Chapter 436: Fury of the Thunderbolts

 Chapter 436: Fury of the Thunderbolts

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Hearing Fang Xingjian's words, Eldest Martial Brother Sean was so infuriated that he broke out into a laugh. However, he continued to keep his cool and asked, "Who on earth are you? Why are you breeding enmity with our Valley Alliance for no particular reason?

"Are you really unafraid of the 3,000 men in our Valley Alliance, as well as the five great Sect Masters?"

Sean was doing a final probing. If Fang Xingjian still would not mention any influences backing him up or any means that he had, then Sean was going to take action.

However, how could Fang Xingjian understood Sean's intentions? So, Fang Xingjian merely lifted his head and stared at the sky once again. The sound of the rumbling thunder were getting increasingly louder, and the humidity level was increasing as well. It was as if there was going to be heavy rainfall anytime soon.

Fang Xingjian spoke calmly, "It's going to rain."

At the next moment, when a rumble of thunder rang out so loudly like it resounded throughout the entire world as well, everything seemed to instantly lose its colors. Then the heavy rainfall began. It was not just trickling rain. Instead, it was as if the water from an entire lake was plunging down.

The Horned Frogs Valley seemed to have turned into a world of water.

Rumble, rumble! There were even astonishing sounds of thunder rolling in the depths of the clouds. Silver snakes slithered around in the sky, which seemed like it had turned into an ocean of thunderbolt.

Amidst everyone's astonished gazes, Fang Xingjian's body gradually floated up into the air. His hands reached upward like he was embracing the entire sky.

Simultaneously, endless electric sparks appeared from his body, as if wanting to attract the attention of the thunderbolts in the sky.

'What is he thinking of doing?'

'Is he crazy?'

As such thoughts ran through the minds of the many people, the metal mountain, which was over 300 meters tall, was like a conducting rod. It stood upright in the middle of the valley, unbridledly attracting the attention of the thunderbolts in the sky.

Then at the next moment, a terrifying thunderbolt came charging down.

The white flash of electricity instantly pierced through the air, sweeping out with electric currents which could melt iron and steel. Everyone was blinded by the white light, and they could only felt limitless electrons gush forth.

The lightning bolts did not strike them directly, but it still gave them the feeling as if their entire body had gone numb. Their exposed body parts were in so much pain like they were being pierced by needles.

Fang Xingjian, who had been struck by the thunderbolt directly, was now encompassed by the terrifying thunderbolt. White scorching electricity was flashing all over his body, and a temperature exceeding 10,000 degrees celsius extended throughout his body but was unable to harm it in the least.

Concurrently, each and every physical particle in his body was absorbing at a crazy rate the thunderbolt which had come crashing down from the sky. They were like sponges, absorbing every ounce of power from the thunderbolt and then incessantly using the energy to increase the connection between the physical particles in his body.

The entire thunderbolt linked up his body in just an instant, thus linking all the physical particles which made up the structure of his body. His body's toughness was increasing at an unprecedented rate. The toughness of each inch of his flesh and each one of his cells was increasingly at an insane rate, causing his flesh to become increasingly compact.

Thick streams of heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces linked up his physical particles, and they became increasingly thicker, stronger, and even more powerful.

Then another thunderbolt came crashing down, striking Fang Xingjian's body directly. Small sparks of electricity and lightning strikes were like slithering snakes, thrashing down onto the ground and melting the platform on the mountain peak.

Due to the topography and the environment of the Horned Frogs Valley, the prowess and number of the lightning strikes had far surpassed that of the lightning strikes from an ordinary storm.

Under everyone's astonished gazes, Fang Xingjian's silhouette was completely drowned in the endless lightning strikes. They could only see a vague human silhouette which looked like a legendary demonic god, standing upright in midair as he received the baptism from the thunderbolts in the sky.

The number of thunderbolts in the Horned Frogs Valley was unbelievable. Right now, they were like densely packed machine guns, shooting toward Fang Xingjian continuously.

Streams of lightning connected the sky and his body. They were like numerous chains of lightning.

The three second transition experts present, namely the Ice Palace's Great Priestess, the Blood Kaiser, and the Radiant Cult's Eldest Martial Brother Sean, had Heaven's Perception, so they could see it even more clearly.

Fang Xingjian, bathed in the thunderbolts, did not appear to be uncomfortable in the least. He was even crazily absorbing the thunderbolts.

The Ice Palace's Saint asked, "Master, what on earth has happened? What did he do?"

"This guy..." The Ice Palace's Great Priestess said tartly, "He is using the thunderbolts from the sky to increase the powers of the heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces in his body. It's to temper his physical body."

"Huh? Is this possible? Master, why don't you cultivate like this?"

The Ice Palace's Great Priestess shook her head and sighed. "That can only be done when the toughness of one's body is extremely high. Furthermore, the Horned Frogs Valley is bountiful with iron, and the weather here throughout the year is plagued with thunders and rain. The prowess of the thunderbolts here far surpasses that of other places.

"For him to be able to receive the thunderbolts head-on like this... His body's toughness is likely to be far beyond that of ours.

"And to think that he's even able to stimulate his body's toughness with the thunderbolts for such a long period of time. For him to be capable of continuously resisting such high temperatures... His physical body is truly unbelievably powerful.

"It's likely that only the toughness comparable to a level 26 or 27 Superior Divine Weapon would be able to accomplish something like this."

Then at the next moment, Fang Xingjian let out a furious bellow and boundless thunderbolts came plunging down. A wave of electric currents, which were comparable to the amount an entire city would use for a whole year, struck his body in that instant. His eyes were encompassed by a layer of white, and each strand of his hair was standing upright, releasing streams of white smoke under the high temperatures.

Even his mouth, nose, and ears were exuding endless electricity.

The excess currents from the streams of thunderbolt turned into lightning dragons, smashing out toward Fang Xingjian's surroundings.

The people on the platform retreated rapidly. The Blood Kaiser, Ice Palace's Great Priestess, and Eldest Martial Brother Sean were unwilling to be forced back like this. All three of them let out a loud shout, and each of them used their own means to stand against the incoming aftermath of the thunderbolts.

However, the Ice Palace's Great Priestess was the first one to fall. The cold energy throughout her body was instantly dissolved, and her hair was electrified and charred black. Then she went stumbling backward.

The Blood Kaiser was next. His entire body turned crimson red, and his blood flooded out from his pores, turning into a red crystal armor which encompassed his body.

He put forth his hand and stopped one of the lightning dragons. However, his hands were charred black and even paralyzed, unable to move at all.

In the next moment, more violent lightning dragons came pouncing toward him. The Blood Kaiser managed to fend a few of them off with great difficulty until he was finally struck in the chest, and his crystal armor shattered explosively. He was sent flying while spurting out blood.

Eldest Martial Brother Sean was the only one left at the very front, and his entire body was encompassed by layers of light. It was Radiant Cult's ultimate Killing technique-Radiant Emperor Armor.

However, under the attack from the streams of thunderbolts, the Radiant Emperor Armor seemed to be tottering right now, as if it was going to shatter anytime now.

Then at the next moment, Eldest Martial Brother Sean stifled a snort, and his light armor shattered. His entire body was charred black and sent flying.

Simultaneously, the thunderbolts on Fang Xingjian's body seemed to have reached an extreme state, being instantly absorbed into his body. Fang Xingjian let out a furious bellow, and he punched out into the sky. The cloud layers were split open, and the myriad of thunderbolts were pushed back. Waves of terrifying energy surged into the air, bringing about streams of sword Qi tornadoes and tearing apart all of the dark clouds within a range of several kilometers.

Then the storm came to a stop...

Fang Xingjian turned his head, while his eyes, ears, mouth, and nose still had streams of electricity in them. "What were you guys saying earlier?"

Ta ta ta ta. Everyone subconsciously backed off, their eyes filled with terror. Not a single one of them dared to meet Fang Xingjian's eyes.