Chapter 445: Rebirth

 Chapter 445: Rebirth

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Tian Yi, who had been knocked unconscious in the crater, was now standing up once again. In his eyes, there seemed to be a hint of him feeling at a loss, and he only looked toward Fang Xingjian's face after a while.


"You actually dared to...

"Do you know who you're fighting against?!"

With a clank, the ruby mark on Tian Yi's forehead dropped off. It was actually a fake.


Tian Yi's face flushed red in a short moment, and his eyes filled with blazing fury.

"I'm going to kill you!"

With an explosive rumble, the ground under Tian Yi's feet was overturned. The ground turned into countless precipitous rocks, soaring into the sky. It looked as if the world had been flipped upside down.

Simultaneously, Tian Yi and Fang Xingjian collided against each other fiercely, and the shadows of a myriad of punches soared into the air. Each punch was smashed out with 100% power as each fist contained boundless fury. Every punch made the atmosphere cry and the earth howl.

Right now, Tian Yi was going all out at full power. Each punch sent out a myriad of air currents, and shock waves flew out like light waves, causing the ground within a range of several thousand meters to shatter.

With such terrifying destructive powers... he alone could destroy an entire city.

However, amidst Tian Yi's crazy attacks, a gigantic palm ignored all the shock waves, breaking through them like a knife cutting through butter. Then the palm pressed down on Tian Yi's head.

The palm, which rendered him unable to revolt, resist, dodge, or defy, pressed down on Tian Yi's face, smashing his head into the ground.

There was a rumble. Then a tremendous sound rang out as strong gales and cracks in the ground shot out in all directions from the point where Tian Yi's head met the ground.

Tian Yi's eyes rolled over, and he was knocked unconscious once again.

Fang Xingjian swung his hand. Then he looked at Tian Yi, whose head was a little deformed, and said, "Ridiculous."

At the next moment, a myriad of sword Qis appeared with a flash of light, slicing Tian Yi into pieces.

Naturally, Fang Xingjian would not hold back against a person who wanted to kill him.

Following that, he lifted his head and suddenly looked toward the east. He used his Heaven's Perception to read the light waves, and in that instant, he seemed to be able to see several tens of kilometers away.

Then with a flash of light, he disappeared.

After a whole five minutes, Tian Yi's corpse, which had been sliced up into pieces, suddenly wriggled. His body continued to reassemble and join back together. Within a short period of time, he once again had the vague form of a human figure.

Then as the bloodied human figure continued to undergo changes, he once again took on Tian Yi's appearance.


An agonizing cry emerged from Tian Yi's mouth, and he dropped down to his knees, panting furiously.

In that life or death moment, Tian Yi's body had automatically activated the 'Rebirth Eidolon Technique'.

Even without having attained the state of being able to regenerate his brain, Tian Yi could still sacrifice 100 points each from his strength, agility, endurance, reaction, and flexibility attributes, allowing his entire body to be reborn.

Then at the moment he was reborn, he once again recalled the scene from just before he died. He thought of how terrifying Fang Xingjian's palm had been, rendering him unable to resist and defy.

'I lost?

'How could I have lost?

'Why did I lose?

'Am I not the best in the world?'

Agitated emotions ran amok in Tian Yi's mind, and the convictions he had built up from a young age clashed against the reality he experienced earlier. They were as incompatible as fire and water, so it was like a tremendous explosion had just occurred in his brain.


Tian Yi's eyes were agape, and his eyeballs were filled with streaks of blood. He had a savage appearance. It was like he had gone crazy.

His mind went into an intense battle, but his stalwart eidolon was unable to suppress the reality he had experienced personally earlier.

Finally, the consciousness in his brain seemed to shatter, and at the next moment, Tian Yi's eyes rolled over as he fainted. His entire brain seemed to be experiencing an unknown change.

Being part of a sect which cultivated the 'Stalwart Eidolon Conviction', the Preeminent Sect's founder had long since expected that his successor might experience failure before he gained great achievements in his cultivation.

The Rebirth Eidolon Technique was for such situations. Right now, the World Inversion Technique which had been activated in Tian Yi's mind was also for the same purpose.

During the time in which Tian Yi had been unconscious, the memories in his mind were being tampered with at a rapid speed. All memories of his failure were wiped out, and all the images related to Fang Xingjian were cleared away. New scenes were fabricated and placed in his memories instead.

An hour later, Tian Yi opened his eyes once again and looked around in a slight daze. He was stunned for a moment, then he said, "Wasn't I on my way to look for the people from the Eternal Night Society? Why did I fall asleep?"

Looking at the remnants of the battle scene around him, Tian Yi was once again stunned for a moment, then he suddenly laughed.

"Have I already become so powerful?

"To think that the unconscious movements I made during sleep could create such terrifying damage.

"I am really... too powerful."

Tian Yi then stood up and looked in the direction the Eternal Night Society. However, he suddenly frowned, and for some reason unknown to himself, he did not wish to continue going in that direction. An indescribable feeling of disgust grew in his heart.

"Forget it. I shan't participate in this gathering."

At the next moment, Tian Yi's body dashed out in the direction opposite to where Fang Xingjian had gone. As such, Tian Yi headed toward the Great Western City.


Elsewhere, Fang Xingjian's body had travelled across several tens of kilometers. He appeared directly above a group of people and then slowly descended before them.

"Who's there?!"

The moment Fang Xingjian landed, a large group of wild Knights stepped forward, immediately surrounding and looking at him with great wariness.

However, at the next moment, a human figure pushed them away and shouted, "What's this? What are you guys doing? You guys aren't even able to make good judgements..."

That wild Knight smiled and walked up to Fang Xingjian, saying, "Sir, why have you come as well?"

This group of people were representatives who had been sent by the Valley Alliance to participate in the gathering. The wild Knight was an Elder in one of the sects.

Fang Xingjian asked, "You guys are also here to participate in the sects' gathering in the Great Western Region this time around?"

"That's right, that's right. Sir, you're here to attend the gathering as well?"

Fang Xingjian did not reply and instead asked, "Who is your leader? Bring me to him."

A short while later, Fang Xingjian arrived above a huge horse carriage and saw the Ice Palace's Great Priestess as well as the Saint beside her.

Fang Xingjian waved his hand and said, "Let's skip the formalities. This time around, the reason I've come is because I wish to participate in the sects' gathering. Let me ask you a question. If I were to confront them head-on, defeat them, and then ask them to hand over the specialty seeds condensing methods, would it be possible?"

The Ice Palace's Great Priestess frowned, shook her head, and said, "The condensing of specialty seeds start from level 25 and can be said to be an extremely important area in cultivating the human body. It's the process for a person to move from being a human toward becoming a god. For every sect, these are secrets which will not be given out.

"I'll be honest. Small sects and factions like us are nothing to others. It's not a big deal even if we were to hand them out.

"But for sects like the Eternal Night Society, the Illumination Society, and the Black Wings, they have been settled in the Great Western Region for several decades or more, and they own great territories. It's possible to defeat them, but your identity will probably be the greatest barrier in getting them to submit."

"My identity?" Fang Xingjian nodded and said, "You're referring to my identity as an Empire's Conferred Knight, right?"