Chapter 429: Wait

 Chapter 429: Wait

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After a short moment, the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent once again returned to Fang Xingjian's body with a feeling of satisfaction. It seemed like it had not undergone any change from before, yet something felt different from before.

Fang Xingjian sensed the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent in the center of his consciousness, and he thought, 'To think that the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent has such an amazing effect on this kind of aura?

'What on earth is that monster? How is the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent related to it?'

Troubled by many questions, Fang Xingjian let out a breath. However, he still calmed himself down and looked at his Stats Window. The Heaven's Volition Sword Intent had emerged for a total of two seconds, depleting 200,000 of his potential points. He was still left with 1.8 million potential points.

Fang Xingjian turned to the Divine level spinal bone before him and grabbed it gently with his hand.

His hand came into contact with a cold feeling, but it was not a piercing cold. Rather, it had a unique warmth to it.

How much power did a Divine level expert have? How terrifying was his abilities? Fang Xingjian still did not understand how to define power and weakness.

This was because there were no Divine level experts around him. Moreover, it was impossible for the Divine level experts of this world to release their information to public, letting those who were inferior find ways to deal with them.

However, he could still sense how sturdy the Divine level spinal bone in his hand was. It far surpassed that of a level 29 Divine Weapon, and the bone still contained a strong power.

Fang Xingjian's lips curled up as he broke into a satisfied smile.

'There are no more problems with the Divine level spinal bone. Next, I'll need to find someone to help me forge a Divine Remains Equipment.

'I need to find a master to come over and help me forge a longsword which is a Divine Weapon.'


One day later, Zhou Xingwen came to the Sacred Land where Fang Xingjian was located. He said, "Sir, Hildebrand has gone missing."

While sitting cross-legged in midair, Fang Xingjian, who was condensing his specialty seeds, opened his eyes slowly. Sword light seemed to be flashing in his eyes. "Missing?"

"Yes. He had already left the city the day before you instructed for us to look for him. We've asked around about it but none of his servants know where he has gone."

Fang Xingjian sneered inwardly, 'He sure was quick with his escape.'

Tyrant, in the form of a bangle, smiled evilly and said through information currents, "That guy has escaped. What are you going to do? Are you going to give chase?"

"What's there to chase? My time is precious. The time used to chase after him is enough to increase the gap between our abilities. In the future, I'll just have to casually throw out a sword attack in his direction. However, I can't just leave it be as it is." Thinking of this, Fang Xingjian looked toward Zhou Xingwen and said, "Send people out to look for him. When he's found, don't alert them. I'll personally go and have a chat with him.

"Has there been any news of the master blacksmiths?"

Zhou Xingwen said, "Based on Governor's recommendations, the Eastern Sand Region's great blacksmith clan, Wang Clan, is the best blacksmith clan in the world."

"The Eastern Sand Region? Get me their information, then send someone over. Bring over their entire team of blacksmith. Tell them that I'll agree to whatever conditions they have."

Fang Xingjian had a tremendous sum of money and thus could afford to say something like that. Furthermore, considering that he was going to have them forge a Divine level spinal bone into a Divine Remains Equipment, he naturally had to keep watch over them himself.

Unlike other ordinary weapons, it was hard to say if someone would be daring enough to want to steal the Divine level spinal bone.

Therefore, Fang Xingjian continued to cultivate in his Sacred Land, waiting for the team of blacksmiths to arrive while also waiting for for news of Hildebrand. Concurrently, he was also waiting for Robert who was helping him gather the materials for three levels of the mystical prints.

However, there were too many materials required for the level eight, nine, and ten of the mystical prints, and they were far too rare. Till date, Robert had yet to manage gathering them all.

Therefore, during this time, Fang Xingjian decided to just go ahead and apply the second level of the mystical prints on Lilia. Then he applied the first level of the mystical prints onto Ferdinand and Zhou Xingwen.

With that, his subordinates would become stronger, and it would be more convenient for his matters to be handled.

Therefore, time passed by amidst his waiting and cultivation.


Five days later, in the middle of January.

Lilia wore short sleeves and pants, revealing her tender arms and lower thighs. She was light on her feet as she walked in the school grounds.

"Lili!" The young man, Kite, came over to her. He said anxiously, "Lili, why did you leave just like that, and you haven't been coming to class either? You've been skipping classes for so long... Do you know that Teacher Ford is extremely angry? They want to expel you!"

Kite had wooed Lilia for a very long time, and although she had not accepted him, he had always seen himself as Lilia's boyfriend. This time around, with Lilia being absent and skipping classes for so long for no reason at all, he had been even more worried.

"Right," Lilia answered him with indifference, seeming as if she did not care as she headed for the academy's office.

Seeing how indifferent she appeared to be, Kite was even more anxious now. "There are only five more months to the Prefectural Selection. Once you're expelled, you won't be able to take part in the Prefectural Selection. You won't be able to become a Knight! Do you understand?"

"I don't plan on participating in the Prefectural Selection anymore."

"What?!" Kite stopped before her and said, "Are you crazy?! After working hard for so long... After cultivating for so long... You're no longer planning to become a Knight?"

"I have my own plans. The reason I'm here today is to tender my application to drop out. You don't have to care about the other things." With a flash, Lilia bypassed Kite in the blink of an eye and continued to head for the office.

Although Kite was slightly surprised by Lilia's speed, his mind was currently filled with thoughts of how Lilia was dropping out. He went after her and continued to persuade her.

"Lili, what on earth has happened?

"Where have you been the past few days?

"Why are you saying that you're going to drop out the moment you come back?

"Think about it thoroughly. Right now, you're only a Knight apprentice. Once you drop out from the academy, there's no other way out for you!"

However, throughout the way there, Lilia could not be bothered with Kite. She just headed straight for the academy's office and right up to her teacher, Teacher Ford.

Ford was a tanned man. When he lifted his head and looked toward Lilia, his face was filled with fury. His eyes crinkled up, and he spoke with great pressure, "Lilia, where on earth have you been for the past few days? Why didn't you inform the school? Do you know that you'll be expelled for skipping classes without reason?"

Lilia bowed seriously and said apologetically, "I'm sorry, Teacher. I had some things to do, and I had to leave. The reason I'm here today is to apply to drop out of the academy."

"What? Drop out?" Ford stood up abruptly, "Do you know what you're saying? Do you know how much trouble your father has been through to get you in? You want to drop out? What on earth has happened? You must give me a clear reason."

Lilia said seriously, "These are my Master's arrangements. I'll follow him and continue my cultivation after I've dropped out."

"What Master? What are you talking about? You're going to give up on becoming the Empire's Knight and cultivate while following your Master? Have you been bewitched by some wild Knight from some other faction? Who is he? Which faction is he from? I'll go have a talk with him.

"Don't join other factions. There's no way that they'll be able to compare with the treatment the Empire's Knights receive."