Chapter 450: State of Upheaval

 Chapter 450: State of Upheaval

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When Fang Xingjian said this, there was a great outburst of emotions around him.

Night Eagle looked coldly at Fang Xingjian, secretly thinking of him as an arrogant young man who did not know how great the world was.

The Radiant Envoy thought the same. The Eternal Night Society and their Illumination Society were two great religious sects.

What was a religious sect? The word 'belief' by itself summed up the nature of all religious sects.

The two of them felt that what Fang Xingjian had said was a serious insult to their religions. Therefore, strong killing intent surged in their hearts.

Moreover, they felt that they had actually acted extremely polite and respectful. To think that the other party would still reject them in this manner!

Night Eagle said coldly, "Young man, you better mind what you say. Oftentimes, there are things one shouldn't say recklessly. Everyday, there are people who die, their corpses left to rot in the wilderness, just because they said the wrong things." Night Eagle did not take any action, merely launching a string of warnings. However, if Fang Xingjian continued to utter rubbish, even if he did not do anything during the gathering, even if he still had not figured out what or who was the Vicious Knight's backing, in order to uphold their sect's dignity, he would have to take action and teach Fang Xingjian a lesson.

The Radiant Envoy from the Illumination Society shook his head and said, "Young man, did the Ice Palace's Great Priestess teach you anything before you came out? Although you're also a second transition expert, to casually expose a dimensional storage equipment before the many sects in the Great Western Region... do you really think you have the means to keep your hold on it?

"To be honest, if you don't choose between the Eternal Night Society or our Illumination Society today, you'll probably encounter mishaps at the end of the gathering, the moment you leave this place.

"Even more so regarding the Black Wings. Those battle maniacs aren't as easy to talk to as we are."

Fang Xingjian waved his hand, not bothering to say much to them. When the time for the martial art sparring came, he would head up and defeat all the other sects on Ice Palace's behalf, helping them become number one in the Great Western Region. Then, he would gather all the rights from the different factions.

Seeing this, the Radiant Envoy could not help but think to himself, 'He really doesn't know what's good for him.'

Night Eagle took a long look at Fang Xingjian and then took his leave.

To them, Fang Xingjian's confidence was simply ridiculous. If he did not have an amazing backing, then he had to be a lunatic.

As factions that dated far back in the Great Western Region, they had extensive network channels. Before they were clear as to whom was backing the Ice Palace, they would not take action recklessly. This was something which only small factions, people who did not care for their lives, hotheaded people, or true powerful experts and maniacs would do.

In fact, if not for the dimensional storage equipment being far too important, they would have only come forth to negotiate after they had gotten all the relevant information about the Ice Palace. However, the dimensional storage equipment being much too important, they'd had no choice but to come forth and initiate the negotiations first.

However, they had not expected for the other party to reject so boldly.

Other small factions would not have such courage. The surrounding crowd looked at Fang Xingjian, who was shopping casually, with gazes of greed, envy, and pity. Some of them nodded at each other with evil gleams shining in their eyes.

However, with the Eternal Night Society suppressing the scene, no one dared to take action immediately.

A small minority of rational people who had no desires to take the dimensional storage equipment for themselves shook their heads. They felt that there had to be a hidden reason why the people from the Ice Palace had done something like this. They had something or someone backing them up.

Faced with temptations, most people's hearts would stir, and only few would retain their rationality. If one person were to make the first move, then it was possible that more and more people would join in.

However, with the Eternal Night Society's suppression, at least during the gathering, not many people would dare to make the first move.

Therefore, after both the Illumination Society and the Eternal Night Society had been rejected, no one else came forth to harass Fang Xingjian. Once he had a good shopping spree, purchasing a pile of items, he returned to the Ice Palace's base and started his cultivation.

His cultivation went on until the night just before the martial arts exchange.

In the time during which he had been cultivating, the gathering appeared to be very peaceful. However, more and more wild Knights had gathered. Countless cultivators wearing grim countenances filled with killing intent and greed walked around. They would often roam around the Ice Palace's base, as if they were monitoring something. Even the Ice Palace's disciples would be tailed and monitored when they went out. However, it was strange that no conflicts had happened at all. It felt like a storm was brewing.


In the hall, the Ice Palace's Saint said, dissatisfied, "Master, this Fang Xingjian is too much! Him behaving so flashily is bringing trouble for our Ice Palace! There are at least over 100 people who are monitoring us outside the base, harboring evil intentions."

The Ice Palace's Great Priestess shook her head and said, "You don't understand. Fang Xingjian's level is unfathomable... It's simply unfathomable."

The Ice Palace's Saint did not agree. She only felt that no matter how powerful Fang Xingjian was, no matter how much of a genius he was, he could not possibly compare to the top notch factions like the Eternal Night Society and the Illumination Society, which were filled with powerful experts.

Just then, the door to the hall opened with a loud bang . Two black-clothed men dashed in.

Their identities were entirely hidden, only their eyes exposed. Their gazes were filled with craftiness, viciousness, evil intentions, and killing intent.

It was as if all living things in the world were just plain prey to them. The killing intent in their eyes shone as if everything in the world could be killed, by their standards. It was how maniacs did things.

With a single glance, the Ice Palace's Great Priestess and Saint were already frozen on the spot, and were only able to move their bodies after a slight pause.

Their eyes were filled with trepidation but they instinctively continued to move just as streams of cold currents shot out. The Ice Palace's Great Priestess did so in particular, being a second transition expert and being able to mobilize the energies of ether particles. As the cold air gushed forth, over 100 ice shields instantly popped up as an attempt to block off the attacks from the two black-clothed men.

However, when faced with the layers of ice shields, the two black-clothed men only drew out the long sabers at their waists and then layers of fog started coming out from their palms and sabers.

They were trembling their palms and sabers at high speed. It was the equivalent of using their physical bodies to achieve the effect of high frequency blades. Their sabers continued to maintain the trembling at a rate of several thousand times per second.

Bang bang bang bang! Amidst the loud noises, the ice shields, which could fend off main tank cannons, were blown into smithereens, like fireworks, as the black-clothed men slashed their long sabers through them. While tiny pieces of ice shot out in all directions, the two black-clothed men seemed to have entered the State of Solitude as they appeared before the Saint and the Great Priestess.

The long saber slashed toward them with a dreamy fog, instantly making them feel that everything in the world was an illusion, including life and death. There was no difference between life and death, and dying like this would not be such a bad idea...

The attack from the saber not only had an unrivalled destructive prowess, but it also robbed one's control over their mental state, sabotaging their will to resist. It brought them into a state where life and death felt like nothing but an illusion.

Just as the Great Priestess and the Saint were about to die under the two long sabers which had charmed them, an extremely white and tender palm stretched out. Every single pore seemed to have disappeared because the skin cells were extremely compact. It was like a palm made from jade.

The sabers of the black-clothed men made everything seem like an illusion, including life and death. Even if one were to die, it would not matter to them.

On the contrary, the white jade-like palm seemed to be extremely substantial. It came with boundless domineering and violent power, pressing down on every inch of a human's skin. It allowed you to know what reality felt like, and with a single palm, woke one up from their dreams.

The palm gently pressed down on a saber, and as crackling sounds rang out, cracks extended throughout the entire blade. At the next moment, the blade shattered and the black-clothed man was sent flying out. While in midair, his body had already been crushed by the extremely violent palm, exploding in the air into a swirl of bloody fog.

The other black-clothed man watched with eyes agape. With a terrified gaze, he retreated at full speed.

However, at the next moment, he felt the flash of a black shadow as the white palm once again appeared before him, grabbing firmly on his head.

The black-clothed man bellowed furiously as he repeatedly struck back with his long saber. Under the high speed trembling, a layer of dreamy fog slashed out at Fang Xingjian.

The long saber could even slice through armor plates like they were just pieces of paper. However, when it slashed down on Fang Xingjian's body, other than splattering a few sparks as if metals had clashed together, there were no other effects.

The black-clothed man looked at Fang Xingjian in disbelief and said, "How is that possible?! My Illusory Saber can even slice through a city wall! To think that you blocked it with your physical body! How on earth did you do that?!"

Behind him, the Great Priestess and Saint also ran to the scene. They just happened to see how Fang Xingjian allowed the other party to freely slash at him. They looked at this scene in great astonishment.

However, they then recalled that Fang Xingjian had attracted the heavenly thunders to temper his body back in the Horned Frogs Valley. Then they felt that everything was simply natural.

However, Fang Xingjian laughed coldly and said, "Go on. Who sent you?"

The black-clothed man stared at Fang Xingjian with a savage gaze, like that of a venomous snake. He said, "Vicious Knight, it's true that you're more powerful than we've imagined. But you're far too arrogant. To think you dare to expose your dimensional storage equipment here! Do you know that even evil-doers with no concern for their lives have rushed over to the gathering, all for the sake of your dimensional storage equipment?

"Even though we've failed today, there will still be an endless number of experts coming to look for you tonight. There'll be level 28 or even level 29 experts. You may be able to fend off one or two batches, but will you be able to fend off 10 or 20 of them? You won't be able to do that!"

Fang Xingjian smiled with disdain. He was about to say something when he suddenly tilted his head. He calmly stated, "There really are people who are rushing here for their deaths."

At the next moment, despite the cries of the black-clothed man, whose head was still in Fang Xingjian's grasp, with a boom , Fang Xingjian had already taken him along in his flight.