Chapter 444: A Chance Encounter

 Chapter 444: A Chance Encounter

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A few others in the inn remained where they were as they looked in in Tian Yi's direction with great wariness.

However, Tian Yi showed no reaction to this. Other than himself, there was actually no one else reflected in his eyes.

Ever since he defeated his Master, he no longer gave heed toward anyone else in this world.

Therefore, after having defeated the group from the Crimson Tooth, he continued to stay in the inn as if nothing had happened.

A few minutes later, the inn's boss could not help but walk to him and say, "Young man, aren't you going to leave? The gathering this time around is organized by the Eternal Night Society. They won't let you off when you've killed so many people here."

"Oh? Boss, aren't you afraid of me?" Tian Yi looked at the boss and asked.

"What's there to be afraid of? The people from the Crimson Tooth are all a bunch of brutes who have done countless acts of murder and arson. I'm more than happy to see you get rid of them." The boss then looked toward Tian Yi with a worried expression. "But you better hurry up and leave. The Eternal Night Society is under the command of a second transition expert. You won't be a match for him."

Regarding the words that the inn's boss said, Tian Yi naturally did not take them to heart. He merely asked curiously, "Boss, are you very familiar with these sects? Then do you know which few are the top notch sects in the Great Western Region?"

"You're here to attend the gathering without even knowing this?" The inn's boss let out a helpless sigh. "The three greatest sects in the Great Western Region are naturally the Eternal Night Society, the Illumination Society, and the Black Wings. Their leaders are all second transition level 29 experts. Every one of them is a formidable character with strongly rooted influences in the Great Western Region. With just a simple stomp of their feet, they could make the ground tremble."

"Second transition level 29?" Tian Yi's mouth twitched, and his heart filled with disdain. For him, second transition cultivators were not worth a mention.

He only had one goal for coming out from the mountains this time around, which was to look for a Divine level expert or a means which could allow him to strive and attain the Divine level.

However, it was a fact that the Physical Particles had not emerged from the mountains for far too long and their theories were too outdated. They merely cultivated based on a single Stalwart Eidolon Conviction. Tian Yi was very strong, especially when he was under the enhancement of the Stalwart Eidolon Conviction which allowed all his five major attributes to surpass 300 point. In spite of this, he still had yet to achieve a single area of perfection tier, not in his body's toughness, condensing specialties, gaining physical particles, transforming ether organs, nor in physical regeneration.

Tian Yi's battle prowess was solely reliant on the powerful enhancement from the Stalwart Eidolon Conviction.

In a mere short ten minutes later, a man dressed in black robes walked out, exuding a dark aura as if he was encompassed in a layer of darkness. He was the person in charge of the Eternal Night Society in this town, the level 25 wild Knight-Night Demon.

After sweeping a glance around the area, he naturally noticed Tian Yi, who clearly stood out from the rest. Night Demon broke into a savage smile, revealing pearly white teeth.

"That showy kid over there, you're the one who killed the people from the Crimson Tooth?

"Although I look down on those ruffians as well, I can't pretend that I haven't seen anything when you're creating trouble in my territory."

With that, Night Demon struck out with a punch, and the entire inn turned pitch black. Then as if a gush of cold wind had brushed past in the inn, the entire inn was split into two, and the place was once again exposed to sunlight.

The entire inn had been split apart with a single punch, but cold perspiration covered Night Demon's face as he stared fixedly at Tian Yi.

The fist he punched out earlier was being gently grabbed by Tian Yi. Night Demon struggled to get out of Tian Yi's grasp, but the ground under his feet sunk in like it was mud. Additionally, the blood flowing through his body continued to accelerate and heat up, releasing streams of white steam.

The auras of over 300 specialty seeds rose up, but Night Demon was still unable to get out from Tian Yi's grasp.

Tian Yi's face, which had been full of smiles earlier, was now cold as he spoke, "What... What did you say that I was? Show... Showy?"

A hint of red slowly flushed his cheeks, and in the next moment, his eyes were filled with bloodshot fury.


With a boom , Tian Yi struck out with a punch. Night Demon was unable to react at all, and he could only feel the atmosphere tremble as darkness surged forth. His nose and eye sockets sunk in from the point where Tian Yi's fist landed on his face.

Then at the next moment, Night Demon completely lost consciousness and dropped to the ground.

"Too weak." Tian Yi shook his head in contempt. His eyes, which was filled with killing intent, now turned toward the boss. "You said that this gathering was organized by the Eternal Night Society, right? Tell me where their base is located."

A minute later, Tian Yi had already left the town, traveling across the plains at a rapid speed.

However, a thunderous sound suddenly rang out in the air, and he came to a stop in astonishment. "A clap of thunder?"

At the next moment, a loud bang rang out, and a young man was now already standing before Tian Yi. It was Fang Xingjian, who had rushed over from the Great Western City.

Looking at Tian Yi, Fang Xingjian asked, "Pardon me, I'd like to ask..."

"A lackey of the Eternal Night Society?" Tian Yi laughed. "You're just in time. I'll kill you first, then I'll go have a talk with your leader."

Tian Yi let out a loud bellow, "Take this! God's Punch!"

With a rumble , it was as if several hundred cannons were launched at the same time, and the ground under Tian Yi's feet abruptly exploded. Then he appeared right before Fang Xingjian. Tian Yi's right fist was like the main cannon of a battleship, instantly tearing apart the surrounding air as it came smashing down toward Fang Xingjian's head with a power capable of blasting away an entire street.

Then with a loud bang , the terrifying fist was gently received by a palm. Fang Xingjian frowned and said, "You must have gotten the wrong person. I only want to ask..."

"Haha, you're not too bad. As expected of an expert from the Eternal Night Society. To think that you're able to receive a punch from me." Tian Yi laughed and drew back. He touched his palm, which had turned red and swollen, and spoke nonchalantly, "But I only used 10% of my power in that punch earlier. Now, come have a taste of 30% of my power!

"God's Strike!"

In that instant, Tian Yi kicked out over 100, or even 1,000 times. However, all the shadows of his kicks were squeezed together, and the air currents continued to be overlaid and compressed by over 1,000 types of powers. They then turned into a stream of white shock wave, sweeping out toward Fang Xingjian.

In this moment, the air seemed to have turned into something of substance, crushing everything it passed by into dust.

Tian Yi looked at this scene proudly. His God's Strike could crush an entire mountain; it was the strongest attack he had.

However, at the next moment, his eyes stared wide-open at Fang Xingjian scattering the shock wave with a casual slap. Fang Xingjian said impatiently, "Have you had enough? Do you understand human language? I want..."

"Excellent, excellent, excellent. To think that you can take an attack with 30% of my power. Tell me your name. You have earned the right to have your name remembered by me."


The moment Tian Yi finished talking, everything before him seemed to turn dark as Fang Xingjian punched down onto the back of his head. Tian Yi was smashed headfirst down toward the ground, instantly creating a crater with a radius of over 100 meters. He seemed to have been knocked unconscious.


Fang Xingjian shook his head and was about to leave. However, he then turned back suddenly and looked in the direction of the crater.