Chapter 476: Number One Will

 Chapter 476: Number One Will

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On the arena, Tian Yi had sat down in an unrestrained manner. One of his hands was supporting his chin, his eyes seemingly blank. No one knew what he was thinking about.

People of all trades had packed into the area under the arena. Even Governor Devitt was standing in the crowd. The Governor from two generations ago, who was now the current Head of Department of the Sword Arts Department, James, stood next to him and asked, "Is this kid the one who had paid a visit to the Governor's manor that night?"

"He's the one." Governor Devitt took a long look at Tian Yi and said, "Although this person has yet to become a Demigod, the power of his martial will is unprecedented. Even an ordinary Demigod might not have such a powerful martial will."

Head of Department James looked at Tian Yi, who was on the arena. He only felt a strong confidence gushing in his face. This Tian Yi, regardless of where he stood, he exuded an extremely strong sense of existence. It was as if he was the center of the entire world, or even of the entire universe.

Head of Department James had never felt such a powerful feeling from anyone before.

"This person will probably be a tough match for Xingjian." James frowned and asked, "What did the Second Prince say?"

Governor Devitt replied, "His Highness said that this person has a mysterious background and that the martial art he cultivates is also beyond the norm. He told us not to go head-up against him for now."

In another place, Hildebrand, who was originally ranked third in the academy, had been in a daze ever since he had returned to Great Western City. Even after he had been challenged by Tian Yi and ended up losing, Hildebrand had not shown any special expressions.

However, upon knowing that there was going to be a fight between Tian Yi and Fang Xingjian today, he specifically came to watch.

"Fang Xingjian's sword arts abilities are probably already number one amongst those below the Divine level." Hildebrand sighed and said, "I wonder how many moves Tian Yi can stand up against him."

Just then, Hoult suddenly appeared next to Hildebrand. He looked at Hildebrand and said, "That might not be the case."

"Hoult?" Looking at the other party's mysterious expression, Hildebrand showed a little sign of curiosity, "You're familiar with this Tian Yi?"

Hoult smiled and looked at Tian Yi, his eyes filled with admiration. "I've also witnessed Fang Xingjian's sword arts before and wanted to catch up to him. However, after knowing that he had defeated The School of Sword Arts' Supreme Chief, I knew that this person was born a genius and would become a person of great power in the future. I probably wouldn't be able to catch up to him, ever.

"But it was after I got to know Tian Yi that I finally understood what a genius amongst geniuses is. Fang Xingjian will only become a person of great power in the future, but Tian Yi's talent can really be called a legend in the path of martial arts. In the future, he'll probably be one of the strongest existences in the future."

Looking at Hoult's fervent gaze, Hildebrand rubbed his nose, shook his head and said, "Hoult, you're exaggerating. Fang Xingjian's power is something beyond your expectations."

Neither of them believed what the other said. They both shook their heads and turned their attention to the arena.

On the other side of the arena, Lilia looked coldly at Tian Yi. She snorted and said, "To think that a clown like this dares challenge Master!"

Standing next to her was Kirst's City Lord, who had rushed over to visit his daughter. He kept on trying to sense her fluctuating consciousness. It was as if she would be entering a whole new level any moment now.

Kirst's City Lord looked at her in great surprise and asked, "Lili, you're about to reach Heaven's Perception very soon?"

"It's the result of Master's guidance." At the mention of her Master, Lilia was filled with admiration. "Master's power has already reached an unbelievable stage. If he were to come today, he would probably be able to deal with this Tian Yi in a single move."

Kirst's City Lord was doubtful about this. No matter how powerful Fang Xingjian was, this Tian Yi was not a person to be underestimated. Saying that Fang Xingjian would be able to defeat Tian Yi in a single move was being far too arrogant.

However, seeing the look of admiration his daughter was wearing, he did not wish to rebut. He merely thought of how to persuade Lilia. He instinctively felt that for his daughter to be admiring a man like this was not something good.

Numerous people talked amongst themselves under the arena like this. However, Fang Xingjian had the battle result of winning against the Supreme Chief. Although Tian Yi had suddenly appeared, the opponents he had defeated were in no way comparable to the Supreme Chief.

Therefore, most of the people thought well of Fang Xingjian, especially some of the martial art factions that had been defeated by Tian Yi. Right now, as they looked at Tian Yi, their gazes were filled with delight at the misfortune of others.

Just then, Tian Yi suddenly stood up, his eyes filled with an expression of understanding.

"So that's how it is... So that's how it is...

"I understand now..."

As he mumbled to himself, at the next moment, he broke into a maniacal laughter, "As expected... I, Tian Yi, am the strongest!"

The next moment, a martial will that represented Tian Yi radiated out in all directions from where Tian Yi's body was located.

There was no wind, no movement of the air currents, no explosions.

However, everyone felt as if a violent gale had suddenly appeared, gushing toward them. It was as if the violent gale wanted to blow their bodies into pieces, tearing their consciousness into fragments.

After the violent gale passed by, everyone realized in astonishment that they could no longer control their own bodies.

The consciousness of all the people within a 1,000 meter range were all suppressed by Tian Yi. All of their bodies had been taken over by Tian Yi.

It was the same even for Governor Devitt and Head of Department James.

The next moment, everyone did the same action, and showed the same smile. That was Tian Yi controlling their physical bodies.

"Men fight for honor. Before slashing a person, one must first slash the soul. All of you mediocre people who have eyes but cannot see don't understand..."

Everyone's faces revealed the same rejoice and excitement. That was all the rejoice and excitement Tian Yi felt when his Stalwart Eidolon Conviction once again attained another breakthrough.

After Tian Yi had swept through the entire Great Western City and gotten his hands on a portion of the Divine level profoundness, his acknowledgement of himself being number one in the world grew increasingly rooted, and this unique set of Waves of his had now gone through yet another breakthrough. This caused his martial will to become unbelievably powerful, even allowing him to take control over everyone's bodies with a single thought, as long as they were within a 1,000 meter range from him.

"... You guys don't understand that the will is the most important thing. The physical body is but a tool.

"As long as I'm willing, my spirit will be able to live on. Even without a physical body, even if my body has been torn into pieces, as long as my spirit and my will still exists, I can continue to exist. I will even be able to rob others of their bodies.

"It doesn't matter how strong one becomes in other areas. Everything else is merely a bunch of worldly possessions."

The next moment, everyone felt that their bodies seemed to have returned to their control.

However, no one said a word, no one made a move. Everyone looked at Tian Yi, who was in the arena, with a look of horror. Recalling the technique the other party had just displayed earlier, their hearts were filled with endless terror.

'Such marvellous skills...' Governor Devitt's countenance was very grim. However, even after he kept recalling the process in which his body had been controlled, he had no idea how the other party did it.

Hildebrand looked at Tian Yi in a daze. Behind him, Hoult sighed, "Did you see that? This is Tian Yi. I've never seen another person with his talent in my entire life. Compared to the talent Fang Xingjian had shown in sword arts, Tian Yi's comprehension is the true path of Man and heaven. It's a path toward Divine level which no one has ever taken before."

Lilia's, Kirst's City Lord's, and Head of Department James' countenances changed drastically. They all looked at Tian Yi as if they were looking at a monster.

This was the scene Zhou Xingwen saw when he arrived. He frowned, but did not pay it much heed. Holding onto Fang Xingjian's letter, he merely entered under everyone's astonished gazes, walking toward Tian Yi's.