Chapter 432: Divine Level and Earthquake

 Chapter 432: Divine Level and Earthquake

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"You don't have to consider the Divine level. I can only tell you that the more abilities one attains perfection for at level 29, the higher the possibility of attaining the Divine level, and the greater the prowess after successfully attaining the Divine level." The Second Prince spoke as he gradually headed into the darkness.

"Eldest Brother also strives to attain the Divine level at four tiers of perfection. Xingjian, if you wish to go against him, you must at least have four tiers of perfection as well."

The next moment, the Second Prince had completely been engulfed by the darkness. With a flash, he went outside the Sacred Land following the darkness. He was about to head out when he realized that there was a pressure on his shoulder. He turned back to look, only to discover that Fang Xingjian had unknowingly appeared behind him, grabbing onto his shoulder.


The Second Prince looked at Fang Xingjian in a daze, as if he had not expected that the latter would be able to come after him at such speed, even being able to grab onto him.

Fang Xingjian looked at him and said, "How on earth does one attain Divine level?"

The Second Prince thought to himself, mouth agape, 'Isn't this guy growing too fast? To think that my double is unable to dodge him!'

It was only on the second time the question was asked that the maid said, "There's no use even if you were to ask me. I think it isn't good for you to know how to attain the Divine level in advance. Therefore, I did not leave the relevant information on this double." With that, she pointed to her brain and said, "Therefore, I have no idea either.

"Xingjian, you're better off focusing on cultivating in peace. It's best if you're able to cultivate to four tiers of perfection. It'll help you be able to go against Eldest Brother in the future."

Since the Second Prince's double did not know, Fang Xingjian could only let him go and returned to the Sacred Land, starting to prepare the cultivation for his body's toughness and of the heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces.


A few days later, on the training grounds, two silhouettes repetitively clashed, longsword against longsword. There were occasional thunderous clashing sounds, causing the space above the training ground to resonate as if there were thunders rolling.

Anderson turned into a series of black afterimages and, as if he was black lightning, circled around Zhou Xingwen time and time again, attacking him.

However, even Zhou Xingwen, who was one level higher than the level 21 Anderson, was not his match. This time around, although Zhou Xingwen's defense was messed up, he had managed to fend off the attacks. Occasionally, he even performed some amazing moves, pushing Anderson back on the defense.

The two of them had not cultivated sword arts in the past. However, ever since Fang Xingjian's Rebirth Sword Technique had come into the world, as more and more people saw the effects from the cultivation of the Rebirth Sword Technique, more and more Knights changed to cultivating sword arts.

A long time later, the two of them came to a stop. Anderson looked at Zhou Xingwen in astonishment and asked, "How can you possibly improve at such a fast rate? What did you eat? Why do I have the feeling that you've become more clever?"

"Hehe, this is a secret."

"Fang Xingjian did this?" Anderson frowned and asked, "What on earth did he do?"

"Brother Anderson, let me give you some heartfelt words." Zhou Xingwen came up to pat Anderson on the shoulder. However, his hand had just got near when it was slapped away by Anderson, "If you want to talk, then speak up. There's no need for the physical contact."

Zhou Xingwen shook his head helplessly and started speaking once again, "Anderson, you should know of Xingjian's means too. In the future, he'll definitely become a Divine level existence, an expert who will create countless miracles.

"Even my performance today was thanks to him raising my aptitude."

"Raising your aptitude? How's that possible?" Anderson looked at Zhou Xingwen in disbelief.

Zhou Xingwen smiled and shook his head, "In the beginning, I didn't believe it either, but Xingjian pulled it off. Anderson, I don't understand, why aren't you fully joining us? As long as you were to truly become one of us, with your talent, Xingjian would definitely not shy back on nurturing you.

"After Xingjian increases your original aptitude, how far would you be able to go?"

Anderson entered a state of silence. At the beginning, he had only promised to help Fang Xingjian run errands for half a year. Right now, that half a year was almost up.

Psychologically, Anderson was not a person who was willing to lower himself before others. Even considering the current Fang Xingjian, Anderson was unwilling to become his subordinate.

However, as Fang Xingjian had made tremendous sums time and time again, and especially after seeing Zhou Xingwen's performance today, Anderson was hesitating.

Finally, he could not help but ask, "Where is Fang Xingjian now?"

"He should be at the Horned Frogs Valley. After hearing that a storm was brewing there, Xingjian headed over."


On a piece of flat land of the valley, about 300 kilometers away from the Great Western City, the entire sky was filled with dark clouds, as if thunder and lightning would hit any time.

The wind in the valley got increasingly stronger, and as the strong gales blew, the grass lands and the trees continued to tremble endlessly, as if they had gone crazy.

In such circumstances, in the center of the Horned Frogs Valley, a series of loud sounds rang out suddenly from an iron mine.

It sounded as if the earth's plates had cracked, and an extremely powerful geomagnetic form deep underground had exploded outward.


"Run quickly!"

"There's an earthquake!"

The people who were working in the iron mine were making their escape as if their lives depended on it. It was unknown whether they were just lucky that everyone had managed to escape safely. Just then, amidst countless astonished gazes, the ground cracked, its jagged edges protruding outward.A stone platform purely made from countless rocks, ores, and earth rose up. It was as if a mountain was being born at a rate that could be seen by the naked eye.

Boom boom boom boom! Amidst the thunderous sounds, the ground continued to push and press against itself, forming a metal mountain that was over three hundred meters tall.

The people at the foot of the mountain went into a commotion. Witnessing the sudden appearance of a metal mountain, they exchanged glances, their eyes filled with terror. They could not understand what had just happened.

Suddenly, someone dropped to their knees, shouting, "Mountain God! The Mountain God is angry!"

"Mountain God! Please spare our lives!"

"Grandfather Mountain God, please be appeased!"

Countless people dropped to their knees and prayed. However, the foreman of the miners frowned. He was a level 9 Knight apprentice and was more knowledgeable compared to the rest. He did not believe in the legends of there being a Mountain God and merely mumbled to himself, 'Could it be that some kind of treasure has appeared? And that this was done by some expert?'

It was impossible to not attract attention when such an amazing sight had occurred in the middle of the valley. About 15 minutes later, two graceful figures had arrived at the foot of the mountain at the speed of sound, followed by a series of afterimages.

Of the two graceful figures, the person in the lead was a lady with long black hair, who wore a gown and looked as if she was a fairy.

With an arched nose, slender limbs, and mesmerizing eyes, she was constantly attracting attention.

Behind her was a naive-looking young lady.

The two of them were the disciples from a faction in the vicinity, 'Ice Palace'. The iron mine where the abnormality had occurred belonged to the Ice Palace.

The long-haired lady was the Ice Palace's female Saint, while the naive-looking young lady was the Ice Palace's Priestess.

Having not gotten any information from the few foremen, the Ice Palace's Saint, who was older, lifted her head and looked toward the peak of the metal mountain. She said, "You wait here. I'll go up and take a look."

"Sister Saint, don't do this. I want to go up with you."

The Ice Palace's Saint smiled helplessly, saying, "Alright, alright, we'll go up together then. But you must remember, without my instructions, don't touch anything."

"I've got it, I've got it."

As the two spoke, their silhouettes flashed and turned into a series of phantom images, leaping up toward the peak of the metal mountain. As level 19 pinnacle Knights, it did not take them long to reach the flat platform on the peak of the mountain. They saw a young man seated there, legs crossed.