Chapter 428: Success

 Chapter 428: Success

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Hildebrand held onto a glass of alcohol and said with a solemn expression, "Completely suppressed? And he was without a scratch?

"You're saying that Fang Xingjian was hitting Tynon with his bare hands, and all the way till the end, Fang Xingjian remained without a single scratch?"

Recalling the final gaze Fang Xingjian had thrown at him, Peter's heart still throbbed with lingering fear. When Peter heard what Hildebrand said, he replied, "That's right. Should we report this to the association? He might have killed Tynon. Let's get the association to apprehend him."

"Association... The association is just a powerful wielder of authority. When did you start to naively think that things like laws and regulations can really be applied to Conferred Knights?" Hildebrand said, "It's just that I never expected that Fang Xingjian has been keeping his skills hidden so well. Seems like the matter with the volcano could really have been done by him."

Being shot by Hildebrand's insult, his face turned slightly red from embarrassment as he said, "I was too astonished. You didn't see the scene earlier. It was too brutal, violent, and bloody."

Hildebrand shook his head, not thinking much of it. His mind was still thinking about Fang Xingjian. Then suddenly, he stood up, "Let's go. We'll leave the Great Western City for a period of time."

"Huh?" Peter lifted his head in a daze and asked puzzledly, "Why?"

"It's said that there have been results in the south. I was just about to take a trip down to take a look." As Hildebrand spoke, what filled his thoughts was actually worry that Fang Xingjian would look for him directly.

After Fang Xingjian taught Tynon such a good lesson, it was likely that he would come to realize Hildebrand had intentionally revealed news about him. Judging by the way Fang Xingjian had always handled things, he might just come knocking on Hildebrand's door.

Hildebrand was unwilling to make an enemy of Fang Xingjian. However, there was no way for him to say something like this before his follower. So, Hildebrand merely said, "If the results in the south turn out to be really effective, then it'll be extremely helpful for me in the upcoming National Selection. I can afford failure. This thing is much more important than Fang Xingjian.

"And it's just nice that I can use the money I received from the auction on this."

Peter said once more, "However, Fang Xingjian got his hands on Divine level spinal bone again. Could his abilities soar tremendously once more? With how amazing his sword art is, if he gets his hands on a Divine Remains Equipment, it would be far too terrifying."

"Divine level spinal bone?" Hildebrand let out a cold laugh and said, "If it can really be used, how could I have sold it?"

He recalled the multiple attempts he had made in testing out the Divine level spinal bone. Hildebrand had utilized numerous means, and over 100 condemned prisoners had died after being forced to approach the bone.

There had also been over ten Knights who lost their lives.

The implementation of metal layers, long-distance processing, and many other methods had caused the masters who had tried to process it to suffer from serious injuries or even death.

When multiple Conferred Knights attacked together with their wills, it had ended up with one of them turning into a lunatic.

After the bone was placed in the den of ferocious beasts, all of the ferocious beasts in the den had ended up dead.

Hildebrand had begged the Church of Universal Truth's bishop in the Great Western Region to help suppress it, but the bishop was helpless with it too.

Burning with fire, freezing, attacking with thunder, using strong acid and alkaline... After attempting various methods, there had been no other effects aside from bringing about accident after accident, causing the number of injuries and deaths to increase.

Even Hildebrand could not hold back in the end and had attempted it himself. It had taken him a total of 12 days before he could calm down the terror and chaos in his heart.

"This thing can't be used by anyone else aside from Divine level experts.

"However, Divine level experts have no use for this spinal bone.

"Therefore, this thing is just crap. Thankfully, it could be used to exchange for Fang Xingjian's three million gold.

"It's definitely impossible for him to use this spinal bone. He might even suffer from great losses after multiple attempts."

Thinking of how someone was going to experience all the unfortunate events he had gone through personally, Hildebrand could not hold back his laughter. "Alright, let's go."


Elsewhere, under Tyrant's astonished and nervous gaze, Fang Xingjian pressed his hand down onto the Divine level spinal bone.

At the next moment, an aura which was filled with brutality, treachery, evilness, and horror gushed into Fang Xingjian's body.

Fang Xingjian could sense that his entire body seemed to freeze up in that instant. Each and every hair, cell, and particle of his body was scared frozen. He was instantly rendered immobile.

"This is..."

Then at the next moment, he could sense that a monster had entered slowly into his consciousness.

It was encompassed in a layer of stratum corneum and had two horns on its head which looked like a demon's horns. With each step the monster took, its thick tail lashed out at the air, releasing explosive sounds.

This monster did not look terrifying, but the aura it exuded was really hair-raising.

Fang Xingjian had experienced the consciousness remnants of the Sand Country's level 29 national hero, as well as the Divine level expert, the Holy Orison's consciousness' information.

However, when compared with these two human experts, the aura of this expert was over ten times stronger.

It was a brazen desire, one which came from a living creature's instinctive pressure.

Fang Xingjian could sense that the monster wanted to devour him, tear his chest apart, break his limbs, and eat him up alive.

However, when faced with this overwhelming aura, Fang Xingjian was unlike Tyrant, who had given up on resisting. Instead, Fang Xingjian just clenched his teeth. He gathered his willpower and focus like never before. His will impact turned into many sword waves, lunging toward the evil aura on the Divine level spinal bone with an aura as if they would tear the world apart.

However, this aura seemed like a natural enemy for Fang Xingjian. No matter how much he attacked with his will, and no matter how much martial will he gathered, he was still unable to defeat it.

He felt that his body getting increasingly stiff, and a voice rang out incessantly. It asked him to give up and told him to get away from the Divine bone.

However, once he gave up, he would be like Tyrant. He would stay far away from the Divine level spinal bone, and a trauma would remain in his heart. It would be even harder for him to go up against the evil aura the next time around.

If it were to carry on like this, he would get increasingly suppressed by that aura, until he reached a state in which he would ultimately be unable to get close to the Divine level spinal bone at all.

Fang Xingjian gritted his teeth, and green veins popped up on his forehead. However, that instinctive terror which had been inherited from the ancient times continued to burden him.

Then with a cold snort, Fang Xingjian activated the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent.

This was his last trump, and it was also the reason he would dare to come into contact with the Divine level spinal bone.

In the center of his consciousness, the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent, which had shrunk into a corner, was now trembling furiously. Then at the next moment, it surged out toward that malevolent aura with a myriad of sword light.

When the two came into contact, the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent abruptly exploded, and Fang Xingjian seemed to hear an extremely excited cry in his consciousness.

Wherever the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent passed by, countless malevolent aura scattered, turning into waves of nutrition and entering the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent's body.

Finally, that Heaven's Volition Sword Intent even went after the dispersed malevolent aura and dashed into the Divine level spinal bone.

In that instant, the entire Divine level spinal bone trembled furiously, and surges of black smoke arose from the Divine bone. It was as if countless souls were shaking and screaming out, before they scattered off into the air together with the black smoke.

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