Chapter 468: Evil

 Chapter 468: Evil

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No one knew just how fast a frequency the sound waves which the Heavenly Demon's Primal Waves had unleashed were travelling at.

Everyone could only see that wherever the sound waves passed by, all living things would wither. The skies and the earth shattered, and everything was rendered down into the most basic particle form.

The weird crimson figure, who had taken the impact head-on, appeared unscathed before everyone. His body continued to be stretched out by the sound waves, becoming longer and bigger, just like a highly elastic piece of rubber. As he continued to expand, he also absorbed all the power in the sound waves. It was only after the energy from the sound waves had been completely depleted that he shrank back to his original size.

Then, under the Heavenly Demon's terrified gaze, he bit off half the Heavenly Demon's chest, swallowing it.

The scene of the Heavenly Demon being engulfed looked like a university student beating up a child from kindergarten.

The Heavenly Demon continued to struggle frantically. Each of his punches and kicks were able to create tremors in the mountains and brought about earthquakes. The Primal Waves he continued to unleash incessantly through his moves continued breaking down the layers of rock, as if wanting to pierce through the ground above their heads.

However, to the weird crimson figure, these attacks were just like those from a baby. They were easily blocked and even absorbed. The Heavenly Demon could only watch as his body was eaten up bit by bit.


In the command post, everyone looking at this brutal scene could not help but feel an eerie chill run down their spine. Although they were already accustomed to massacres and bloodshed, they were still disgusted by this scene.

The act of eating humans could be seen as a perverse act, so it was natural that many people could not accept it.

Fang Qian shouted, "Is it still impossible? Can't we control him?"

The Phantom Knight sat there motionlessly with a grim expression. Light which was like a seven-colored glaze shot out from his eyes, shining brighter and brighter. However, his countenance was also turning increasingly grim.

He spoke in a low voice, "This isn't working. I can't control him." Cold sweat dripped down continuously from his head. "He isn't affected by me in the least. How did this happen?"

Hearing the Phantom Knight's words, everyone was in shock. They had not expected for Number 10 to go out of control.

Fang Qian said in shock, "How did this happen? Didn't we manage to control him just fine the last time?"

"I don't know." The Phantom Knight's countenance turned extremely grim. Then right at this moment, he suddenly let out an agonizing cry and covered his eyes. Blood flowed out incessantly from between his fingers.

"He... He launched a counterattack on me... This guy is also good in attacking the consciousness..."

Ba-thump . Everyone who heard this appeared to be in great shock. Hildebrand was the first to stand up and said, "Isn't Number 10's forte his physical strength and ability to engulf and regenerate? As long as there is life for him to engulf, he will be able to regenerate his body. Since when has he excelled in attacking the consciousness as well?"

Every person present was a genius who could be found with a probability of 1 amongst every 10,000 people, and none of them were fools. Just as Hildebrand brought this point up, the people reacted at the same time.

The Enraged Lion said, "Unless he did it intentionally... This guy... He concealed his abilities."

However, the moment he finished his sentence, a voice rang out in everyone's minds.

"Bingo, you're right."

In that instant, everyone's countenances changed tremendously. They looked at the mirror and saw that the weird crimson figure was staring at them, revealing an indescribably evil smile. As his mouth twitched, the same voice continued to ring out in everyone's minds.

"If it wasn't because that kid from the Ancient Path of Hell was around, how could I possibly have shown my weakness and allowed myself to be caught?

"Excellent, you guys are wonderful. Not only did you seal up majority of my body's functions, you even kept me locked up in that hard and humid place which has nothing... nothing..."

The weird crimson figure then bellowed furiously, "Even if you keep a cat, you'll at least prepare a litter box for it, right?"

The voice of the bellow exploded in everyone's minds, and they then felt as if a storm had raged through in their minds. They felt very groggy, and their bodies started to stagger.

The weird crimson figure's voice started to slowly dissipate from everyone's minds, "Stay there and wait in your tortoise shells. I'll be there to find all of you shortly..."

In the command post, everyone's countenances turned extremely grim. Then Hildebrand said, "We must inform the First Prince. We'll need reinforcements."

"I've sent someone to pass on the message." The Enraged Lion said, "Right now, we must gather all of our powers and think of a way to capture Number 10."

The Phantom Knight said, "Miss Fang Qian, amongst us, you're the person who understands Number 10 the best. If we wish to capture him, other than using my illusion techniques to control him, what other means are there?"

Fang Qian's expression was solemn. Amongst the people present, she was the person who knew Number 10 best. Number 10 had been found together with the Heavenly Demon. However, the Heavenly Demon had been the tomb robber, while Number 10 had been the owner of the tomb.

It was a pity that even after they studying the tomb repeatedly, they had not been able to find out the identity of Number 10.

After the First Prince sealed Number 10 up, she had conducted test after test on Number 10's body in order to obtain various statistics. So, she had a very good understanding of the power of his physical body.

However, what astonished her more today was his ability to attack the consciousness. Moreover, this was what he excelled in.

Hearing the Phantom Knight's question, Fang Qian said, "He's over five kilometers away from where we're located. Based on my studies of martial will and attacks using information currents, the impact of such attacks will deteriorate quickly with distance.

"For him to be capable of causing us to feel groggy from five kilometers away, we probably won't be able to win against him once gets close... This guy has always pretended that his fortes were in his physical body and his ability to absorb attacks. However, what he really excels in should be attacking the consciousness.

"His abilities are probably much stronger than what we previously estimated."

Thinking of this, everyone's countenances turned increasingly grim.

Number 10's physical strength was already extremely powerful to begin with. In addition to that, he was equipped with such a powerful consciousness attack. Once he got close, he would only need to launch another attack on their consciousness as he had done before and then attack them when they were feeling faint. This would end up with them suffering from great damages.

Then the Phantom Knight gave out orders, "Since that is the case, activate all our troops. We must completely suppress test subject number 10. Let's change our locations immediately. We mustn't face Number 10 head-on."

Right now, all of their attention was already placed on Number 10. Fang Xingjian, whom they had wanted to deal with earlier, was now treated like a dead man when they had Number 10 to deal with.

"Haha, you guys are thinking too much." Suddenly, Number 10's voice once again rang out in their minds. At the next moment, a tremendous pain ran through the heads of everyone in the command post.

"Thank you for the information. As I expected, that kid from the Ancient Path of Hell is really not here. Wait there for me to come over. I'll take good care of all of you."

Then at the next moment, an extremely evil and brutal aura gushed out in everyone's minds at a rapid rate. It was an aura which seemed to be the world's dirtiest and the most vicious.

Hildebrand let out a cry. It was because he realized that this intent was too much alike to the malevolent will he had felt from that Divine level spinal bone in the past.

However, this time around, the intent was more flexible, more powerful, and more immense.

This was also the first time that Hildebrand had felt just how terrifying such a malevolent will was when it was used to attack, rather than for defense.