Chapter 427: Try

 Chapter 427: Try

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In the Sacred Land's training room, Lilia looked at her hands with some astonishment until the prints on her hands gradually grew faint and disappeared from the surface of her body.

Lilia did not have Heaven's Perception and thus was unafraid of the information flow from the 100 times density of the ether particles in the Sacred Land.

As for how she was able to enter the place to cultivate... that was of course due to Fang Xingjian's special privileges.

Right now, Fang Xingjian's Rebirth Sword Technique was spreading through the world with a bang, and he was also collaborating with the Church in the Martial Techniques Grading Plan. In the entire Regional Academy, the special privileges he was being granted were like nothing before.

Putting aside his wish to bring Lilia together with him, even if he were to allocate Lilia a place in the Sacred Land, it would not be impossible.

However, that would alert too many people, and Fang Xingjian did not plan to do it like this.

Lilia looked at Fang Xingjian curiously and asked, "Teacher, what is this?"

"Good stuff," Fang Xingjian asked, "How do you feel?"

Lilia closed her eyes to try take in the feeling. She felt that her thoughts had become extremely clear, especially in terms of martial arts. Many inspirations flowed into her head, giving her urges. It felt like if she were to cultivate immediately, her abilities would grow stronger.

Lilia opened her eyes and said, "It feels... very special. I have an urge to cultivate and feel that my mind is much clearer than before. It's as if a layer of veil has been removed."

"That's good," Fang Xingjian instructed, "From now onward, stay here and work hard in your cultivation. Although you don't have Heaven's Perception, from today onward, martial arts inspiration would unconsciously enter your body even without it."

Mystical Prints could allow one to directly exchange energy and information with ether particles. Right now, although Lilia was only at level 1 of the mystical prints, she was unconsciously going through a Conferred Knight's cultivation. Furthermore, this was unlike the Heaven's Perception where she would need to exert control by herself. The mystical prints had its own filtering abilities and the user's cultivation would not be plagued with danger.

As long as she continued to stay in the Sacred Land, even if she did not do anything, her physical body would get increasingly stronger, and her martial arts cultivation would get increasingly deeper.

Fang Xingjian then said, "You don't have to take the test to be a Knight. Stay here and cultivate. I'll look for some first transition materials for you. Just stay here and level up. I'll be here to watch over you."

The first thing which came to Lilia's mind was, 'If I stay here and cultivate, won't I be together with Master all the time?' Thinking of this, her little face suddenly flushed red. She then nodded strongly, "I'll definitely work hard in my cultivation."

Thereafter, Lilia picked up a training longsword and started to cultivate the Rebirth Sword Technique.

The moment she did, she realized that the Rebirth Sword Technique, which had seemed complicated initially, was now a breeze to cultivate. She could cultivate however she wanted, without any barriers at all. Her sword arts mastery was also escalating rapidly.

With such strong effects, she got more interested and excited as she became more and more focused.

From beside her, Fang Xingjian nodded and then headed to the other side of the training room. He gave out instructions to the little snake through information currents. Then with a shake of his hand, the Golden Pellet, which had been in the horse carriage, was released.

'First, it's this...'

Looking at the little spinning sphere, Fang Xingjian swallowed it down in one gulp. The Golden Pellet instantly turned into a stream of light, exploding in his stomach. Endless warm currents flowed through his entire body immediately and turned into surges of tremendous power, increasing his potential.

Simultaneously, heat started to accumulate on a total of three spots on his back, hips, and upper thigh respectively. The auras from three specialty seeds rose up, and Fang Xingjian immediately started to sense them with his Heaven's Perception. Then he began controlling his cells and condensing these three specialty seeds.

An hour later, the three streams of aura on Fang Xingjian's body stabilized, and he gained another three specialty seeds. He also gained two million potential points.

However, he did not use up all of his potential points for now. Right now, his attributes were extremely high, so using the two million potential points would not bring too much of an impact. He might as well store it in his body and use it to activate the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent in the future.

After taking the Golden Pellet, Fang Xingjian shook his wrist, and a square metal box appeared before him. The item stored in the center of the box was the Divine level spinal bone.

Fang Xingjian broke into a satisfied smile as he opened up the metal box, revealing a cream-colored spinal bone which seemed to be exuding a faint glow.

Just then, Tyrant looked greedily at the Divine level spinal bone on the ground and said, "How could a bone from a set of Divine level remains be put up for sale so easily? There must be a problem with this bone."

Fang Xingjian nodded. Of course, he was aware of this. The spinal bone of a Divine level expert was something which there was no supply for even though there was a great demand. How could it possibly be brought out for sale so easily?

Simultaneously, Fang Xingjian also knew that the reason Tyrant had said this was because he wanted to test the bone remain out on Fang Xingjian's behalf. Tyrant wanted to beat Fang Xingjian to the Divine level spinal bone. He wanted to see if he could merge together with it, get a great surge in his abilities, and then make his escape.

It could be said that this Terrene Shrine's genius was no longer constantly trying to turn the tables against Fang Xingjian.

However, Fang Xingjian still said, "Then you can go and try to see if there are any problems."

Tyrant suppressed the excitement in his eyes and nodded furiously. "Alright, I'll help you test out this Divine level spinal bone."

With that, Tyrant turned into a little dark green snake and dashed over in great anticipation. He pounced on the Divine bone, and all the cells throughout his body exuded an immensely greedy desire of wanting to swallow the Divine bone whole.

He wanted to use his own cells to infect the cells on the Divine bone, completely engulfing this Divine level spinal bone.

However, he had only just started engulfing it when he felt an extremely violent, terrifying, and evil aura emerge from within the bone.

That was an extremely evil and horrifying will which viewed everything in the entire world as food and prey, wanting to engulf and destroy everything.

Tyrant's entire body instantly stiffened. Before his eyes, there was a monster which seemed to be encompassed by a white layer of stratum corneum. The monster also had a pair of horns and a long tail which swished out as it walked up to him. The monster opened up its mouth, dripping saliva as it bit out toward Tyrant.

"Eat... you... up..."

There seemed to be an evil demon growling out next to him. When Tyrant could once again move his body, he realized that he had unconsciously retreated over ten meters away, and he no longer dared to get close to the Divine level spinal bone.

'This... This thing is extremely evil.' Tyrant recalled the feeling from earlier, and he could not help but tremble.

Not only was the Terrene Shrine's assembly of Gray Robed Mages powerful, but the offering of their live sacrifices and research had always been known to be evil and brutal.

It could be said that before today, Tyrant had always thought of himself as one of the most evil and brutal creatures in the world.

However, today, having sensed that extremely malevolent aura which he could almost smell... He felt as if their differences were on innately different levels, like a mouse that had encountered a monster from space.

'We simply aren't from the same world. To have such an aura... What on earth is this creature?'

Seeing how badly shaken Tyrant was, Fang Xingjian asked, "What's wrong?"

Tyrant said, "There's some unknown evil. It's extremely... extremely... evil. It's definitely not a Divine level expert. No... It should be said that it's definitely not an aura left behind by a human. It's something even more malevolent and terrifying."

Fang Xingjian frowned. He had expected that. If someone was selling a Divine level spinal bone, there definitely had to be a problem with it. However, what he had not expected was that Tyrant would be so badly shaken just by sensing the aura.

Fang Xingjian said, "It's not the consciousness remnants of a Divine level expert? Then does this mean that the aura of the thing which killed the Divine level was left behind, or rather, has contaminated this Divine level spinal bone?"

"That is probably the case." Tyrant looked at the Divine level spinal bone before him, still feeling extremely wary and fearful.

"I'll give it a try." With that, Fang Xingjian reached out his hand toward the Divine level spinal bone.