Chapter 423: Divine Remains

 Chapter 423: Divine Remains

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The Divine level spinal bone on the stage was something which a small group of grave robbers had gotten from a graveyard. Thereafter, they had sold it to Hildebrand, the leader of the Great Western City's underground influence.

When Hildebrand first saw this Divine level spinal bone, he had been extremely excited. However, after countless attempts, he discovered that the Divine level intent had already disappeared. What it now contained was a different consciousness which was extremely evil. Upon contact, one would be attacked, and the prowess of the consciousness would not lose out to that of a Divine level expert.

Unless a Divine level expert took action, it was impossible for it to be forged into a weapon.

Additionally, the cost of getting a Divine level expert to help drive out the evil consciousness in it was far too high. The losses would outweigh the gains. Therefore, he decided to just put it up for auction and pass on the headache to whoever bought it.

When Fang Xingjian saw the Divine level spinal bone on the stage, he revealed an interested gaze. If it was said that the previous items he had bidded for were all things which he had casually bought, then this Divine level spinal bone had really aroused his interest.

Lilia, who was seated on his lap, shifted her hips a little and said, "Teacher, you're thinking of buying this Divine level spinal bone?"

Fang Xingjian nodded as his eyes were fixed on the spinal bone on the stage. He said, "Mmm, it'll be best if I can make a longsword from this Divine level spinal bone."

Just then, Hoult took the chance to call out the first bid, "One million gold!"

The highest bid of the night had appeared, instantly extinguishing the intention of most people who had wanted to bid.

However, it was not as if no one else was bidding for it. Tynon stared intensely at the Divine level spinal bone and bidded, "1.1 million gold." After winning the items from the auction earlier, he was still left with 1.8 million gold. His plan was to get his hands on the Divine level spinal bone even if he had to spend all of the 1.8 million gold he had.

Hoult stood up as well, clenching his fists as he looked at the Divine level spinal bone. As a student under the teachings of a Divine level expert, he was a person who had actual contact with a true Divine level expert. So, out of everyone present, he probably knew best how great the prowess of a Divine Remains Equipment made from the spinal bone of a Divine level expert would be.

Hearing Tynon's bid, he immediately said, "1.2 million gold!"

However, Hoult had only just said this and before his attendant had even called out the bid, a cold voice rang out from private room number one, "Three million gold." It was the voice of the attendant from private room number one.

Three million gold... This was a sum which was even greater than the combined price off all the earlier auction items. Such a terrifying sum of money was like a great and heavy mountain, smashing down on Hoult and making him unable to gather up a will to resist.

Hoult let out a breath and said, "To be able to spend so much money at once... It would have to be either Xiao Tianxia or Odysseus."

Miley said, "Don't forget, there's still Fang Xingjian."

Hoult frowned. "His money shouldn't be in that quickly, right?"

"That's hard to say." Miley shook her head. "I heard from my father that the archbishop has agreed to all of Fang Xingjian's requests, so it isn't impossible for the money to be remitted to his account quickly.

"Do you think it's true that Fang Xingjian has some relations with the Church of Universal Truth? First it was Lord Holy Orison, then it's the archbishop... To think that everyone's standing on his side."

Hoult shook his head and casted a yearning look toward the Divine level spinal bone while saying, "Who knows."

In another private room, Tynon clenched his teeth and stared viciously with wide-open eyes in the direction of private room number one. 'You! It's you again! Who on earth is in private room number one?! Don't let me find out...'

However, in the auction hall, it was impossible for Tynon to take action.

Therefore, he could only look upon this scene with a crestfallen expression. The moment the auction was over, he headed in the direction of private room number one but was told that the other party had already left.

He punched the wall angrily, smashing a small hole into it. Just then, he saw Hildebrand walk over.

"Tynon, are you trying to tear down my place?"

Tynon drew back his hand and said, "I'm sorry. I was too agitated."

Hildebrand smiled and said while shaking his head, "I think you're trying to stir up trouble with the person in private room number one, right? I'd advise you to give up on this idea."

"Why?" Tynon could not accept this and asked Hildebrand, "Who is he?"

Hildebrand shook his head. "According to the auction hall's regulations, I can't reveal his identity. However, I must tell you that the money he spent today was all earned by him.

"Although he is young, he has amazing talent and has forged relations with the Church of Universal Truth. I'd advise you to not get involved with him."

Tynon's eyes narrowed slightly, and he nodded at Hildebrand before taking his leave.

Peter, who was just next to Hildebrand, asked, "Will he take action?"

"Tynon is easily infuriated and has a bad temper. If not for his lack of confidence, he would probably dare to fight me now that he has gotten stronger. So, why would he not dare to fight Fang Xingjian?" Hildebrand said, "It'd be good if he takes action. He can help me test out Fang Xingjian. But it's fine if he doesn't either. After all, I've earned quite a lot from the high bids in this auction."


Tynon only had to ask around a little to know who Hildebrand was referring to. Therefore, he followed after Fang Xingjian's horse carriage.

The people on the horse carriage were Fang Xingjian and Lilia. If Fang Xingjian were alone, he would have returned by flying back. However, Lilia was not even a Knight, and her attributes were too weak. As such, he was unable to fly back while carrying her.

Right now, there were three boxes in the horse carriage, placed in order of their sizes. They were the geomagnetic essence, Golden Pellet, and the Divine level spinal bone respectively. Since they were in the horse carriage, Fang Xingjian did not plan on wasting his time.

He opened up the box containing the geomagnetic essence, held onto it, and started to absorb the heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces within it.

Streams of white electric currents started to flicker on his palm. Then violent heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces channelled continuously into Fang Xingjian's body, increasing his body's toughness.

A short half an hour later, the geomagnetic essence turned into ash. When Fang Xingjian opened his eyes, there seemed to be electricity sparkling in them.

To begin with, he had already received the nourishment from the Divine blood's essence, and his body's toughness had improved to become that of a level 28 Superior Divine Weapon. However, after absorbing this geomagnetic essence, his body's toughness increased once again. His body became more compact, and the connection between physical particles became more stable as well.

Despite this, his body was still a far cry from a level 29 Superior Divine Weapon.

'It's a pity that geomagnetic essence is rare to begin with, and such high quality ones are even rarer.'

At that moment, a short and lean old man with a shrunken face chased up to them and said, "Wait a moment, wait a moment! There's something which you've forgotten."

The horse carriage came to a stop, and the old man rested on hand against the carriage. While panting, he said, "Wait a moment, wait a moment..."

However, at the next moment, the horse carriage and all the items in it seemed to have been sucked into a great whirlpool. They had instantly disappeared into the palm of his hand which had been resting on the carriage.

The old man let out a maniacal bellow, and his body shot out like a bolt of lightning. Information currents gushed forth, "Fang Xingjian, all of the world's amazing things reside with the ones who have virtue. It seems that you aren't virtuous enough."

However, the old man had just run a distance of 200 meters when a pair of eyes filled with killing intent stopped before him. Simultaneously, endless violent intent descended from the skies.

"Oh? Is that so?"