Chapter 425: Crush

 Chapter 425: Crush

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Tynon's attack felt as if the heavens were collapsing and the earth was shattering.

Endless light burst forth from the Gates of the Netherworld, and over 100 types of Killing techniques were unleashed. It was as if over 100 Conferred Knights were attacking concurrently!

Layers of power came pressing down, as if to shatter and crush everything in the air.

However, under Tynon's astonished gaze, a faint black glow encompassed Fang Xingjian's body. The Universal Truth Longsword was activated and it crazily ejected everything that came near to it.

Waves of violent forces smashed into Fang Xingjian's body, but having the Universal Truth Longsword, the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor, and his physical body with its defense comparable to a level 28 Superior Divine Weapon, Fang Xingjian did not even suffer a scratch.

"Is it over?"

Fang Xingjian's martial will swept out, ringing out in Tynon's mind directly.

Tynon looked at Fang Xingjian in a daze and said, "You..."

Bang! With one hand Fang Xingjian grabbed onto Tynon's head, while with the other he punched Tynon's cheek. The explosive force of over 300 points in the strength attribute had far surpassed the toughness of Tynon's body. This caused Tynon's cheeks to become deformed, fractured and then sunken in.

His eyes rolled back as he suffered a head concussion and he started to continually spurt blood foam.

Fang Xingjian's voice rang out coldly, "Where are the things?"

Tynon was trembling all over. The serious concussion had rendered him unable to react properly.

Fang Xingjian laughed coldly and tapped with a single finger. His finger seemed to instantly turn into the sharpest blade in the world. A High Frequency Effulgence Weapon encompassed his finger, trembling at a rate of 20,000 times per second, and instantly slashed off Tynon's limbs.

They dropped onto the ground just like that while their owner continued struggling crazily, with his head immobilized. Blood was spurting from all over his body.

With a slight hook of Fang Xingjian's finger and with a stirr of strong gales, a section of Tynon's arm was brought before him. Fang Xingjian spoke with indifference, "You used this arm to absorb my items, right? What would happen if I were to destroy this arm?"

"It's useless!" In agonizing pain as his body was convulsing, Tynon struggled to lift his head. He looked at Fang Xingjian and said, "The things are with me. If I don't give them to you, it'd be useless even if you killed me."

As he spoke, his limbs once again flew back to his body and at the speed of light, all his flesh and bones were reassembled. His face also turned back to its original appearance. His serious injuries were healed in an instant, revealing the powerful vitality of a level 29 practitioner. As long as he had sufficient energy, his vitality would be close to inextinguishable.

This was also because, from the very start, he had been using the techniques which he had absorbed with the Gates of the Netherworld in the past. Therefore, he had not depleted his energy at all.

Tynon grabbed onto Fang Xingjian's arm with both hands and then kicked him. With a wonderful trajectory, his leg shone with streams of light as he kicked at Fang Xingjian's upper thigh, lower body, and crotch.

The kicks had the speed of light. Tynon was performing his own Killing technique for the very first time since the start of the battle.

Killing technique-Electrifying Kick!

Each kick had a terrifying impact that could pierce the skies. In that instant, Tynon performed a total of over 1,000 kicks, creating great tremors which caused the earth to crack as dust and sand flew about.

Concurrently, his fist brought along torrential flames, fiercely punching down on Fang Xingjian's chest. Scorching white flames encompassed Fang Xingjian, and Tynon continued to punch and kick Fang Xingjian with a furious bellow.

Among flames and light, as countless punches and kicks were unleashed, the mountainous region seemed to have been attacked by several hundred bomber aircrafts.

When Tynon came to a stop, huffing and panting, the mountain below his feet had already been turned into a stretch of basin from the backlash of his attacks. However, that strong arm had continued to hold on to his head from the very beginning until now, not loosening its grip in the slightest.

Under Tynon's desperate gaze, Fang Xingjian once again appeared before him, without a single scratch. Fang Xingjian then punched out, destroying Tynon's lungs.

The toughness of their bodies were as different as diamond and coal. With a ping, Fang Xingjian burst Tynon's lungs and then nonchalantly said, "There are two pieces of news that I have to tell you.

"With your reassembly skills of a level 29, even if I were to kill you, it would take a lot of effort if I didn't hit you in the head.

"But from another perspective, it also means that I can have a good time with you before you die."

Boom! Another punch rang out, and Tynon's crotch was smashed. As he let out a horrified cry that shook the entire world, one of his legs was torn off once again.

"Stop! Stop it!"

Fang Xingjian ignored Tynon's resistance and furious howls. He just stomped the latter's other leg into meat paste as if he was raping a young girl.

Five minutes later, Peter finally managed to rush over. He had only managed to guess that they were around here when he saw explosions and sparks from afar.

Arriving above the basin, his ears twitched a little hearing sounds of boom boom boom boom boom ringing out from the central of the basin, like a pile driver.

Boom boom boom!

With each tremendous sound, the earth tremored and the rocks on the ground leaped, then landed back on the ground due to gravity.

Peter felt as if each colliding sound was knocking again his heart. He gulped, rose up high into the air, and looked in the direction of the basin's center.

The next moment, he felt a shiver running down his spine.

Fang Xingjian was punching again and again into the ground, each fist pounding down on a pile that looked like pieces of meat.

After each punch, the pieces of meat would curl up and attempt to reassemble, as if wanting to return to their original form. However, they would once again be distorted beyond recognition with Fang Xingjian's next punch.

Only the topmost portion of the flesh where Tynon's head was at continued to remain intact. Tynon looked at Fang Xingjian in horror, saying, "Stop! Stop it!

"If you keep going, I'll be dead soon!

"Stop! I'm soon going to run out of power to regenerate!"

Fang Xingjian finally came to a stop. However, it was not because of Tynon's bellows. Fang Xingjian merely turned to look in the direction where Peter was at.

In that instant, as their gazes met, Peter's body trembled as he felt endless fury and killing intent gushing toward him. It felt as if ice-cold sword light was brushing past him through the air and he felt as if his body had been sliced into pieces.

Fang Xingjian asked coldly, "Is something the matter?"

Peter gulped and said, "He seems to be a Conferred Knight..." Tynon had yet to reveal his true face and Peter wanted to advise Fang Xingjian to let Tynon go and not to kill an Empire's Conferred Knight.

However, he had yet to finish his sentence when Fang Xingjian glared and let out a soft bellow, "Scram."

With a swoosh , Peter flew off, as if he was unwilling to stay even for one more second. He even thought of how rude he had previously been to Fang Xingjian and felt a chill on his spine, as if he had just escaped death.

Peter turned back to see that Tynon's head already seemed as if he no longer had any more energy. On his deathbed, Tynon looked at Fang Xingjian, his eyes filled with desperation and mania. "Kill me. Even if I died, I still won't return your things to you. Hahahahahaha!"

Expressionless, Fang Xingjian slightly shook his wrist and asked the little snake which had disguised itself as a bangle, "Didn't you want to eat something? Once you've eaten him, you should be able to steal his ability, right?"

The bangle abruptly opened an eye and it stared greedily at Tynon, who had already turned into a pile of mushy flesh.