Chapter 443: Tian Yi

 Chapter 443: Tian Yi

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"Level 25..." Fang Xingjian lowered his head and thought to himself, 'It's easy for me to deal with a level 25 Conferred Knight. But for the level 22 Zhou Xingwen and level 21 Anderson... Even with the first level of the mystical prints, it would be hard for them to get past the hurdle of compensating for so many levels in order to deal with him.'

Fang Xingjian asked, "What is the sects' gathering on the Dark Shadow Mountain about?"

Zhou Xingwen replied, "It's just a gathering organized by the top few factions in the Great Western Region. One reason for it is to have an exchange in martial arts experience and to trade Divine Weapons, medicinal herbs, as well as heavenly and earthly treasures.

"Another reason is for the major factions to establish their authority and to plan out the coming year's interest distribution through sparring matches."

After hearing that the various sects were even trading heavenly and earthly treasures, Fang Xingjian's eyes gleamed. Right now, he had plenty of money and nowhere to spend it. All the good things in the Great Western City's market were basically in his pocket. It was not a bad idea for him to go and take a look at the good things that those factions had kept in their stashes.

Moreover, right now, he was going to condense specialty seeds and pursue a new level of perfection. For this, he was going to require the information that the various major factions had about methods of condensing specialty seeds.

These things were all their secret manuals. Unless extraordinary means were deployed, he would obviously be unable to get a hold of them.

"Then I'll go and take a look."

"Xingjian, you're going alone?"

"It's faster for me to go and return by myself. It'll save a lot of trouble."


Half an hour later, in a small town on the outer regions of the Dark Shadow Mountain, a small inn was bustling with activity.

Due to this sects' gathering, countless wild Knights from the Great Western Region had come to the Dark Shadow Mountain. Many wild Knights holding sabers and swords could be seen everywhere in town. Not only were they bringing great income to the small town, but at the same time the number of bloodshed cases that happened in a single day exceeded that of those which had happened in the town for the past whole year.

With a bang, a man with a thick neck smashed the wine bottle into the ground and shouted, "Damn it! The people from the Eternal Night Society are going too far! Just the entrance fee for the gathering this year requires ten gold! Why don't they just go and rob others to get the money?!"

"Hey, speak softer, speak softer. Bewares of the eavesdroppers around."

"What's there to be afraid of? They dare to do this, yet they won't let us say anything?" Although the man with a thick neck was saying this, his voice lowered unconsciously.

In the corner of the inn, a young man wearing black robes laughed softly. The face hidden underneath the black robes was extremely handsome, especially his pair of golden eyes. He also had a mark on his forehead in the shape of a ruby, which gave him a unique sense of mystery.

Hearing the young man's laughter, the thick necked man turned his head and glared at him, asking, "What's so funny, kid?"

The young man once again broke into a silent smile. The man with a thick neck stood up abruptly and walked to him with over ten subordinates who were all carrying machetes. He spoke with a savage smile, "Kid, let me ask you one more time. What's so funny?"

The young man threw them a cold glance and said, "You guys don't have the right to talk to me like that. Scram."

Having said that, he slammed down with his palm, bringing forth a destructive force. It hit against the bodies of the ten or so men, making them fall back rapidly while puking blood.

The few men wore astonished and terrified expressions as they turned to leave.

The entire inn instantly fell silent. Everyone would throw an occasional glance toward that young man with golden eyes, their means showing how they were gloating over someone else's misfortune.

"Those people from earlier are from the Crimson Tooth."

"The leader of the Crimson Tooth, Red Tiger, is in town."

"This guy is dead meat."

The young man with golden eyes still appeared nonchalant as he drank his wine, at ease. He looked across the entire inn at the people who were staring as if they were watching a show. His eyes were filled with contempt, as if nothing in the world was important enough for him to bother with.

The golden-eyed young man no longer remember his own name. It was because from the moment he had joined the sect, he only had one name.

Tian Yi.

The words 'tian' and 'yi' represented the 'world' and 'one' from the phrase 'number one in the world'.

The reason he was called by this name was because he came from an interesting sect, and thus he had become an interesting person.

The sect which Tian Yi came from was known as the Preeminent Sect, meaning that they were preeminent to others.

The Preeminent Sect was only passed down to one person in each generation. There was only one Master, and one disciple.

They spent an entire lifetime to cultivate only a single martial technique-the Stalwart Eidolon Conviction.

Stalwart Eidolon Conviction was a type of Waves technique, which was very powerful yet very weak at the same time. The additional increment to the attributes that it brought could be constantly amended.

To learn the Stalwart Eidolon Conviction, one first had to believe that he was number one in the world, unrivalled. The stronger one's beliefs were in this, the stronger the prowess from the Stalwart Eidolon Conviction, and the greater the attributes increment. Even the cultivator's aptitude, physical body, and other aspects would improve. It was an overall raise in ability.

The last time a cultivator had reached a high level of achievement in the Stalwart Eidolon Conviction was several hundred years ago. That person had once caused great havoc and bloodshed in the world, being almost unrivalled.

However, for him to be certain in the belief that he was number one in the world, he had to not fail.

Therefore, before each generation's successor reached level 29, they were not allowed to leave the mountain.

In the mountain, the disciple first had to believe that his Master was number one in the world, unrivalled. Then, the disciple had to proceed in defeating his Master through the continuous cultivation process. Then, he would become the unrivalled existence he believed himself to be.

It was a pity that the Stalwart Eidolon Conviction was too hard to cultivate and, for the past 300 years, no one had been able to reach level 29 in order to leave the mountain. Therefore, it had only been passed down through the generations, in the mountain, until this generation's Tian Yi had come out.

'On the day that I was born,

'The entire Number One Mountain chanted my name-Tian Yi.

'The sun was engulfed by darkness and a rain of blood fell from the skies. All the gods were jealous of my talent.

'The moment I was born, I was destined to become unrivalled in the world, to become number one in the world.

'And right now, I've finally defeated my Master and have become the top expert in the world.

'It's a pity that there are no means for one to achieve the Divine level in the mountains, and I could only come out in search of it.'

Just as Tian Yi was intoxicated with his own powers, the entrance to the inn was kicked open with a smash and a red-haired man came charging over. He pointed at Tian Yi and shouted, "You're the one who raised your hands against the people from our Crimson Tooth?"

"Raised my hand?" Tian Yi threw a glance at the red-haired man and said, "You call an act of brushing off dust as me having raised my hands?"

"You!" The Red Tiger was infuriated. Their Crimson Tooth was not a traditional martial arts sect to begin with, and was more of something with half-triad, half-sect characteristics. Especially since he himself was at the pinnacle of the first transition and was used to being arrogant and domineering. How could he possibly be able to put up with someone else's challenge? Therefore, he planned on teaching this young gigolo a good lesson this time around.

However, before he had even taken any action, Tian Yi already spoke up once again, "Then, does this count as having raised my hands as well?"

As he spoke, he blew out softly. Amidst a series of terrifying cries, the people from the Crimson Tooth had their bodies torn apart, their bones destroyed, and their organs turned into ash. Even the equipment they were wearing was disintegrated and turned into crushed pieces on the ground.

This was the Killing technique which Tian Yi had created himself-God's Puff.

Seeing that the people from the Crimson Tooth had been turned into dust with just a single blow from Tian Yi, the people in the inn started crying ceaselessly.

"Murder! Someone has murdered people!"

Countless waiters and guests ran out crying and the inn immediately lost 90% of their customers.