Chapter 479: Old Acquaintance

 Chapter 479: Old Acquaintance

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In Demonic City, at the first floor of a luxurious condominium in the center of the city, Jessica smiled and greeted the man before her. It was a man who had golden hair and blue eyes, as well as a tall and slender figure. He was wearing an extremely expensive tailored suit. He smiled and said to Jessica, "Why, aren't you inviting me to go up and have a seat?"

Jessica's smile was like the brilliant sun. "Not today, my younger sister is around. I'll invite you over next time when she's not around."

The man smiled and teased Jessica for a little while more before entering the sports car next to them. As the engine started to run with a great roar, he left.

Watching the gradual disappearance of the sports car's tail lights, Jessica exhaled as if she had been relieved of a burden. "Phew, that's settled."

Thinking of the man's income, family background, and his magic prints abilities, Jessica broke into a satisfied smile. "Gustav isn't that bad, but is just a bit of a player."

While in a good mood, Jessica gradually entered the lift. With a height of 1.8 meters, a pair of long legs, and a head of brilliant golden long hair, she caused the security guard to gulp.

Jessica slowly arrived at the door to her place.

She had co-purchased this condominium unit together with a cousin of hers. Although they were both members of the Medici Clan, one of the Five Great Clans, both she and her cousin were considered to be a part of the declining side branch. They could be said to have no power or influence, let alone have the ability to borrow the power of their clan. The only thing they could do was make sure that no one could bully them easily.

If it had not been because of that event two years ago, it would probably have been impossible for her toco-purchase this unit with her cousin.

Furthermore, she had made consecutive advancements on the way, jumping up three positions. She was now the Deputy Chief of the prefecture's police department. Additionally, Jessica had been funded for her job transition by her workplace and was now a second transition level 29 expert.

After all, as long as magic prints Warriors had sufficient resources, they would be able to easily complete their job transition and level up. Unless the individual took the initiative to temper their attributes and specialties instead, they would just continue rising to level 29 after completing their job transition.

Jessica was, of course, not a Warrior who would put hard work into her cultivation. Therefore, after becoming the Deputy Chief and receiving funding for her job transition, she chose to go up all the way to level 29.

However, thinking back on that event two years ago still made Jessica frown slightly, and there seemed to be a hint of guilt in her eyes.

Shaking her head like she wanted to shake away all of these troubles, Jessica opened the door and said with a smile, "Mary, I'm back. Gustav sent me back. Hehe, I feel that he is infatuated with me now."

However, the moment Jessica entered the apartment, she discovered that it was completely dark. There was not even a single sound responding to her.

The instant she stepped into the apartment, all the hair on Jessica's body stood up. She felt as if she had stepped into a demon's den, and endless malevolent intent and thoughts shrouded toward her. It was as if she had just arrived at the infernal regions.

As expected of having been a police officer for many years, Jessica took in a deep breath and calmed herself. She carefully observed the situation in the room and noticed that there was a black figure sitting quietly on the sofa. The room was too dark, so she could not see who the person was. However, she saw that they seemed to be wearing a strange bangle on their wrist.

Jessica could sense that all the malevolent intents were all coming from that bangle.

Jessica said calmly, "May I ask who you are? I'm Jessica of the Medici Clan. If you've entered into my apartment by mistake, you can leave now. I'll promise not to pursue the matter."

After all, she was already a Deputy Chief and a second transition level 29 magic prints Warrior. Even if the other party was exuding an astonishing aura, she could still handle the situation calmly.

The other party said coldly, "Jessica, it has only been two years. Have you already forgotten about me?"

The moment he finished speaking, the darkness gradually dissipated and light once again filled up the entire room. It revealed Fang Xingjian, who was lying down on the sofa, and Jessica's cousin, who was sitting up very straight next to Fang Xingjian.

Seeing her cousin stare blankly at the walls, Jessica then looked at Fang Xingjian. Her countenance changed drastically, and she shouted, "Fang Xingjian! To think that it's you! Why are you..."

"Why am I not dead?" Fang Xingjian looked at Jessica with a gaze like a cat teasing a mouse. He said, "Back then, you brought me to the harbor and sold me out to the Onassis Clan's Black Devils for a few million dollars... just so that you could buy this apartment?" As he spoke, Fang Xingjian's eyes had already noticed Jessica's police uniform. Then he added, "Oh, you've been promoted? Is it also thanks to the money you got from those Black Devils?"

If Jessica was said to have turned pale with fright when she saw Fang Xingjian earlier, then in a short moment later, she had already calmed down, and there were no signs of panic on her face.

After all, the person who had come to look for her was only Fang Xingjian, a person whom she thought to have no talent, background, or access to much resources.

What Jessica felt toward Fang Xingjian was merely guilt.

She spoke up, "Fang Xingjian, I know that I let you down before. However, you should also know that with your abilities, when torn between the Fang Clan and the Onassis Clan, you wouldn't have ended up in a good plight even without me."

Saying that, she let out a sigh. Then she took out a bank card from her wallet and handed it to Fang Xingjian. "Take it. There's two million inside this card. Take it as my repayment to you. You should leave Demonic City quickly. Right now, the Fang Clan's influence in Demonic City is very strong. Once that grandmother of yours finds you, you'll be finished."

Seeing how Fang Xingjian neither moved nor spoke a word, and only looked at her with a sneer, Jessica frowned, "Do you think that it's too little?" Jessica shook her head and said, "Xingjian, stop throwing a tantrum. I know that you feel aggrieved, but this is how practical the world is. Those in power control everything. Even if you continue acting senselessly in Demonic City, you'll only be throwing your life away. Why not just leave, forget everything, and lead a good a life with these two million dollars?

"Forget about the Fang Clan and forget about the Onassis Clan. Those important characters aren't people whom we can go up against."

Hearing Jessica's words, Fang Xingjian broke into a grin.

He did not move but merely said, "I feel that with your attitude, it's better for you to kneel down first before you talk to me."

Jessica's brows twitched and was about to explode in fury. However, as Fang Xingjian said this, an extremely heavy pressure came pressing down from the sky. That mental weight came down with such great pressure that she was forced to drop to her knees. There was a bang and then many cracks appeared on the floor.

"How is that possible?!" Jessica looked at this scene in great astonishment. "I'm already a level 29 Electric Emissary. To think you're able to make me drop to my knees with just a single thought...! How on earth did you do that?!"

Fang Xingjian shook his head. "Jessica, you still don't get it? Without absolute power, how could I possibly have returned? Right now, my power isn't something which you can fathom."