed my mother and wanted me to be a slave for her grandchild for life.

"Doesn't she hope to see the Fang Clan in prosperity? Then I shall have the entire Fang Clan spurn her right before her eyes. I want to see her get betrayed and cast aside by the entire Fang Clan. Then I'll have her kneel down before my mother's corpse, kowtowing to admit her wrongdoings. I want to let her know that she has done wrong."

Fang Can shook her head and smiled while saying, "That's impossible. Xingjian, do you understand that the clan head is a Divine level expert? You won't be able to win against her.

"Listen to my advice. Leave Demonic City right now and return to Miracle World. I'll help you cover up today's matters, so the clan head won't come after you. You'll be able to live the rest of your life in peace."

Hearing that, Fang Xingjian merely looked coldly at Fang Can like he was looking at an idiot.

"Do you think that I'm an idiot? Or are you the idiot? Having returned to Demonic City this time around, I won't give in unless I die." Powerful killing intent gathered in Fang Xingjian's heart. Tyrant, who had turned into a bangle, was secretly astonished. Despite Fang Xingjian's calm appearance, an agitated emotion, which was like a great surging sea, had seemed to be brewing in his heart ever since he returned to his hometown.

Fang Can continued attempting to persuade him, "Xingjian, what happened 18 years ago isn't that simple. The clan head must have her own difficulties."

"Difficulties? What kind of difficulties could get her to kill her own daughter and torture her own grandson, bringing me up as if she were breeding a pig? After I was kidnapped by that group of Black Devils from the Onassis Clan, did she do anything? From the very beginning, she has never treated me as her grandson."

Seeing that Fang Can still wanted to continue, Fang Xingjian's gaze shone, and sword light seemed to gush forth. Then Fang Can's two arms were slashed off immediately.

Fang Can's countenance was very pale. She appeared very weak as she smiled bitterly and said, "Then what do you want? Let me tell you first, if you want me to help you deal with the clan head, I'd rather die right now. Otherwise, my whole family will have to die."

"Of course, I don't hold any expectations of bringing you to deal with that old demoness." Fang Xingjian said calmly, "There should be a clan gathering for the Fang Clan soon, right? I want you to tell me where it is and bring me there."

A great clan like Fang Clan would have a gathering once a month. The gathering served to maintain the cohesion within the clan and also to sum up the clan's situation for the past month.

Hearing that Fang Xingjian was so foolish as to want to head to the clan's gathering directly, Fang Can regained some spirit. A hope of being able to survive this lit up in her eyes.

She said, "No problem. I can bring you to the location of the gathering. It's tomorrow night. When the time comes, I can even bring you in directly, and you'll be able to meet the clan head. At that time, you'll be able to confront the clan head for the cause of Yueru's death personally."

How could Fang Xingjian not tell what Fang Can was thinking? He merely chose not to expose her. Sword intent flashed in his eyes as his killing intent was gradually held back.