Chapter 422: Ongoing Auction

 Chapter 422: Ongoing Auction

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"70,000 gold!"

"80,000 gold!"

"90,000 gold!"

"100 thousand gold!"

The price of the geomagnetic essence continued to rise as Tynon and Hoult continued to vie for it. In the end, Hoult shook his head and left the competition with Tynon calling for a high bid of 180,000 gold.

"This lunatic. It's only a geomagnetic essence. Is there a need to spend so much money?"

When Tynon noticed that private room number two no longer made any calls, he broke into a satisfied smile.

However, just then, private room number one, which had kept being silent all this time, suddenly called for a bid, "300,000 gold."

Hearing this bid, everyone present gasped. Even if this piece of geomagnetic essence was especially outstanding, it was worth 150,000 gold at most. However, someone had actually called out a bid of 300,000, double of its value.

Tynon gritted his teeth and said, "310,000 gold."

In private room number one, Fang Xingjian said, without a care, "Call for 500,000 gold."

The whopping price of 500,000 gold once again astonished the entire hall. Hoult shook his head, smiling bitterly, "Who is this, being so overbearing with his riches?"

Tynon clenched his teeth angrily and seethed, "Idiot, spending 500,000 gold on something that's worth 150,000 gold."

Beside Fang Xingjian, Lilia said, "Master, is it really alright to be spending so much money on this?"

Fang Xingjian shook his head. "It's fine as long as it's useful. Money is just a number to me right now."

Currently, Fang Xingjian had over 18 million gold at hand. After giving Anthony five million to purchase the ingredients required for the mystical prints, Fang Xingjian was still left with 13 million.

Moreover, he was still going to take up the second phase of the Martial Techniques Grading Plan. Additionally, there was also still the money which the Regional Academy would be remitting to his account monthly, as well as the Rebirth Sword Technique's royalties. Fang Xingjian had so much money that he did not know what to spend it on.

Well, actually, it was not that he did not know what to spend them on. Ferdinand and the others had tried to persuade him on multiple occasions to purchase properties, set up a trade association, and things like that. However, Fang Xingjian was not interested in all these. He only wanted to purchase more things to increase his power.

Just then, the second item up for auction appeared on the stage.

It was a box which was looked like a diamond. There was a golden sphere in the middle of the box, jumping about as if it was alive.

Everyone looked at this scene in great astonishment, curious to find out what it was.

The auctioneer shouted, "Everyone, may I have your attention please! This is a rare treasure from the mysterious Western Land. It's a mysterious item the top notch experts there have created. They call it the Golden Pellet.

"This Golden Pellet was refined by seven level 29 top notch experts using the essence of the flesh and blood from over 12 types of high quality ferocious beasts, as well as over 1,000 precious medicinal herbs.

"This single Golden Pellet alone can change one's physique, increasing one's potential points by one million points. Furthermore, it can stimulate the three great specialties, namely the Body Alleviation, Reflected Retaliation, as well as the Strength and Gentleness Unison.

"The starting bid is 100,000 gold. Each increment mustn't be lower than 1,000 gold."

Tynon looked toward the Golden Pellet on the stage and laughed maniacally inwardly, 'Good stuff, good stuff. I'm bent on getting my hands on this!!' With that, he called for a bid of 200,000 gold.

Hoult also stood up with great curiosity. This item was also very beneficial for a new Conferred Knight like himself. He called out a bid, "220,000 gold."

The people before the stage and those in the other private rooms also took turns to call out their bids. In the blink of an eye, the bidding price had escalated to 400,000 gold.

At this price, most of the people present were already incapable of raising the price any higher. This was a price which only the top characters amongst those in the second transition would be able to afford. Across the entire Empire, there were probably only one to two hundred people who could afford to spend such a huge sum of money.

In the end, Tynon called the bid, "410,000 gold."

Finally, no one else called for a higher bid, and Tynon let out a sigh of relief.

However, from private room number one, Fang Xingjian called out a bid once again, "600,000 gold."

The bid of 600,000 gold caused everyone in the auction hall to gasp. This was considered an extremely high price, and 99% of the people present would not be able to afford that even if all their assets were put in.

Tynon gritted his teeth so tightly like they would shatter. 600,000 gold was about one-third of the funds he had, so it was impossible for him to raise the bid any further. He could only look furiously in the direction of private room number one.

In private room number one, Fang Xingjian no longer looked at the stage after calling his bid. He just looked toward Lilia and said, "Lilia, do you have the confidence to get through the Prefectural Selection this year?"

Right now, Lilia was sitting on Fang Xingjian's lap, grabbing onto his arm like a little kitten. Hearing that, she nodded and said, "I do, but there are too many great talents in the Great Western City and my father is asking me to return to Kirst and take the test."

Lilia was dressed in a black gown and had a small hat on her head. Her short dress revealed a pair of pale and tender legs, which showed the faint curves of her muscles. She was both lively and cute.

Fang Xingjian nodded as he looked at the light spots on Lilia which represented her emotions. Simultaneously, he was contemplating something.

He was thinking of letting his subordinates have access to one or two levels of the mystical prints. It would not cost much, but the effects would be exceptional.

For the first person he would try this on, he would of course look for his most loyal subordinate.

Having brought Lilia out today and after asking her some questions, he realized that she was still full of admiration for him and was also reliant on him. Therefore, he said, "After the auction ends, head over to my place with me."

"Ah!" Lilia let out an astonished cry as she said while blushing, "Master, is anything the matter?"

Fang Xingjian nodded and pat Lilia on the head, saying, "I'm going to apply some things on your body. It's beneficial for you."

"Mmm." Lilia lowered her head, feeling that her body was heating up and her mind was in a mess. She could no longer hear what was happening in the auction hall.

For the next few auctions of medicinal herbs and Superior Divine Weapons, Fang Xingjian did not intervene. Thus, the items were split up between Tynon, Hoult, and a few other wealthy people.

With the many waves of bids, the auction came to a climax. The best item of this auction was finally going to appear.

As the auctioneer gradually took off the red cloth covering the item, a chunk of white spinal bone appeared before everyone.

The moment the bone appeared, an extremely tyrannical aura gushed forth, causing countless people to faint and others to back off.

Looking at the white spinal bone on the stage, even Hoult could not help but stand up and utter, "This is..."

Tynon's eyes were fixed on the spinal bone on the stage and seemed to glow with a green light of greed.

The auctioneer on the stage shouted out with great enthusiasm, "That's right! Your guesses are right!

"This is a piece of Divine level remains!

"A group of people stole this piece of spinal bone from the grave of the Great Spiritual Divinity, a Divine level expert from 300 years ago!"

Looking at the crowd who had entered a state of fever, Hildebrand broke into a satisfied smile.

Beside Hildebrand, Peter was struck with a pang. "Big Brother, you're going to sell the Divine level remains just like that?"

"What can I do with it if I don't sell it? It's only good for looking at. It's completely useless! This piece of the Divine level remains can't be used at all." Hildebrand said calmly, "However, if I sell it, it can bring me a huge sum of money."