Chapter 438: Ability

 Chapter 438: Ability

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"We're not his match, we're definitely not his match. It's not just the Elder and myself. Even the Cult Master wouldn't be able to send the thunder clouds scattering so easily."

Recalling Fang Xingjian's punch which had seemed to be so casually thrown out, and how he had not suffered any injuries despite being struck by the thunderbolts... Sean's heart sank. "We must definitely not let the Radiant Cult fight it out against him. It's dangerous, far too dangerous."

However, Sean then remembered how his Master had always dealt with things, and he still was not able to view this positively.

"I hope that the person I sent is able to convince Master and the others."

Bearing such thoughts, the Radiant Cult's Eldest Martial Brother led Fang Xingjian to the huge palace where the Radiant Cult was situated. Seeing how the palace was still heavily guarded with no signs of change, Eldest Martial Brother Sean frowned and said to Fang Xingjian, "Mister, can you let me go in and report our arrival first before I come out to receive you?"

Under Sean's anticipating gaze, Fang Xingjian threw a casual glance toward the white palace, waved his hand, and said, "Go on."

Sean nodded and quickly ran into the Radiant Cult's palace.

Fang Xingjian stood outside the palace, extending out his Heaven's Perception fully. He started to read the light and sound waves as if he was scanning the entire palace with the clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. Then at the next moment, he disappeared with a flash of light.

The people in the surroundings all exchanged glances.


In the Radiant Cult's great hall, an amiable looking old man with white beard and hair was looking at the young man next to him while smiling. This was the Radiant Cult's Cult Master. He said, "Is the reason Great Envoy is here today because you wish to unite the powers of the Horned Frogs Valley?"

The long-haired young man had his eyes closed like he was half-asleep. When he heard the Cult Master's words, he nodded and said nonchalantly, "It's time for us to bring in the net that we sent out. From today onward, the Radiant Cult will be the sole clan in the entire Horned Frogs Valley."

Hearing this, the Cult Master's eyes revealed strong emotions of excitement. Ten years ago, he had merely been a wild Knight in dire straits.

It was only after meeting this young man and receiving his guidance, as well as receiving the assistance from the forces who supported the young man, that he had been able to create a clan base as big as the Radiant Cult within a mere ten years. Throughout the entire Horned Frogs Valley, the Radiant Cult was the only one which had grown incredibly powerful, and the Cult Master had even reached level 27.

Then ten years passed by. However, the young man before him had not shown any signs of change.

To the Cult Master, this young man was extremely mysterious and powerful. As long as it was something the latter had promised, nothing was impossible.

Just then, Eldest Martial Brother Sean, who was covered in burn wounds, walked in. He looked at he Cult Master and said, "Master, did you receive the news that I sent over?"

"Sean, what's the matter? Why are you covered in wounds?" The Cult Master turned his head, saw Sean's appearance, and frowned.

Sean shook his head and said, "Master, this isn't the time to be discussing this. Didn't you meet the person I sent over?"

"I'm playing host to the Great Envoy." After saying that, the Cult Master smiled and said to the Great Envoy, "This is the disciple I'm proud of, Sean.

"Sean, why aren't you coming over to give your greetings to the Great Envoy? If it wasn't for the Great Envoy's guidance over these years, our Radiant Cult couldn't have such great achievements today."

In a daze, Sean looked at the young man next to the Cult Master. However, right now, he was not at all concerned about this. He continued to say anxiously, "Master, there's an expert who's at least level 27. He used the heavenly thunders to temper his body and even scattered the thunder clouds in the sky with a single punch, putting a stop to the entire storm.

"He's outside right now. Let's hurry up and receive him."

"He used the heavenly thunders to temper his body and even broke through the thunder clouds with a single punch?" A grim expression flashed across the Cult Master's face. "It's no wonder that the storm from earlier suddenly came to a stop. He was the one who did it?"

"That's right," Sean said, "He seems to bear some hostility toward us, but this person's abilities are far too powerful. It's best for us not to offend him."

The Cult Master nodded. However, he immediately turned to look at the Great Envoy and asked, "Great Envoy, what are your thoughts about this?"

Sean looked at this scene in astonishment. Right now, the Cult Master was just like a tame little lamb before that young man. There were no signs of the Cult Master's usual prestige and dominance.

The Great Envoy nodded casually. "Let him come in. If he's willing to join, then let him stay. If he isn't, then don't let him leave."


Sean stopped the Cult Master and said, "Master, that person outside is truly very powerful. The heavenly thunder he used to temper his body was no ordinary thunder. He created a 300-meter-tall metal mountain just to attract the thunderbolts. And after he tempered his body, he appeared to be without a single scratch and without any sign of fatigue.

"It's not the best decision to make an enemy out of someone like him.

"We should try to invite him to join us, but even if he isn't willing, we shouldn't attack him."

The Cult Master was stunned for a moment before looking toward the Great Envoy. The Great Envoy's tone was filled with impatience as he said, "Are you doubting my words?"

"But..." Sean wanted to carry on. However, he was stopped by the Cult Master. "Alright Sean, that's enough."

The Great Envoy broke into a cold smile and said, "Do you think I won't be able to handle that guy outside?"

Stopped by the Cult Master's gaze, Sean could not help but say, "Great Envoy, that second transition expert outside is really very strong. He casually split through the thunder clouds above the entire Horned Frogs Valley. That is something that Master and the Elder won't be able to accomplish even if they were to join forces. Moreover, this is only his physical cultivation. Who knows if he had any other astonishing Killing techniques hidden up his sleeves, and if there are any other powers backing him up? It's unwise for us to recklessly offend someone like this."

"Enough, Sean! Shut up!" The Cult Master looked at Sean in fury. "Do you still not understand? The Great Envoy is the Radiant Cult's greatest pillar and support. I originally had many thing to tell you but didn't do so as I hoped that you would be able to focus on your cultivation. I never expected that this would limit your judgements, causing you to be like a frog in a well.

"Remember, the Great Envoy's abilities are beyond your imagination. Don't try and use that narrow judgement of yours to persuade the Great Envoy!"

The young Great Envoy from the Terrene Shrine laughed, waved his hand, and said, "Alright, there's no need to say more to him. Having stayed in such a small place for so long, how could he truly understand what a real expert is like?"

As the Great Envoy spoke, he stretched out his right hand. Encompassed by a gray light, his palm entered void space and disappeared. In the next moment, Sean felt a tight pressure on his heart. Then he felt as if his eyeballs, blood vessels, as well as internal organs, were gently brushed by a pair of hands.

Even his brain seemed to be patted lightly, giving him a mild brain concussion.

Sean looked at the Great Envoy in terror and said, "What technique is this?"

When the Great Envoy saw Sean's terrified expression, he smiled with satisfaction. "All my attacks can penetrate void space and hit any parts on your body. A second transition Knight?

"Hmph, for me, what difference is there in killing a second transition Knight and killing a chicken or slaughtering a sheep?

With that, he turned to instruct the Cult Master and instructed, "Let the person come in. I shall see for myself how long he can last in my hands after all that talk about how amazing he is."

Sean looked at the Great Envoy, and his heart filled with terror. Such a mysterious and unfathomable method... What an eerie attack... He could not think of anyone who could fend it off.

"This is what Master has been relying on? To think that he can ignore all kinds of defense and crush another person's heart and brain directly with ease. What an ability... Such amazing means... It's truly sufficient for him to wipe out the entire Horned Frogs Valley. No, it's not just the Horned Frogs Valley. There might not be anyone who can go up against him in the entire Great Western Region."