Chapter 473: Mother

 Chapter 473: Mother

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"My mother?"

Hearing what Fang Qian said, Fang Xingjian felt as if there were flames burning in his chest. He glared at Fang Qian and said, "Speak up."

"Your mother was a rare talented genius. You probably inherited your talent from her." Fang Qian spoke with indifference, "Then do you know that when your mother gave birth to you, she had already reached the Divine level?"

"Divine level?" Fang Xingjian was slightly stunned, and he stared at Fang Qian while saying, "That's impossible. If she was at the Divine level, then there's no way that she would have been beaten to death by that old lady, Li Shuanghua."

"It's because she was seriously injured. When she came to Fang Clan, she was already suffering from serious injuries." Fang Qian face was filled with a sneer. "After that old lady, Li Shuanghua, killed your mother, she kept her corpse."

"That's impossible. My mother's ashes are placed in Fang Clan's ancestral hall."

"That's a fake," Fang Qian spoke with indifference. "The Empire has the technology to forge Divine Weapons and is able to turn the remains of Divine level experts into Divine Remains Equipment. Li Shuanghua had long set her sights on this skill of theirs.

"However, this skill had not really been able to develop on Earth. Therefore, your mother's remains have been left untouched.

"But ever since she got into contact with the First Prince, she received a tremendous amount of technical information. Therefore, Li Shuanghua is already planning to use your mother's corpse to come up with a piece of Divine Remains Equipment..."

Before Fang Qian could finish, at almost the same time when she reacted, her body had already penetrated through over ten kilometers of ground and air. She soon found herself up in the sky.

Wherever she passed by, the ground would crack and the base would collapse. It was as if there was a huge dragon flipping over its body underground.

Then she felt a tremendous pain throughout her body. Her bones cracked, and her internal organs were smashed. Fang Qian puked out a mouthful of blood and looked at Fang Xingjian who was grabbing her by the throat. His eyes were shining with sword light, as if no there were no pupils or any hints of humanity in them.

"Stay... Stay calm..."

Boom! Streams of sword force burst out from the surface of Fang Xingjian's body, turning all the cloud layers within a radius of ten kilometers into dust. Despite Fang Xingjian being several kilometers above the ground, countless formless sword force also lashed out at the ground. This created numerous sword marks in the ground, with varying lengths and depths which could reach several hundreds or even thousands of meters long.

"Has she already done it, or is she just planning to do it? Think properly before you answer me. If I find any sign of you trying to lie, even if it's just a little..."

Fang Xingjian's voice was as cold as Siberia's cold wind. His agitated negative emotions continued to extend out from deep within his consciousness, slowly exceeding the degree at which he could tolerate.

As he finished his words, four streams of sword light which were in the shape of a cross had already exploded on Fang Qian's body, sending blood splattering.

Fang Qian let out a stifled snort. Then she looked at Fang Xingjian, whose face was filled with killing intent and did not seem to look like a human, and she quickly shouted, "Not yet! They're still doing the final preparations!"

"When are they planning to start?"

Fang Qian gulped as she looked at Fang Xingjian, who had an increasingly intense killing intent surging in his eyes. He gave her the feeling of a wild beast who had come from hell. Sword force continued to gush through her body which felt like it would be torn into shreds at any time.

"Half a month. There's still half a month before they'll attempt to cut up your mother's corpse." Fang Qian no longer dared to hide anything from Fang Xingjian, nor did she dare to attempt a negotiation.

"After your mother died, Li Shuanghua sealed up her corpse in ice. It's said that her corpse has been very well preserved.

"They plan to unseal it one week from now and then start cutting up her corpse two weeks later."

Fang Xingjian opened his mouth slightly, and there seemed to be streams of air currents accompanying his inhales and exhales. They turned into sword Qis and emerged from his mouth. "Li Shuanghua, you really deserve to die."

Endless sword intent extended out from Fang Xingjian's body. There had never been a time when he felt like killing a person this much.

There was only a last hint of rationality holding him back, allowing him to temporarily suppress the fury in his heart.

'Within a week, I must rush back to the Demonic City.'

Thinking this, Fang Xingjian looked toward Fang Qian and said, "Tell me all the information you have about Li Shuanghua! Tell me the whereabouts of my mother's corpse as well!"

Fang Qian gulped and looked at the surrounding situation as well as the ground. Then she said, "You can't possibly want me to say it here? Everything will only start one week later. Calm down. Let's settle the problem about the base. One or two more hours won't hurt."

Fang Xingjian closed his eyes. He knew that it was impossible for him to ignore it and leave the First Prince's underground base like that. Therefore, he tried hard to suppress the killing intent in his body.

Fang Qian said, "This base is the product of the First Prince's immeasurable effort in the area of modifying living creatures. His final goal was originally to use this technology to modify 36 Divine level experts in order to help him complete the Hell's Map.

"He's even thinking of assembling an army of Demigods. However, there are too many difficulties, and right now, we've only just barely created the body of a Demigod even after depleting majority of the base's resources."

Fang Xingjian continued to listen, and it was only then that he found out a test subject by the name of number 13 was the new product of the research done by Fang Qian and the others. Number 13's consciousness had been completely wiped out, and his physical body had been forcibly pushed up to two tiers of perfection.

This was already considered very amazing. From then on, they would only have to think of a way to transfer a portion of consciousness into his body, just like the Holy Orison's letter and just like how there were remnant consciousness in the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor. This would allow them to have a Demigod who was at two tiers of perfection.

It was a pity that Fang Qian and the others had yet to come up with a plan for mass production. Despite this, Number 13's physical body could already be said to be the most valuable item in the entire base.

An hour later, Hildebrand was standing on a sand dune several kilometers away with a pale face. The wounds at his waist seemed to have already recovered.

Right now, he was looking in the direction of the of the underground base. With a world-shakingly tremendous sound, the entire ground sank in. Several millions of tons of sand plunged down at a crazy rate, filling up the smashed up hole underground.

In a short one to two hours later, the entire underground base collapsed completely and was filled up with endless sand.

Hildebrand dropped down and sat on the ground. His mind was filled with Fang Xingjian's figure.


Elsewhere, everyone in the Great Western Region Regional Academy realized that Fang Xingjian had returned. A black-haired and black-eyed lady, who looked slightly similar to Fang Xingjian, had also returned with him.

In a room in the Sacred Land, Fang Xingjian frowned and asked, "So, in all, there are seven Divine level experts on Earth?"

"That's right," Fang Qian said. "Each of the five major clans has one, and the Earth's Federation Government has two. If you wish to deal with Li Shuanghua, at least two others will help her. In addition to her, there will be three Divine level experts in total."

Fang Xingjian did not say anything and instead looked at the 'person' on the other side.

Although it was said to be a human, it was still strange. That was because the person looked like a lump of flesh which kept on changing. All the skin, muscles, and bones continued to undergo ceaseless changes as if it had no fixed form.

This was the test subject number 13 which Fang Xingjian had snatched from the First Prince's base at the end. It was a physical body at the Demigod level which had attained two tiers of perfection in body's toughness and specialty seeds respectively.

Fang Qian spoke up again, "But it might not be impossible for you to defeat them. After all, it seems as if you... are immune to the power of magic prints and the evil gods' powers, right?"

Fang Xingjian lifted his head and looked at Fang Qian while saying. "That's what I want to know too. Test it out on me."