Chapter 471: Kill

 Chapter 471: Kill

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When Fang Xingjian saw Fang Qian, a hint of astonishment flashed in his eyes. He had not expected that the Fang Clan from Earth had already joined hands with the First Prince.

Fang Qian, Hildebrand, and the Death Warrior all looked at Number 10 anxiously. A cold gleam burst forth from Number 10's eyes and luminous light exploded from all over his body.

"Kid, come out here. Weren't you enjoying yourself chasing after me?" An arrogant aura gushed forth from Number 10's face. He spread out his hands and peered at the surrounding space, as if he was waiting for Fang Xingjian to attack once again.

"I've already broken through your sword technique. When I get my hands on you, I'll tear you into strips and grill you up to eat."

Although Number 10 appeared to be very arrogant, he was in fact extremely anxious.

'What kind of sword technique did this kid perform? Why is it that I'm unable to find any traces of him in the least?

'I must scare him off. Otherwise, if I allow him to continue staring at me, chasing and slashing at me, no matter how strong my vitality is, I won't be able to hang on.'

Number 10's eyes squinted. He knew that right now, the stronger his aura, the higher the possibility that the other party would be scared off.

Number 10's entire body squirmed as he activated the Enraged Lion's Killing technique-Lion-man Transformation. All the muscles on his body continued to tremble, changing its shape continuously as his joints grew thicker. Streams of blood burst out from various parts of his body, looking just like countless wings.

His canine teeth lengthened to over ten centimeters long. Numerous hair strands that had defenses comparable to Superior Divine Weapons gushed forth, turning him completely into a lion-man.

As he moved his hands, metal-like claws of over ten centimeters grew out. They clashed against each other with clanking sounds.

"Very good. This is the kind of power I want."

Fang Qian's expression changed and even Hildebrand could not help but say, "He can even use the Steel Lion Kingdom's Lion-man Transformation? This Killing technique can double the user's explosive power and defense, at the very least. This monster... If this were to go on, then there really won't be anyone who can suppress him."

Number 10 broke into a satisfied smile and then bellowed again. However, no sword light flashed anymore. Although Fang Qian hoped that Fang Xingjian could leave to inform the First Prince and the Second Prince, when she, Hildebrand, and the Death Warrior saw this scene, they all knew that if this were to go on they would be doomed.

Expressions of desperation started to appear on their faces and even number 10 nodded inwardly, 'Has he really been frightened off by me? Then... Let's try it out a little more...'

Number 10 had gradually realized how terrifying the other party's sword technique was. It would come and go without warning, catching the opponent unaware.

It was like a longsword that was constantly hanging above his head, constantly dealing him waves of threats.

'If I have the opportunity, I must eat this kid up and learn his sword technique.'

Thinking of this, he spread out his five fingers and coldly declared, "If he has escaped, then so be it. I'll eat up the three of you first."

With a flash, he darted out toward the Death Warrior. However, at this moment, the sword light in the air burst forth once again. This time around, it exploded directly in Number 10's eyes, turning them into dust.

A world-shaking agonizing scream rang out and Number 10 struggled frantically as he clawed out crazily in all directions. Accompanied by a series of after images, the aerial blades that his claws made when they slashed out were slicing up the surrounding table, chairs, walls, and the ground, turning everything into pieces. The Death Warrior closest to him was also slashed into countless fragments.

However, attacks like these were unable to hit Fang Xingjian, who was darting between spatial gaps. Just as Number 10 was crazily striking back, a brilliant sword light exploded in his eyes once again, turning into many minuscule swords that dug deeper into his eye sockets. It was as if they wanted to enter Number 10's brain and wreak havoc inside.

It was only after quite a while had passed that Number 10 finally thought of using his hands to block his eyes. This left countless sword marks on his palms, but he managed to block off Fang Xingjian's attack on his eyes.

'To think that this kid had thought of such a thing!

'It's true that many parts of one's body can't be changed. For example, the eyeballs. If their density was changed, then they wouldn't be able to perform their normal abilities.'

Sensing the waves of sword light brushed to and fro on the surface of his body, Number 10 snorted coldly as he tensed up his entire body, shrinking into a ball to passively receive Fang Xingjian's attacks.

"Kid, you won't be able to kill me. Once you've depleted all your energy today, I'll go look for your family and your friends and eat them all up!"

However, it seemed as if Fang Xingjian had not heard anything. Sword light burst forth in waves, brushing on the surface of Number 10's body. The waves seemed to be scraping off Number 10's skin layer by layer.

As he was constantly under the attack of the Astral Obscurity Sword, Number 10 could only move the majority of the physical particles in his body toward the surface, in order to increase the density of his skin, so that he could fend off Fang Xingjian's demolition sword light.

However, as Fang Xingjian continued to perform the Astral Obscurity Sword, the movement of the sword light got increasingly shrewd and smooth, their prowess increasingly stronger as well.

Earlier it was as if several hundreds of swords had encompassed Number 10's body. At the next moment, they had turned into a myriad attacking elements of sword light. After another two to three seconds, the sword light had even started to twist and change, darting into all the gaps in Number 10's body.

The latter had no choice but to seal up the seven apertures in his head as he desperately withstood the attacks.

However, the improvement in Fang Xingjian's sword arts within such a short period of time still made him extremely astonished. He did not know that Fang Xingjian was leveling up his Astral Obscurity Sword.

The next moment, the sword light suddenly disappeared. Just as Number 10 thought that Fang Xingjian had given up, and was getting ready to laugh, streams of sword light came penetrating explosively from under his skin.


Fang Xingjian's demolition sword light exploded directly in Number 10's body.

It was because within such a short period of time, his Astral Obscurity Sword had already far surpassed that of the Supreme Chief's, reaching an unprecedented level 40.

At level 40, the Astral Obscurity Sword could directly penetrate through physical material via spatial gaps, exploding from within any physical cell.

This meant that Fang Xingjian's current Astral Obscurity Sword did not only allow him to fend off attacks by darting into spatial gaps, but his attacks could even relate directly to the interior of physical substances.

In order to fight against Fang Xingjian, Number 10 increased the density on the surface of his body. This made the surface of his body qualitative stronger than all other parts of his body, making it very difficult for one to destroy or penetrate through it.

However, the various organs of his body had thus become weaker by a huge degree.

The abrupt explosion of the Prodigious Demolition Sword Physique caused almost all the internal organs in Number 10's body to turn into pools of blood.

It was not just Fang Xingjian's sword techniques. The Heaven's Volition Sword Intent had also exploded concurrently, crazily gushing through Number 10's consciousness and slashing his consciousness into pieces.

Number 10 puked out a large mouthful of blood and at the next moment, under Fang Qian's and Hildebrand's terrified and astonished gazes, his entire body was encompassed by stacked layers sword light. Concurrently, the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent exploded waves of excited glow, crazily wiping out Number 10's malevolent will.

In the end, Number 10 was only left with a layer of an outer shell as he stood stiffly in the air.

Other than the surface of Number 10's skin, all other parts of his body had been completely destroyed. The Heaven's Volition Sword Intent returned into Fang Xingjian's mind with a sense of satisfaction.

The next moment, Fang Xingjian appeared before Fang Qian, looking at her expressionlessly. The latter looked at him in turn, with a terrified gaze.

However, at the next moment, Fang Qian suddenly laughed out loud, "Fang Xingjian, I hadn't expected you to be able to progress to this level in but half a year."

On the other hand, Hildebrand looked at Fang Xingjian in a daze. All sorts of thoughts ran amok in his mind, in complete chaos.