Chapter 453: Gathered Together

 Chapter 453: Gathered Together

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At the foot of the mountain, the people from the Black Wings were gathered in big groups, while the people from the Illumination Society and the Eternal Night Society were respectively on their left and right.

Those who were slightly further away were from the various major factions.

Due to the existence of a dimensional storage equipment and because the Black Wings had made the first move, countless cultivators had gathered here.

The person leading the Black Wings right now was its founder, a middle-aged man who went by the nickname of 'Black Wings Demon'.

Ever since the Darkness Demon Lord defeated him and took over the position as the leader of the Black Wings, this level 28, middle-aged man had become the number two existence in the Black Wings.

As for the Eternal Night Society and the Illumination Society, they were led by Night Eagle and Radiant Envoy respectively.

Although many people were at the scene, everyone knew that the fight was actually between the Black Wings Demon, Night Eagle, and the Radiant Envoy.

The Black Wings Demon showed an expression which seemed like a sneer. He spoke with an eerie tone, "Haha, Eternal Night Society, the martial arts exchange this time around was organized by your side. Now that there's chaos everywhere, aren't you guys going to do something about it?"

"The Chief will be taking charge of the overall situation. I've come here just to stop you." Night Eagle looked calmly at the Black Wings Demon and said, "Black Wings, with our two sects here, there's no way that you'll be able to barge your way through. Give it up."

"Hehehehe," Black Wings laughed and shrugged, "The three of us are at about the same level, so it's actually useless to be saying so much. In the end, everything's going to end up with us waiting for the results of the fight between our leaders.

"Moreover, are you guys so confident with the situation with the Ice Palace? If you fight it out with us here, you might just end up handing the dimensional storage equipment over to us."

Just then, a dark shadow suddenly appeared at the center point between the three men. Following this, thunderous rumbles rang out incessantly. It was as if there were a myriad of thunderclaps ringing out in the sky.

It was Fang Xingjian who had appeared before them.

The Radiant Envoy frowned, "Vicious Knight? Why have you come?"

"Are you referring to the people you guys dispatched to the Ice Palace's base?" Fang Xingjian said calmly, "I've already killed everyone who was trying to probe around the Ice Palace. Where are your leaders? Let them come out to see me. Today, you guys must give our Ice Palace an explanation."

Hearing that, the countenances of both the Night Eagle and Radiant Envoy changed. Amongst the people they had sent tonight, there had been their trusted aides as well. So, right now, they understood that Fang Xingjian's abilities were probably much more amazing than they had predicted them to be.

Black Wings felt extremely satisfied with Fang Xingjian's appearance and was the first to sow discord. "Vicious Knight, we're all here today for the dimensional storage equipment which you have on you.

"The Ice Palace is but a third-rate faction and won't be able to keep the dimensional storage equipment. Keeping it with you will only bring you to your death. You're better off handing it over earlier."

Black Wings was being extremely brazen with his words, causing both the Night Eagle and the Radiant Envoy to frown. However, what Black Wings said struck a chord with what the other factions were thinking.

Even a few small factions, who were not that strong, started shouting, wanting to take advantage of the turbulence.

"That's right. The Ice Palace won't be able to use up all the capacity of the dimensional storage equipment. Why don't you take it out for everyone to share?"

"Let's all pool in the money to purchase it. With that, we can all take turns to use it."

The others continued to remain silent, looking coldly at the Vicious Knight to see how he would react.

Fang Xingjian spoke calmly, "It's not impossible for you guys to have my dimensional storage equipment. Today, I'll stand here, and all of you are free to attack. As long as there's a single person who is able to defeat me, then the dimensional storage equipment will be his."

Tyrant, in the form of the bangle, grinned and said, "You want to use your powers to single-handedly suppress and get all the factions in the Great Western Region to submit to you?"

Fang Xingjian replied through information currents, "Didn't you say that amongst the three great factions of the Great Western Region, there isn't even a single Demigod who has achieved a tier of perfection? Then for me to use force is merely the simplest way to get them to submit to me."

"It's not wonder you wanted to expose the fact that you have an dimensional storage bangle. That was intentional?"

"There's nothing intentional or otherwise about it. I've never restricted myself in the things I want to do. If I need to use the Gates of the Netherworld, then I'll just use it. Why is there a need for me to care so much about it?"

Then just as Fang Xingjian finished saying that, the countless people around him broke into an uproar. The people from the various factions bellowed like they could not wait to jump up one after another to fight it out with Fang Xingjian.

Fang Xingjian's words sounded too arrogant to them. It was as if he did not know how big the world out there was.

Night Eagle and the Radiant Envoy also frowned inwardly. They could not understand what the Vicious Knight was trying to do. He wanted to challenge all the factions in the entire Great Western Region single-handedly? What kind of joke was that?

The Black Wings Demon laughed inwardly. He had not expected Fang Xingjian to be so cooperative.

However, Fang Xingjian paid no need to what everyone else were thinking. He spoke once again, "Alright, isn't everyone after my dimensional storage equipment? Why is no one attacking?"

A short moment later, a man who wore full armor and had a big build, which made him look like a small ridge, walked out. With each step he took, the ground tremored fiercely.

"It's Mammoth from the Calvary Society!"

"The armor on his body weighs ten tons and is made from a specially created alloy."

"He doesn't rely on this for defense. Rather, he relies on this for training."

"Sigh, only a second transition expert can do something like this. It's said that after he attained level 25 and started to condense specialty seeds, he has never taken this set of armor off before."

Boom boom boom boom! His footsteps sounds rang out. With each step Mammoth took, a deep footprint would be left behind.

A rough and droning voice spoke from under the armor. "Calvary Society, Ma..."

Without giving Mammoth the chance to finish speaking, Fang Xingjian unleashed one punch across space, and Mammoth who weighed over ten tons was sent flying. In midair, his alloy armor had completely disintegrated, turning into countless shattered pieces which flew in the air.

As for Mammoth himself, he had been knocked completely unconscious and fallen to the ground.

Witnessing a level 25 expert being knocked out with just a single punch, everyone fell silent. It was as if they could not accept seeing Mammoth being instantly defeated by a single punch. What that was left was Fang Xingjian's voice ringing out.

"Those who're below level 25 can save yourself the humiliation." Fang Xingjian then waved his hand and said, "Is there anyone else who is interested in my dimensional storage equipment?"

The entire scene seemed to have instantly turned cold, and no one else dared to say a single word.

Even Night Eagle and Radiant Envoy were astonished. For Fang Xingjian to have instantly defeated Mammoth with a single punch, to have instantly defeated an expert who was known for the cultivation of his physical body... This was something which they would definitely not have been able to accomplish.

The only person who knew of Fang Xingjian's abilities and identity, the Black Wings Demon, laughed coldly to himself, 'Go on, fight it out. It's even better if the leaders of both the Eternal Night Society and the Illumination Society come out as well. Let the three of them fry up each other.'

Just then, another lean and tall man walked up. He was the leader of Gale Express, Gale.

It was said that this person's speed was extremely fast, and he had previously crossed the entire Great Western Region within ten minutes. The Gale Express he had set up was the top faction for the consigning of goods in the Great Western Region's public market, taking up 70% of the market.