Chapter 455: Nightfall

 Chapter 455: Nightfall

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Faced with Fang Xingjian's fist which was like a celestial being descending from beyond the heavens, power swelled up inside Night Eagle's body. His face flushed red, and the countless sounds of exploding worlds rang out. It was as if countless small worlds were being shattered inside his body.

He stimulated the explosive powers of over 100,000 physical particles, and a black shock wave emerged explosively from his palms, extending out toward Fang Xingjian.

However, Night Eagle was still smashed with Fang Xingjian's punch and sent flying out. With a loud boom, he collided against a mountain peak over ten kilometers away and was knocked out completely.

The Radiant Envoy was no better. His layers of light shields were shattered by Fang Xingjian with a single punch. The Radiant Envoy was pressed down by the punch, and his entire body penetrated through the ground. It was as if he were a long sword, charging down into the depths of the ground.

The Ice Palace's Great Priestess and Saint had just arrived when they saw this astonishing scene. They, as well as everyone else, watched with eyes agape and felt great disbelief.

Night Eagle and the Radiant Envoy were both long-time experts of the Eternal Night Society and Illumination Society respectively. It was unexpected that they were defeated just like that! Moreover, it was when both of them were working together!

Everyone looked at Fang Xingjian, who was without a scratch and seemed as if he had not been engaged in any battle at all. At this moment, they all came to realize one thing.

This Vicious Knight was probably going to spread his name throughout the entire Great Western Region and become a top notch expert of the new generation.

The Ice Palace's Saint looked at this young man on the stage and thought in disbelief, 'To think that even Night Eagle and Radiant Envoy weren't a match for him even for a single round.

'Fang Xingjian, is this why you hold no reservations in anything you do? Absolute power brings about absolute confidence.'

Since the beginning, the Black Wings Demon had not made a single move. He continued to wear a confident smile as he looked at Fang Xingjian in astonishment and thought, 'Your subordinates were defeated just like that. Even if it's just to uphold your sect's dignity, the two of you will have to take action.'

Sensing that everything was progressing according to plan, the Black Wings Demon felt increasingly exhilarated.

'This Fang Xingjian is really a very useful sword.'

At the next moment, the entire sky darkened, and everyone lifted their heads to look up. A black sun had risen unknowingly in the western sky, engulfing all the light in the world like it wanted to bring eternal darkness to the mortal world.

"It's the Eternal Night Society's Ye Huang."

"Even Ye Huang is going to take action?"

"He's a level 29 top notch expert. I wonder if the Vicious Knight will be able to hold him off."

With Ye Huang's appearance, the extremely dejected Eternal Night Society immediately raised their heads.

Ye Huang had been a dominating existence in the Great Western Region for several decades. Ever since he attained level 29, he had never suffered a single defeat. He was the entire Eternal Night Society's spiritual pillar of support.

It could be said that even if the entire Eternal Night Society were eradicated, as long as Ye Huang was still alive, then Eternal Night Society would be able to rise up again at any time.

Just as Ye Huang appeared, light rose up from the east, lighting up the gradually darkening night sky once again. There seemed to be boundless hope, life vitality, and endless weight nurtured within the light.

In the same instant Ye Huang had appeared, Illumination Society's leader appeared as well.

"Both Ye Huang and the Chief of the Illumination Society have appeared. Are they both going to take action as well?"

"You're stating the obvious. The Vicious Knight took on and defeated both the Night Eagle and the Radiant Envoy today. If Ye Huang and the Chief of the Illumination Society don't take any action, their reputation will go down in flames. They will be viewed as cowards."

"Pity, such a pity. Although that Vicious Knight is very powerful, how could he possibly be a match for Ye Huang and Illumination Society's Chief?"

"After all, the two of them are experts who have been at level 29 for many years. The Vicious Knight is probably not their match."

No one felt that the Vicious Knight, whose appearance had been sudden, would be a match for Ye Huang and Illumination Society's Chief.

It was because the Vicious Knight's battle achievement was only in defeating the Night Eagle and the Radiant Envoy.

Whereas, Ye Huang and the Illumination Society's Chief had held up their prestige for many decades from gaining victory after victory. They were the Great Western Region's experts whom countless people revered as gods.

Ice Palace's Saint also shook her head. 'So what if your abilities are amazing? It's a pity that you don't have any restraint. You've now offended two of the strongest people in the Great Western Region. No matter how talented you are, this is where it all ends.'

In the sky, Ye Huang's voice rang out, "Light, long time no see. I never expected that there would be a day when we would meet again in this lifetime."

'Light' was the name of the Illumination Society's Chief.

Hearing Ye Huang's words, Illumination Society's Chief sighed. "Light and darkness can never tolerate each other. Neither did I expect that there would be a time when both of us would appear in the sky.

"Ye Huang, it has been many years since we last met. We must have a good spar later. Let me see how much your Eternal Night Barrier has progressed."

Ye Huang let out a light snort and said, "You want to challenge me? Are you thinking that your old bones won't be able to hang on much longer? So, that's why you want to give it all up and deal me with severe injuries to give Illumination Society a chance of survival?"

Illumination Society's Chief said calmly, "Light will never be extinguished. Even if I'm dead and gone, the Illumination Society will live for many generations to come. Haven't you heard of this saying before? There's only darkness when there's light. Without light, there's no meaning to darkness."

"Light is but something temporary. Lift your head and look into the sky. Darkness is the true rhythm of the entire world."

Seeing how the two people in the sky were communicating and neglecting his presence, Fang Xingjian swung his head impatiently and said, "Hey, how long are the two of you going to continue chattering? If you want to fight, then come on. Otherwise, scram."

Hearing Fang Xingjian's words, both Ye Huang and Illumination Society's Chief were taken aback. It was as if neither of them had expected that someone would treat them so impolitely.

Ye Huang even laughed, "Light, it seems that we haven't shown our prowess for too long that some youngsters have already forgotten the things which happened in the past."

Illumination Society's Chief threw a calm look toward Fang Xingjian as if he were looking at a bug. "Are you going to go? Or shall I?" There was no way that he would join forces with Ye Huang.

Ye Huang said calmly, "Let me do it. After I've dealt with him, the two of us can have a good 'chat'." At the mention of 'chat', Ye Huang intentionally increased the emphasis of his tone. It was clearly not intended to be an ordinary chat.

At the next moment, a huge pitch-black palm which seemed as if it was made purely from darkness descended from the sky. Wherever it passed by, all sensing abilities became ineffective. It slapped down toward Fang Xingjian's location like something incorporeal.

It was because this was not an all-encompassing attack. This attack, which was shadowless, formless, and absorbed all light and sound waves, slapped down onto Fang Xingjian.

Then with a loud rumble, it smacked Fang Xingjian into the mountain like he was a needle.

It was only because the toughness of Fang Xingjian's body was really far too high that it resulted in him piercing into the ground after being slapped down unaware.

After the palm slapped down onto Fang Xingjian, Ye Huang did not throw him a single look and instead just said to Light, "Alright, you can choose the location."

However, at the next moment, a black shadow appeared behind him. It was Fang Xingjian who had been slapped down into the ground, yet he had suddenly appeared behind Ye Huang!

"You can go down first."


A hint of astonishment broke out on Ye Huang's face. However, at the next moment, his battle instincts were activated.

Eternal Night Barrier!


Black shock waves!

Scattered with a single palm!

Materializing over 100 weapons from black shadows, Rain of Dark Night Divine Weapons!

They were all blocked by Fang Xingjian's body directly and reflected off!

Over ten Superior Divine Weapons, each with the powers of wind, rain, thunder, lightning, and flames burst forth explosively.

However, they were all crushed by Fang Xingjian with a single punch.

Then a purely black long saber appeared. It was a Divine Weapon passed down within the Eternal Night Society-Night Arrival. It was a level 29 Superior Divine Weapon which had been enhanced by several generations of experts.

Right now, Fang Xingjian had just tapped it with a single finger, and the longer saber could not proceed even a single inch.

Fang Xingjian broke through all five consecutive layers of defenses easily.

At the next moment, Ye Huang watched with a shocked gaze as a huge corporeal palm, filled with countless powers, pressed onto his head. It came down with a tremendous force which could not be defied or resisted. With Ye Huang under it, the palm smashed down toward the ground just like a meteor.