Chapter 437: Knocking On The Door

 Chapter 437: Knocking On The Door

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Eldest Martial Brother Sean stumbled to his feet. His body had been charred by the heat from the thunderbolts and he was covered in serious burns. However, he had high vitality after all, and even though he suffered from serious injuries, he was still alive. He looked at Fang Xingjian with a solemn expression, "So you're a second transition expert as well. And given the fact that you're able to attract thunderbolts into your body for cultivation, this metal mountain was probably built by you, right?"

Seeing how Fang Xingjian was still emitting hints of electricity, Sean lowered his attitude down to the minimum.

It was because, earlier on, he had clearly sensed for himself how terrifying the thunderbolts which descended from the skies had been. Therefore, he was now able to understand how terrifying the Fang Xingjian, who could crazily engulf such thunderbolts for his cultivation, was.

Moreover, after seeing that last punch from the other party, which had smashed through entire cloud layers, his confidence had received a huge blow.

Looking at how Fang Xingjian did not seem to care about all these, Sean frowned. Although he was extremely unwilling leave things as they were, when he recalled Fang Xingjian's earlier punch, his eyes still flashed with a hint of terror. He gradually lowered his arrogant head and said, "We apologize for having disturbed your training. I offer our apology on behalf of the Valley Alliance."

However, Fang Xingjian continued to show no reaction. In fact, it was not that he showed no reaction, but his attention was not there. He was sensing the changes in his body.

Each and every physical particle in his body was connected extremely tightly with others and streams of heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces intertwined throughout his body. They seemed to have gotten stronger towards the extremities.

Having put in endless hard work in his cultivation and having received the nourishment from the Divine level blood essence, plus an additional enhancement from the Golden Pellet, Fang Xingjian had not been far from reaching a level 29 body's toughness. This last tempering from the thunderbolts was like the last drop, pushing him through at once and finally allowing him to take the most crucial step forward.

Right now, his body's toughness had finally reached the equivalent of a level 29 Superior Divine Weapon. He had completed the first tier perfection.

However, at the same time, Tyrant, who had turned into a bangle on his arm, had his own thoughts.

'Fang Xingjian's progress is much too fast.

'For such a person to even have direct immunity to black magic...

'Maybe I...'

Thinking of this, Tyrant did something he did not usually do. He took the initiative to communicate with Fang Xingjian, saying "Fang Xingjian, the mental cultivation method you cultivate is one through which you wish to eradicate evil, or rather, to slay all external demons, right?"

Fang Xingjian started communicating with Tyrant through information currents, replying, "What about it?"

Tyrant fell silent for a moment and said, "Isn't this guy from the Radiant Cult? Although the Radiant Cult appears to be of high morals, they actually secretly engage in human trafficking in the background. They are human traffickers who abduct and sell women and children."

"How do you know?" Fang Xingjian asked.

"Hehe, they're one of the peripheral influences of our Terrene Shrine. The majority of the people they abduct are sold to us. It's a pity that even they themselves aren't aware that the Terrene Shrine is the one backing them up.

"Hehe, religion is the best tool for abduction."

Fang Xingjian's eyes narrowed a little and cold light flashed. "If it's really true, then people who abduct women and children really deserve to be killed."

Fang Xingjian then lifted his head and looked at Eldest Martial Brother Sean.

"You're from the Radiant Cult, right? Take me to your Radiant Cult to have a look."

Sean was taken aback. He could not understand the other party's intention, but he could not think of any reason to reject him either. Therefore, he clenched his teeth and respectfully said, "Of course, it would be our honor if you wished to visit the Radiant Cult. Please follow me. We'll take this opportunity to offer our apologies for having disturbed your training."

Fang Xingjian's final punch had really scared him.

Sean then threw a glance at his subordinates and one of them went back in advance to report the situation.

Fang Xingjian did not care what Sean was saying. he merely followed Sean in the direction of the Radiant Cult.

Sean then looked at the crowd and said, "Everyone, there's been some events here today that resulted in us having some misunderstandings with this... Mister. Right now, all the misunderstandings have been cleared up. Everyone can go back as well."

The crowd did not disperse, but they continued to look at Fang Xingjian and Sean. They even followed them back toward the Radiant Cult from afar. They were clearly waiting for a show.

Ice Palace's Priestess looked at Fang Xingjian in astonishment and said, "This guy is actually a second transition?"

"He's not only a second transition, but his abilities far surpass mine, the Blood Kaiser's, and Sean's. To be able to use the heaven's thunderbolts to temper his physical body... This is the cultivation level of one who's at least level 25 or higher. That final punch of his, especially, is something which can probably only be achieved through exploding his physical particles. This would mean that he's at least a level 27 great expert."

With that, the Ice Palace's Great Priestess also stared at Fang Xingjian, thinking to herself, "The Radiant Cult is extremely domineering and this young man is also very arrogant. Hmhmph, there's going to be a good show. It'll be good if both of them fight it out and both parties ends up suffering great injuries and losses."

Both the Ice Palace's Saint and Priestess looked at Fang Xingjian in astonishment. Thinking of how the other party had walked up into the air, breaking through the thunder clouds single-handedly, they were both extremely astonished.

'Who on earth is he?

'To think that he even stronger than Master!'

The Priestess stared at Fang Xingjian and asked, "But he's so young! How is he able to do this? This is unbelievable."

"He only appears young," The Ice Palace's Great Priestess spoke with indifference, "After second transition, one's control over the physical body is beyond extraordinary. This is especially when one reaches level 25 and can come into contact with cells, can condense specialty seeds, and even temporarily change one's appearance.

"Although he appears to be 17 or 18 years old, his actual age might already be 70 or 80 years old."


Both the Saint and Priestess looked at Fang Xingjian's appearance in surprise, as if they were curious what he actually looked like.

The Blood Kaiser also looked toward Fang Xingjian with an eerie look, thinking to himself, 'This guy is at least a level 27 expert. However, Radiant Cult's old man is also at level 27. They also have the support of the Radiant Great Formation. If this guy were to kill the Cult Master, or if the Cult Master were to kill him... It would be best if both of them ended up being half dead... It would be a great opportunity for me...'

The others in the surroundings were all thinking similar thoughts, wearing expressions of curiosity and anticipation. It was as if they wanted to see the young man entering an engaged fight with the Radiant Cult.

'Great battle... This is going to be the great battle of the century. I wonder if Radiant Cult will be able to suppress this dark horse who popped out from nowhere.

This thought flashed in countless people's mind.

Radiant Cult had ruled over the Horned Frogs Valley for over ten years, and ever since their Cult Master had attained level 27, their influence had spread throughout the entire area. No one dared to defy them.

After all, the Empire only had about 100 level 29 Conferred Knights. Ordinary level 25 Conferred Knights like Kirst's City Lord could already reign over a city, and the Headmaster of Kirst Academy, who was at level 26, was even able to dominate over the entire Kirst.

The Cult Master's level 27 abilities could already allow him to reign over a region. However, now that there was the appearance of another powerful expert, how could they not be full of anticipation over the battle between the two?

However, the people crowding around were mostly Knights. Even the Ice Palace's Great Priestess and the Blood Kaiser were only at level 22 and level 23 respectively. Their understanding of a second transition Conferred Knight at level 27, who could unleash the explosive powers of the physical particles, were far too little. It was as if they were encompassed by clouds and fog, unable to see clearly.

Only Eldest Martial Brother Sean, who had constantly been in contact with his Master, clearly understood the abilities of one who was at level 27. Right now, his heart was already breaking out in cold sweat.