Chapter 449: Offering and Fighting

 Chapter 449: Offering and Fighting

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"Sir, this is an excellent item from the north, a level 25 Superior Divine Weapon, Electromagnetic Flying Sword." An old man held a longsword encompassed by electric sparks as he introduced it.

"Have a look. It can increase the absorption powers of various items, it can split and it can even fly. So it's ideal for long distance assassinations..."

Fang Xingjian shook his head. A weapon like this looked luxurious, but it was not practical. Moreover, it was not as powerful as his sword fingers. Evidently, he did not take a liking to it.

Just then, a large group of people started heading in Fang Xingjian's direction. The person in the lead was high-spirited, with a large bone structure. He had sharp eyes and brows, as if he were a male eagle charging down at great speed, with an overbearing and arrogant disposition.

The person was one of the Deputy Chiefs of the Eternal Night Society, a level 27 second transition expert. He was known as the Night Eagle.

Upon Night Eagle's arrival, everyone gasped in surprise, retreating unconsciously. It was clear how great Night Eagle's reputation was in the Great Western Region.

The Ice Palace's Saint could not help but tug at Fang Xingjian's sleeve, as if wanting him to turn around.

However, even as the man walked up next to Fang Xingjian, the latter continued to inspect the Electromagnetic Flying Sword before him, not moving, as if the Electromagnetic Flying Sword was the truly important thing at the moment.

Night Eagle threw a glance at the surroundings, like an eagle king inspecting its territory. His gaze finally landed on Fang Xingjian as he said, "You must be Ice Palace's Vicious Knight."

"Is anything the matter?" Fang Xingjian asked as he picked up the next item. He kept his back to Night Eagle, as if he did not see him in high regard at all.

A hint of fury grew in Night Eagle's heart, but he was an extremely shrewd person. Although he was infuriated, he did not show anything on his face.

Night Eagle continued, "I heard that you have a dimensional storage equipment. Is that true?"

"Yes," Fang Xingjian replied.

Night Eagle's brows twitched as he respectfully said, "Our Eternal Night Society would like to purchase this dimensional storage equipment. Price is not an issue. Would you be willing to sell it to us?"

"No," Fang Xingjian said as he walked toward the next stall.

However, sensing Night Eagle's gaze and the pressure from the countless gazes around them, the Ice Palace's Saint felt as if her movements were very stiff. It was as nothing that she did was right.

Night Eagle was not infuriated. A dimensional storage equipment, a Divine Remains Equipment... How precious was an item like this? It made sense for the other party to reject right off the bat.

If the other party had easily agreed to sell it, he would have suspected the authenticity of the dimensional storage equipment.

Moreover, the Ice Palace had suddenly gotten their hands on a dimensional storage equipment and were being so flashy about it... This guy either had to be a lunatic, or he was plotting something. He had to have something or someone backing him up.

Before things were clear, the Eternal Night Society would not take action recklessly. They would merely talk it out first.

Therefore, after hearing Fang Xingjian's words, Night Eagle continued, "Won't you listen to our offer? You'll definitely be satisfied with it."

With that, not caring if Fang Xingjian agreed or not, he quoted his price, "Gold banknotes worth two million gold. You can also take your pick of any of our Eternal Night Society's five top notch Amassing techniques and Killing techniques. Furthermore, our Chief is willing to help you unconditionally on three attempts."

Hearing the list of conditions, the people present were greatly tempted.

First of all, the two million gold was already a tremendous sum of money. Many small sects might never be able to earn that amount throughout their entire existence.

Then, it was followed by five of the Eternal Night Society's top notch Amassing techniques (Waves and mental cultivation method) as well as Killing techniques. These were things which made the wild Knights drool. Why were small sects weak? One reason was because they had fewer resources, and another reason was because their cultivation methods were too weak and outdated.

And one could not forget that there was still the offer of the Chief of the Eternal Night Society's unconditional help for three times.

That man was a great second transition level 29 expert. To have him help out three times unconditionally... one could very nearly have his way in the Great Western Region, without any issues.

Everyone looked at Fang Xingjian with great envy. Those who knew that he was from the Ice Palace were even confident that Fang Xingjian would agree.

It was because Ice Palace was a small faction which lacked martial techniques and experts. So how could they not agree?

Just then, a long whistle rang out and an elderly man wearing white robes, with white beard and hair, walked over with a majestic gait. Before he had even arrived, an invisible pressure came gushing over, squeezing the crowd away.

"Dimensional storage equipment? Divine Remains Equipment? How could you not inform our Illumination Gang about such a major issue? This time around, the Eternal Night Society hasn't done a good job of organizing the event. I'm going to have to have a good talk with Ye Huang [1]."

When everyone saw the old man, they were taken aback, and their faces changed to expectant looks, as if they were about to watch a good show.

This was because the person who had just come was the Illumination Society's Radiant Envoy, a level 28 second transition expert.

The Eternal Night Society and the Illumination Society... Just from their names, it was clear that both groups held very different aspirations. Although both of them were religious sects, one worshipped the dark night, and felt that all living things in the world would eventually be returned to eternal darkness.

The other worshipped light, sustaining that the beginning of the world had started from the first beam of light. There was light before the world came to be. Light came first and life followed after.

The two religious sects were usually at odds and frequently fought against each other. If not for the pressure from the Empire in the Great Western Region, with the Black Wings casting covetous looks from the side, the Eternal Night Society and the Illumination Society would probably be engaged in an intense battle to the death.

Looking at the Radiant Envoy, Night Eagle laughed coldly, "The appearance of the dimensional storage equipment wasn't within our planned arrangements. This is considered an individual trading transaction. What has it got to do with the organization of the gathering?"

"Is that so? Alright. Our Illumination Society is also very interested in your dimensional storage equipment. However, we don't need you to sell it to us. The equipment will remain yours, but we hope that you will to join us," the Radiant Envoy shouted. "1.5 million gold! Our Illumination Society's manuals will be free for you to browse. We'll specially recruit you as our Honorary Chief in our Illumination Society. In the future, the Illumination Society will be your allies, and be as close to you as blood siblings."

The Honorary Chief of the Illumination Society would be equivalent to an external Radiant Envoy. The person's status would not be much lower than the Radiant Envoy himself. It would mean that the person would be part of the top five characters in the Illumination Society.

Of course, in reality, there were many more incomparable aspects. Regardless, as long as he agreed to the conditions, he would gain the Illumination Society as his support.

The Eternal Night Society's Night Eagle smiled and said, "Who knows if you're coveting someone else's assets."

The Radiant Envoy answered calmly, "Our Illumination Society has always had strict regulations and all forms of internal conflict and murder are forbidden. Once he joins us, he'll forever be our brother."

Night Eagle said, "Vicious Knight, if you're willing to join our Eternal Night Society, the Chief promises to take you in as his personal disciple. Our previous terms remain. There's no need for you to leave the Ice Palace either. The Ice Palace and the Eternal Night Society will be in a brotherhood alliance in the future."

No matter what backing the Ice Palace and the Vicious Knight had behind them, Night Eagle and the Radiant Envoy both felt that the conditions which they had raised were extremely attractive and that they were beneficial for both sides.

Their goal was, regardless of anything else, to first get the owner of the dimensional storage equipment to join their side. As for the talk about alliance or if they were going to plot in order to gain the item for themselves... These would wait until they will have affirmed what trump card the other party had up his sleeves.

In the stall, everyone cast envious gazes toward Fang Xingjian. Regardless of which side he would to choose, it meant that he had suddenly leaped into the upper echelon of the Great Western Region. In the future, he would have a strong backing, and he would stand at the top. Even the Ice Palace, which was a third-rate sect, would suddenly have raised their standings.

However, when faced with the invitations by the two amazing characters, Fang Xingjian did not even throw them a glance. He merely spoke with indifference, "I don't need the conditions you're offering, nor do I need your protection. I'm not interested in this transaction at all."

Night Eagle's countenance turned a bit grim as he asked, "Are you sure? You've stayed in the Ice Palace for very long and might not be too clear of the situation outside..."

"I'm well aware that both the Eternal Night Society and the Illumination Society are part of the three greatest sects in the Great Western Region. Furthermore, your leaders are all level 29 experts." As Fang Xingjian said this, he found it very funny. It was because the offers the other parties had made were really not worth mentioning to him in the least.

Fang Xingjian continued, "If you want me to join you, there would still be some chance if you were to get your leaders to personally come and to hand over their authority." Fang Xingjian shook his head as he spoke. However, he felt that even if the respective leaders really were to come to him personally, he could not be bothered to deal with the management of the two religious sects.