Chapter 421: Start of Auction

 Chapter 421: Start of Auction

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Achilles was so angry that his eyelids kept on twitching. He said, "Alright, then we'll meet each other during the evening in three days time."

Seeing Achilles leave with a crestfallen expression, Tynon felt immensely satisfied.

Meanwhile, Fang Xingjian had watched the entire scene from the entrance. Beside him, his female disciple, Lilia, said, "Master, that Achilles seems to have sent a gift."

After Fang Xingjian had completed 1% of the Martial Techniques Grading Plan, the archbishop announced that he would discuss with the Church's upper echelon regarding the second round of collaboration with Fang Xingjian.

They might give Fang Xingjian even more sword techniques to appraise.

No one knew how much Fang Xingjian had earned for the first round, nor how much funds were involved in the next round. These were after all, top secret.

However, it did not take much of a guess for one to know that there would only be more and more money. Therefore, more and more people came to get into his good books.

Just how much money was involved with the Martial Techniques Grading Plan? Moreover, for Fang Xingjian to be snatching this project and even Hildebrand failing in his attempt, no one else would dared to vie for a chance.

However, if they were to get into Fang Xingjian's good books and he were to put aside some loose change for them, it would still be a tremendous sum of money.

Fang Xingjian nodded. "Achilles isn't his match. That Tynon seems interesting." Then he smiled and went inside.

"Send someone to ask if he's willing to come over for a chat."


"Fang Xingjian is inviting me over?" Hearing that, Tynon's eyes narrowed as he thought, 'This guy has seen how amazing my Gates of the Netherworld is and wishes to get into my good books? Or is he trying to find out the secrets to the Gates of the Netherworld?'

Regardless, Tynon did not plan on obliging to Fang Xingjian's request. He said, "Tell him that I have some things to attend to today, and that we should meet up another time."

With that, the attendant left. Not long later, Hildebrand walked into the private room and said, "Tynon, it's been a year since we've last met. To think that your martial arts have improved to such a great extent."

Tynon stood up and looked at Hildebrand. "Hildebrand, why have you come to my private room?" He then turned to look toward the front facing windows of the private room. Tynon could see the preparation work being done on the stage and the countless ordinary guests starting to enter the venue.

The other private rooms in the area were all for the influential characters of the Great Western City. Aside from the organizers, no one knew who were in the rooms.

The private room had an area of over 100 square meters, and the walls and the ceiling were layered with many panels of metal.

With such a large distance apart in addition to the many layers of metals, even Conferred Knights would find it very hard to use their Heaven's Perception to sense who were in each private rooms. This provided the guests in the private rooms the highest degree of privacy.

Hildebrand smiled and sat next to Tynon. "We haven't met for so long. Are you being so unwelcoming to me?"

Tynon found this funny. One year ago, even though he was ranked fifth, when had Hildebrand ever taken a good look at him?

However, right now, after he had injured Achilles seriously with a single move, Hildebrand was now being so friendly with him. This was the charm of power.

"Young Master Hildebrand, how could I possibly not welcome you?" Tynon said with a shrug.

Hildebrand looked curiously at Tynon and said, "Your improvement over the past one year is exceptional. Did you came across a fortuitous encounter?"

Tynon said calmly, "I've only entered a few historical remains and learned some small skills." It was of course impossible for Tynon to share the secrets of the Gates of the Netherworld.

Hildebrand smiled and did not pursue any further. He merely tried to maintain on good terms with Tynon. Soon after, an attendant walked over to him and whispered something to his ears.

Hildebrand said, "I'll go accompany Xingjian. Please feel at ease. All your expenses here today will be on me."

Tynon waved his hand to indicate that he understood. His eyes were already glued to the content of the auction, which had officially started.

The auctioneer revealed the first item. It was an almost fully translucent rock which exuded hints of electricity.

The auctioneer introduced, "This geomagnetic essence is an exquisite piece from the Sand Country. It comes from the Sand Country's Geocentric Shrine and is a high quality item that can increase the toughness of one's body. The starting bid is 10,000 gold, and each additional bid mustn't be less than 1,000 gold."

Tynon looked greedily at the geomagnetic essence on the stage. He had just entered level 29 and such items which could strengthen his foundations were what he needed the most. Therefore, he said to the attendant, "50,000 gold."

The attendant outside raised a paddle.

"50,000 gold!" The auctioneer shouted out exaggeratedly. "The guest from private room number three has called out a bid of 50,000 gold! Are there any other bids? This is the geocentric essence that has been nurtured for over 10,000 years in the Sand Country's Geocentric Shrine! It can bring about an unrivalled elevation to the toughness of one's body!"


In private room number two was Hoult, a student under the teachings of Divine level expert, Astral Ancestor. Hoult wore a sapphire blue long-robe and appeared very graceful. By his side, a gorgeously dressed young lady was seated there.

The young lady was called Miley, and she was the daughter of the Great Western Region's Regional Chief. After hearing Tynon's bid, she smiled and said, "The guy from room number three seems to be very anxious."

Hoult broke out into a brilliant smile. "The geomagnetic essence is really something which most Conferred Knights need. I'll bid 60,000 gold."

Over the past few months, Hoult had walked out from Fang Xingjian's shadows and no longer set him as his goal. In fact, after excluding Fang Xingjian, Hoult would be considered as a top notch character amongst the younger generation.

Meanwhile, the Regional Chief's youngest daughter, Miley, was a rare beauty. She was also the youngest daughter whom the Great Western Region's Regional Chief doted on the most.

Although Hoult was a student under the teachings of a Divine level expert, he was not the only youngster in the Myriad Star Palace, and like the others, he needed external assistance. Aside from the Governor, the Regional Chief was the second most influential person in the Great Western Region. Clearly, he was a good person to seek assistance from.

Therefore, Hoult had gotten very intimate with Miley recently, relying on his handsome appearance and outstanding talent in martial arts.

The auctioneer shouted, "60,000! Private room number two has bid 60,000 gold! Are there any other bidders!"


Hildebrand returned to his private room number nine, looked at the bids outside, and smiled. "Both Hoult and Tynon are exceptional." As the organizer of the auction, he was of course very happy.

"Congratulations, Big Brother. You're going to rolling in big bucks." Peter, who was next to him, said, "But that Fang Xingjian is really arrogant. He keeps on wearing a cold expression, as if everyone owes him a great debt."

Recalling how Fang Xingjian seemed expressionless when he went to look for him earlier, Hildebrand also frowned slightly and said, "He's now in the limelight now. It's better for us to not offend him head-on.

"Have you investigated the case concerning the volcano?"

Peter said, "We didn't find any witnesses. The villagers there had already evacuated due to the volcano eruption. Big Brother, are you really suspecting that Fang Xingjian can suppress a volcano alone by himself?"

"It's better to be safe than sorry. Fang Xingjian can complete the cultivation of 1,000 sword techniques in a few days. Do you really think that this is all there is to his abilities?" Hildebrand said, "We must think of a way to test him out." Thinking of this, Hildebrand turned his gaze toward private room number three where Tynon was located.