Chapter 441: Collect

 Chapter 441: Collect

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Six hours later, Sean quietly walked along the corridors of a manor, holding onto a thick stack of books.

It had only been a mere 6 hours, but a large part of the the Radiant Cult had already been cleared. However, the person behind all these merely sat in the manor, not even taking a single step out of the door. This made Sean feel at a loss.

In the past, he had been the rising star of the Horned Frogs Valley, a genius everyone had held great expectations of.

And it was only today that he understood what kind of existence a true expert was.

A single movement, a single gaze, a single word, a single command, would cause several thousands of people to lose their lives, several tens of thousands of people to become as silent as a cicada in the winter, and several hundreds of thousands of people to have their lives changed completely.

As these thoughts ran through Sean's mind, he had already arrived at the door and asked, "Sir, are you in?"

"Come in."

The moment Sean entered, he saw Fang Xingjian laying down, in midair, with a thick book floating and bobbing up and down before his eyes.

Fang Xingjian was using Heaven's Perception to scan the content in the book. It was about the ways of condensing various specialty seeds.

To achieve perfection in specialty seeds, one had to condense all 1,440 internal specialties.

However, there were far too many specialties. Other than the Empire's royalty having collected all the means of condensing the different specialty seeds, the other academies and sects did not have the means of condensing all 1,440 specialty seeds.

It was the same for the Regional Academy which Fang Xingjian was in as well. The Regional Academy only had the collection of methods to condense over 500 specialty seeds. Therefore, if Fang Xingjian wished to completely condense all the specialty seeds, he would need to search for the other methods elsewhere.

Five tiers of perfection included having the body's toughness reaching level 29, condensing specialty seeds, unleashing the prowess of physical particles, forming ether organs, and being able to regenerate the brain.

Currently, Fang Xingjian had reached the perfection of attaining his body's toughness. Left with the remaining four tiers of perfection, he decided to first work on condensing the specialty seeds.

After all, to reach 1.08 billion physical particles was something which no one had succeeded in for the past several hundred years. Fang Xingjian had set this as the least of his priorities.

Regenerating the brain was something which concerned his life and death. Any mistake could make him lose his life. Fang Xingjian put this as the second to last of his priorities.

Creating ether organs required him to change the structure of the physical particles, changing the several hundred millions of particles one by one. It required a limitless amount of hard work, and it was something which Fang Xingjian was planning to complete after this.

Therefore, Fang Xingjian had set his goal for the second tier of perfection to be in condensing 1,440 specialty seeds, to completely unleash the potential of his physical body. If he were to achieve that, he would not have any weaknesses with the exception of his brain. His physical body would be near indestructible, having the ability to turn the world over. He would then have attained the second tier of perfection.

After reading through the collection of methods to condense specialty seeds that the Radiant Cult had, and comparing it with the collection in the academy, Fang Xingjian had now learned several tens more types of methods to condense specialty seeds.

However, for most of the specialty seeds, it was not sufficient just to know the methods of condensing them. Fang Xingjian would still have to purchase various materials in order to accelerate the speed of condensing the specialty seeds. Otherwise, relying on pure hard work to condense them would be much too slow.

Fang Xingjian threw a glance at Sean, who had entered, and calmly asked, "You've brought all of them?"

Sean nodded. "Our collection of the means of condensing the 150 types of specialty seeds are all here."

Fang Xingjian also nodded and said, "Get the Ice Palace, Circle of the Crimson Moon, and the other sects to have their collections sent here as well."

An hour later, the Ice Palace's Great Priestess, Saint and Priestess, the Blood Kaiser, Eldest Martial Brother Sean, and other leaders of their sects had all appeared, bringing with them their collections of methods to condense specialty seeds before Fang Xingjian, and respectfully presenting them to him.

Even the Blood Kaiser, who had previously been the least tolerant toward Fang Xingjian, had his eyes filled with respect. He did not dare to show any signs of discourtesy toward Fang Xingjian.

It was because the abilities which Fang Xingjian had displayed were sufficient to earn his respect.

That was the respect due to power and to those who were far ahead on the path of Knights.

Fang Xingjian nodded and started to scan the materials with his Heaven's Perception. At the same time, he said, "From now onward, the Valley Alliance will be jointly led by the Ice Palace's Great Priestess and the Blood Kaiser. Remember to get rid of all the culprits involved with the Radiant Cult's human trafficking operations.

"As for the rest, as long as you don't commit in acts of evil, then I won't bother with you."

Everyone nodded in agreement. The Great Priestess and the Blood Kaiser looked at Fang Xingjian, their faces extremely conflicted. They had always wanted to become leaders of the Valley Alliance, but now that they had been pushed up to the position by Fang Xingjian, not only did they not feel happy about it, they felt extremely conflicted.

The Blood Kaiser could not hold it in and finally asked, "How may we address you?"

"I'm called Fang Xingjian. If you guys encounter any problems, you can look for me in the Great Western City."

Not long after Fang Xingjian revealed his identity, various expressions including that of shock, understanding, and anxiety appeared on everyone's faces. All of them started exclaiming inwardly.

'So it's him.'

'When I'd heard about him in the past, I thought that he was just a genius whom the people from Great Western City had been bragging about. To think that he ended up being even more amazing than what the rumors say!'

'To know one by reputation can't be compared with meeting one in person. Meeting him in person has showed us that he far surpasses his reputation.'

The Blood Kaiser was the first one to speak up. He let out a sigh and said, "Xingjian, I've long heard of your reputation, but I didn't take it to heart and thought... how amazing could a 17-year-old possibly be?

"It's only today that I realized what a huge mistake I've made. The battle prowess of geniuses like yourself is beyond my imagination."

The Ice Palace's Great Priestess also lowered her head and said, "Xingjian, with your status and means, there's clearly no problem with you being our leader. In the future, we'll revere you as our leader, and we'll be at your disposal."

The others also made their stand clear. When the Ice Palace's Saint and Priestess looked at this scene, then at the cold young man... Seeing that even the seniors they respected were groveling at his feet, they only felt that everything seemed too unbelievable. However, recalling how the young man had displayed a series of his astonishing and terrifying abilities made them felt that this was how it should be.

If one did not submit to a person with such great power, they would only be courting death.

Just then, Tyrant spoke in Fang Xingjian's consciousness, "That old man is going to escape. I sensed the signal that Mark sent out."

Mark was the small lizard which Fang Xingjian had previously captured. After being merged together with Tyrant, who was in the form of a bangle, he was then released and left as a parasite on the Cult Master.

This was how Fang Xingjian had let the Cult Master free to deal with the evildoers in the Radiant Cult while also preventing him from being able to escape.

For the past few hours, the Cult Master had appeared to be very calm, but after seeing that Fang Xingjian had not left the room even a single time, he clearly still hoped to grab the chance to make his escape.

This was very normal. As a level 27 expert, it had not been easy for him to achieve his current level of cultivation, power, and experience. Having cultivated to this level, he could already be considered a rare animal. As long as he was alive, there would be boundless possibilities. How could he possibly accept death just like that?

Fang Xingjian slightly stretched out his five fingers, and with a wave, a longsword from one of the Sect Masters landed in his hands.

Everyone looked at Fang Xingjian in astonishment. Fang Xingjian looked at the longsword he was holding, flicking it slightly and asked, "For a level 9 Empire's Divine Weapon to be able to take the live of a second transition expert... Do you guys think that it's worth it?"

The next moment, Fang Xingjian's body disappeared with a flash. However, a few seconds later, he appeared once again and the longsword he was holding was already gone.

"Alright, all of you can go back and deal with the remaining matters."

Two hours later, the Radiant Cult's Cult Master was found dead on on the route of his escape attempt. His head was pierced through by a longsword, and his brain had been stirred into a paste.

Two and a half hours later, the room Fang Xingjian had been in was found empty. Not a single trace of him had been left.

No one knew how he had done all these, nor where he had gone to next. The upper echelon of the Valley Alliance were only left with the increasing feeling that Fang Xingjian's abilities were unfathomable and beyond their comprehension.

From there, Fang Xingjian returned to the Sacred Land. As he continued to cultivate his sword arts and to merge his sword techniques, he concurrently strove to condense his specialty seeds and to achieve the second tier of perfection.

Of course, there was also the small lizard known as Mark. It was unknown what kind of persuasion and brainwash Tyrant had put him through. Right now, Mark was full of admiration toward Fang Xingjian.

"It was the people above me who tasked me to handle the matters with the Valley Alliance this time around."

The small lizard grovelled before Fang Xingjian and pitifully said, "They seem to want to unify all their external influences."

"What?!" The yellow eyeballs on the bangle spun rapidly as the Terrene Shrine's genius, Tyrant, asked in astonishment, "Why? The plan shouldn't have started so soon!"

The small lizard looked at Fang Xingjian and Tyrant, replying, "They said that the seventh onslaught is coming soon. There is a need to start preparations sooner than intended."