Chapter 434: Blood Kaiser

 Chapter 434: Blood Kaiser

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As the voice spoke, a crimson red figure descended from the skies. It was a man who was encompassed by waves of blood. The man's face was pale, his lips dark red, and his eyes flashed with a piercing bloody glow.

With his appearance, the people present felt that the blood in their bodies seemed to be struggling to get out. Their internal organs were scorching to the extent that it felt as if they were going to burn up.

The person who had just arrived was the Ice Palace's arch enemy and the leader of the Circle of the Crimson Moon, the Blood Kaiser, who was at second transition level 23.

Seeing the sudden appearance of the Blood Kaiser, the Ice Palace's leader, the Great Priestess, frowned deeply and revealed a feeling of endless hostility. The second transition job the Blood Kaiser had taken up was passed down secretly within the Circle of the Crimson Moon-Blood Kaiser. Paired with their secret Killing technique, the Smoldering Blood Technique, he was able to control blood and unleash explosive blood flames. It could be said to be extremely domineering.

Even though the Great Priestess had taken on the Ice Palace's secret second transition job, the Snow Fairy, she was still slightly weaker in comparison. Moreover, she was also one level lower than the Blood Kaiser. These had always caused her to be at a disadvantage when going against the Circle of the Crimson Moon.

Seeing that the Blood Kaiser had made his move, the Great Priestess shouted, "Blood Kaiser, this piece of land was allotted to us when the alliance was formed. Are you thinking of snatching it?"

There were a total of 14 factions in the Horned Frogs Valley. As they schemed against each other, vying for resources, they had also formed a loosely bounded organization in order to pit against external enemies. They called it the Valley Alliance.

Hearing the Great Priestess' words, the Blood Kaiser laughed out loud, and the blood gleam in his eyes grew even stronger. "Great Priestess, don't talk about all this crap. While this piece of land belongs to the Ice Palace, the thing that caused the abnormality before us definitely doesn't belong to the Ice Palace. If you know what's good for you, then hand it over. It'll save me the effort of making my move."

"Blood Kaiser! You better not go overboard!"

"You don't know what's good for you!" With a cold snort, the red gleam in the Blood Kaiser's eyes burst out, and his entire body exuded an endless bloody red light. In that instant, the entire platform filled with a series of horrifying cries, and countless people dropped down to the ground with streams of scorching blood bursting from their pores.

These people had only suffered from the repercussions of the attack. The Great Priestess, who was the actual target, turned pale and a hint of flush flashing across her face. Her snow-white skin turned into a rose color.

She immediately circulated her powers and used cold energy to suppress her blood, preventing the blood in her body from running amok.

However, while she was suppressing the chaotic blood in her body, the Blood Kaiser had already appeared before her, bringing along a great force in a single punch. His fist turned extremely red and gigantic as countless streams of blood charged forth, exuding scorching temperatures. He sent his fist smashing down like a huge cauldron.

A loud thud rang out, and the Great Priestess took three consecutive steps back. Each step she took caused the stone platform under her feet to tremor furiously, bringing up sand and dust into the air. Simultaneously, the flush on her face became more intense, and her hands were also flushed red now. The Great Priestess was completely scorched.

The Blood Kaiser pressed on without giving her any leniency. His pair of fists were like two huge crimson cauldrons, smashing down. The blood in his body was like a generator, incessantly darting around and increasing his powers.

Concurrently, the blood was smoldering, scorching his opponent with high temperatures and causing the air to appear to be distorted.

The Great Priestess continued to suppress the chaotic blood in her body while simultaneously bringing about layers of ice to meet the Blood Kaiser's punches.

However, as a level 23 second transition expert, the Blood Kaiser could cultivate heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces to increase the toughness of his body. Moreover, his body's toughness far surpassed that of the Great Priestess.

Each time their fists met, the Great Priestess' face would turn even redder, and she would retreat a few steps back. The platform trembled, and dust was sent flying. Even the rocks under their feet were stomped on and crushed. Their battle was like two human-shaped tanks colliding against each other.

After over ten clashes of their punches, the Great Priestess' face had turned so red that it seemed as though her blood was going to drip out. Meanwhile, her hands were releasing hints of white steam continuously. That was her cold energy being vaporized.

If the fight were to go on, she would be beaten to death by the Blood Kaiser within three blows.

In a fight between second transition experts, this was the difference of being one level higher or lower.

The Ice Palace's disciples, namely the Saint and the Priestess, were both extremely nervous. The beautiful Saint, who was the older of the two, bit down on her lips tightly. She could not bear to watch as her Master was forced to take the blows in the battle against the Blood Kaiser.

"This isn't good. The blood in Master's body keeps on getting increasingly chaotic. If the fight goes on, her vital energy and blood will become even more turbulent, and blood will probably burst out from her skin. She will die from blood loss."

"Then what should we do?" Hearing that, the Priestess' eyes opened wide just like those of a pitiful little puppy. "Shall we go and give Master a hand?"

The Ice Palace's Saint shook her head, not saying a word. A battle between second transition experts was not one which they could interfere in. If they were to step forth, they would only be become burdens and add on to the weaknesses her Master was showing.

The people in the surroundings tried to fend off the repercussions from the attacks from the cold energy and the turbulent blood, while watching the two who were engaged in battle. All of them were extremely astonished by the scene.

"To think that the Blood Kaiser's cultivation has grown so rapidly. His body's toughness now far surpasses that of the Ice Palace's Great Priestess."

"And there's also the Smoldering Blood Technique. The last time I met him, the two of them were still on equal grounds. To think that this time around, the Blood Kaiser is the one having the overwhelming victory."

Amidst the dangerous situation, the Ice Palace's Great Priestess finally let out a loud bellow as she put her palms together, unleashing an explosive outburst of cold energy. It felt as if the air was going to be frozen from this extremely low temperature. The cold energy reached out toward the Blood Kaiser, instantly turning his body into an ice sculpture.

However, before the Ice Palace's Great Priestess had even gotten the chance to relax, the Blood Kaiser's body trembled a little and the layers of ice shattered. Able to move once again, he was about to continue with his attacks and let out a shrewd laugh.

It was then that the Ice Palace's Great Priestess finally gave up. She spoke through information currents, "Stop it. I'll admit my defeat today. I'll leave the abnormality here for the Circle of the Crimson Moon to handle."

After all, till now, the Ice Palace's Great Priestess had yet to find out what had really happened to the iron mine. If it was not because the Ice Palace and the Circle of the Crimson Moon had been on bitter ends all the while, she would not have started fighting the moment she arrived.

However, for her to be having a life and death battle over an unknown reason was something which the Ice Palace's Great Priestess was unwilling to do.

Seeing that his opponent had surrendered, the Blood Kaiser let out a cold laugh and said, "You should have done this earlier." This time around, after coming out from his seclusion, he had grown a lot stronger. The fact that he was able to finally suppress her completely put him in an extremely good mood. He turned his head around and saw that there was not a single wild Knight around them who was not in submission.

The Blood Kaiser stopped punching and dissipated his vital energy and blood. Then he asked while smiling, "Great Priestess, do you know what on earth has happened here?"

The Great Priestess frowned, but the genius from the Circle of the Crimson Moon, Deus, had already stepped forward. He reported to the Blood Kaiser, "Lord, when I came here, the Ice Palace's Saint and Priestess were already here. That kid over there was here as well." As he spoke, he pointed toward Fang Xingjian.

The Blood Kaiser threw a casual glance toward Fang Xingjian and then turned to ask the Ice Palace's Saint and Priestess, "Did you guys discover anything?"

The two ladies turned toward their Master, who was slowly suppressing the turbulent vital energy and blood in her body. Upon seeing their Master nod casually, the Ice Palace's Saint spoke up, "We didn't discover anything. But before we had arrived, this person was already here."

"Oh?" The Blood Kaiser followed the direction the Ice Palace's Saint had pointed to and looked at Fang Xingjian, breaking into a smirk. "Kid, where are you from? Why do I feel that you're an unfamiliar face?"

He thought, 'Could it be that it was caused by this kid? But judging from this age, he is probably only about 17, 18, or 19. He seems to be very ordinary as well. Would it be related to him?'

Of course, Fang Xingjian ignored him. The Circle of the Crimson Moon's genius, Deus, could not hold it in and went forward, bellowing, "Kid, we're asking you a question here! Are you deaf?!"

This was the first time Fang Xingjian had turned his neck here. He threw a glance toward Deus. Fang Xingjian did not say anything, or rather, he simply would not concede to say anything. There was nothing he needed to say anyway.

Then at the next moment, Deus felt an immense pain in his chest. Spurting out blood, he dropped to his knees.