Chapter 467: Number 9, Number 10

 Chapter 467: Number 9, Number 10

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"The sixth defense barrier has been destroyed."

"It's fine. From the seventh barrier onward, the entire base is within the perimeters of the Sacred Land, and the Netherworld Field's prowess is enhanced through absorbing ether particles..."

Before the sentence was finished, Fang Xingjian struck his head against the seventh defense barrier. He was breaking through the layers of faint yellow light from the defense layer like they were just pieces of scrap paper.

"Damn it," the Phantom Knight said angrily, "Haven't Number 9 and Number 10 reached yet?"

The adjutant reported, "We placed too many restrictions on them. The technicians are still helping to remove those restrictions. We'll probably only be able to put them before the ninth defense barrier..."

As they spoke, six light pillars surged out behind Fang Xingjian's back and struck against the eighth defense barrier, melting the barrier at a speed which could be seen by the naked eye.

The Phantom Knight waved his hand and said, "Get them to hurry up."

In the mirror screen, Fang Xingjian had already completely penetrated through the eighth defense barrier in a mere couple of minutes. He was now headed for the ninth barrier while bringing along a series of afterimages with him.

Soon after, a resplendent and magnificent barrier which seemed as if it was made from pure gold appeared before him. There were various unknown languages and images engraved onto the barrier. The engravings looked like some kind of incantations, and they flashed with a mysterious glow.

Fang Xingjian did not take a close look at this ninth barrier. Instead, he looked at a spot before the barrier. Two huge metal coffins were placed upright there, and surges of powerful malevolent intent seemed to be exuding from them.

Those sorts of brazenly malevolent intents... It was as if they wanted to destroy all the wonderful things in the world.

Just as Fang Xingjian saw these two coffins, two loud bang bang sounds rang out. The coffin lids were opened, and the malevolent intents were stronger than before. Fang Xingjian even felt something like ferocious beasts using their tongues to lick against his skin.

Then at the next moment, a pitch black foot was lifted up from inside one of the coffins, and a pitch black man who was as thin as a skeleton walked out. He turned his head around back and forth like he was observing the surrounding situation.


"Here they come!" Looking at the image of Number 9 reflected through the mirror, Fang Qian's eyes were filled with agitation.

The source of the materials used in creating Number 9 was far from being ordinary. They had stolen the corpse of a Demigod from a grave. Over 500 years ago, this Demigod had been referred to as the Heavenly Demon. Since young, he had been unsociable and eccentric, filled with fierce killing intent.

He had killed his entire family at the age of ten, joined the Primal Congress at the age of eleven, and then killed the expert who held the highest position in the entire congress at the age of 20. From then on, he had traveled unhindered across the world, causing massive bloodshed no matter where he went.

In the end, at the age of 25, he had disappeared without a trace.

No one knew where he had gone, nor did anyone know what had happened to him. It was only when the First Prince's subordinates found the Heavenly Demon in a tomb that they realized he had actually died in the process of robbing a tomb.

He was then kept in cold storage for a long period of time as raw material for weapons. This was the case until Fang Qian arrived and required the corpses of experts as material for her experiments.

After that, the Heavenly Demon's body was revived through cloning, and all his organs, bones, and nerves were replaced by the superior parts from various ferocious beasts. His consciousness was also revived by the First Prince through the great technique of the Ancient Path of Hell, the Hell's Soul Substitution.

Of course, this great technique of the Ancient Path of Hell, the Hell's Soul Substitution, was not one which could really awaken dead consciousness. It could only channel in a predefined set of consciousness.

However, the Hell's Soul Substitution had been incomplete for a very long period of time. Even the First Prince could only channel in information he knew about the Heavenly Demon and then let the remnant instinct in the Heavenly Demon's body awaken by itself.

"Heavenly Demon... 500 years ago, he was the most brutal and terrifying Demigod in the whole world. After I performed cloning techniques and black magic on him, not only has his consciousness awakened, but he has even gained an even more powerful physical body."

Due to the fact that test subjects number 9 and 10 were far too powerful and because their sets of consciousness were hard to control, Fang Qian eventually gave up on channeling independent consciousness into their physical bodies. Instead, she made use of means which could transfer consciousness in order to control the physical bodies of these test subjects.

Therefore, the test subjects after Number 10 were all empty shells, and Number 9 and 10 were the most powerful test subjects Fang Qian had created.

Thinking of that, Fang Qian's eyes shone with excitement. "Let me take a look at your powers."


In the present scene, the Heavenly Demon was turning his head about like a rusty gear starting to move slowly. Then he took a few steps forward and headed toward the exit. From the beginning to the end, he had not cast a glance in Fang Xingjian's direction.

Tyrant, in the form of a bangle, observed the Heavenly Demon and said solemnly, reminding Fang Xingjian, "This guy is dangerous, very dangerous."

"Dangerous?" Fang Xingjian did not look at the Heavenly Demon and instead looked at the metal coffin which was labelled with the Number 10. He said, "That thing inside is what really feels troublesome."

"Oh?" Tyrant said perplexedly, "But why don't I sense any danger from him?"

"It's because that thing inside has focused all of his malevolent intent onto me." Fang Xingjian's eyes squinted slightly. "It's as if he is holding a blade against my skin."

Just as Fang Xingjian said those words, a crimson red figure dashed out from the coffin with a swoosh. He was like a crimson red cheetah, pouncing onto the Heavenly Demon.

That figure was covered with a crimson red glow. It looked like crimson red blood which had ignited into flames. His four limbs were on the ground, and his head appeared like a human's. However, his widened mouth made it seem as if the corner of his lips were going to reach the bottom of his ears. The figure was filled with an evil and brutal aura.

There was a long tail sprouting out from his coccyx, and on his tail, there was even a long bone spike exuding cold gleams of light.

The Heavenly Demon's head was pressed down by the one of the creature's claws, and a fierce expression intensified greatly in his eyes. His palm, which seemed to be dry as firewood, let out an explosive power that was comparable to a volcano explosion, smashing out toward the head of the weird red figure.

However, confronted with the Heavenly Demon's counterattack, the weird red figure opened his mouth and swallowed the Heavenly Demon's fist entirely. The Heavenly Demon's arm completely disappeared like there was no power at all in the Heavenly Demon's fist.

The weird red figure licked his lips and broke into a satisfied grin.

Then the Heavenly Demon's countenance changed. He felt as if his punch from earlier was as hopeless as a clay ox entering water, incapable of smashing anything at all.

Watching as the weird red figure opened his mouth and tried to bite him again, the Heavenly Demon frowned. Instinctives surges of power in his physical body swelled up, and in this life and death situation, the instincts in his body were awakened, replenishing his memories.

The Heavenly Demon let out a furious bellow, activating his Killing technique-Primal Waves. Surges of sound waves, which trembled at an astonishing frequency, smashed against the weird red figure's body. Then at the next moment, they passed through his body, smashing into the ceiling.

Tremors was quite possibly one of the types of Killing techniques with the greatest damage powers.

Wherever the Primal Waves passed by, the underground rock layers were turned into dust, and everything with form was rendered into fine powder. The sound waves created a big hole over several hundred meters long, displaying an astonishing power of destruction.