Chapter 420: Serious Injury From A Single Hit

 Chapter 420: Serious Injury From A Single Hit

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"Xingjian, I heard that the Martial Techniques Grading Plan has paid out quite a huge sum of money this time around. It was even reported on the newspaper that there was over ten million."

"That is nothing. With Xingjian's talent, he probably won't even have any issues if he were to lead the entire Martial Techniques Grading Plan."

"That's true. With Xingjian's sword arts cultivation, it'll just be a matter of time before he attains the Divine level."

Tynon frowned and looked at the crowd that was heading off. Out of them, there were quite a number of Conferred Knights whom he recognized. They were all his juniors from the Regional Academy. So, he could not help but say, "What on earth is that racket? Where is that kid from?"

The attendant smiled and said, "That's Lord Fang Xingjian. I heard that he has accepted to do 1% of the Church of Universal Truth's Martial Techniques Grading Plan single-handedly. Right now, he's the most popular unrivalled genius in the entire Great Western City."

"Genius?" Tynon smiled in contempt. Right now, other than the top three, who were Odysseus, Hildebrand, and Xiao Tianxia respectively, he did not pay the others any heed. This was also because he had just returned to the Great Western City and had not heard of any detailed news regarding Fang Xingjian.

However, even if he were to hear Fang Xingjian's reputation as a genius, as well as the detailed events, he would probably just shrug it off.

It was because with the Gates of the Netherworld, aside from pure physical attacks, he could absorb and repel almost all kinds of attacks. To him, the top three, or even people like the Governor and the Regional Chief, were merely people he would need time to take down one by one.

He was only halfway to the private room when he heard another cold and eerie voice coming from behind him, "Tynon, you still dare to come back here?"

Hearing that voice, Tynon turned and saw a pale-faced and lean-looking man walking toward him.

When the man saw Tynon's face, he broke into a cold smile and said to the subordinate next to him, "Bring that item to Xingjian first. I'll be there shortly."

After seeing his subordinate carry the box in his arms and run toward the room Fang Xingjian was in, the man then turned to look at Tynon. His face wore hints of malice as he said, "Tynon, you still have the face to come back?"

"Achilles..." Tynon looked at the cold-looking man before him, and a vengeful voice emerged from his mouth. This expert who was ranked fourth in the academy had personally defeated and humiliated Tynon before everyone. He had stomped down on Tynon's pride.

It could be said that without Achilles's bullying, Tynon would not have made up his mind to leave one year ago.

Right now, the meeting of these two foes caused their eyes to light up with fury. Tynon glared at Achilles and said, "Achilles, it won't be long before I let you know that offending me is the most foolish thing you have done in your entire life."

"Tynon, you're still as petty as ever. If a person who cultivates fist techniques doesn't have a broad mind that can accept the whole world, how will he be able to cultivate the most domineering fists in the world? Let me see what you've achieved after one year of hard work."

As Achilles spoke, he stepped forward, and several hundred streams of aura from his specialty seeds gushed forth. The forces of countless physical particles suddenly exploded, and in that instant, his right fist seemed to have become extremely heavy. Then when he punched out with his fist, it felt as if the entire world was contained in this punch.

In that instant, he also appeared to have become extremely magnificent and tall.

This was the Killing technique, Tyrant Fist.

It was hard to imagine that Achilles, who appeared so cold, could suddenly perform such a violent fist technique. His disposition also changed tremendously in that instant.

With his punch unleashed, violent shock waves condensed to form a huge dragon which charged toward Tynon.

However, when faced with this punch, Tynon merely put out his right palm and opened the Gates of the Netherworld.

In that instant, his palm seemed to transform into a black hole which could absorb everything. Faced with Achilles's attack, Tynon merely resisted gently. Then the dragon-shaped shock wave seemed to enter into an alternate world in that split second, immediately absorbed in entirety by Tynon's Gates of the Netherworld.

Looking at Achilles's astonished gaze, Tynon let out a cold laugh and said, "Seems like you haven't had much progress for the past one year. Let me be the one to test you out instead."

As Tynon spoke, he opened up the Gates of the Netherworld. Endless red light gushed forth from his palm, and a red meteor soared out. The moment it appeared, it already threatened to turn the entire auction into ash. With an aura which seemed like it was going to incinerate the entire world, the red meteor shot out toward Achilles.

"This is the Great Red Lotus?"

In almost the same instant when the red comet appeared, over ten Conferred Knights dashed out, extended out their force fields, and encompassed the two who were fighting.

Hildebrand was the first to appear. With a swing of his palm, the space at which the two were at seemed to have been sliced out. The explosive forces Achilles and Tynon unleashed could no longer affect the auction hall.

With a tremendous boom, Achilles received the Great Red Lotus and was covered in dust from the explosion. More than half of his clothes had also been destroyed, and he spewed out a large mouthful of blood. He seemed as if he was greatly weakened.

The scorching air currents and shock waves surged out in all directions, but when they came into contact with the area Hildebrand had cut off, it seemed as though they had gone onto a never-ending path. As such, the shock waves were totally unable to reach the auction hall.

For him to be seriously injured by his sworn enemy, Achilles was infuriated. He summoned up his boiling aura once again with the desire to activate his secret arts.

"Tynon!" Achilles let out a furious bellow, wanting to attack again. However, he was stopped by Hildebrand who appeared before him.

"Enough. Where do you think this place is?" Hildebrand looked at Tynon, nodded, and said, "Tynon, you've really improved tremendously in this past one year. That Great Red Lotus from earlier is the ultimate technique of the Eastern Rain Continent's Red Lotus Dojo, right? How did you learn it?"

Tynon smiled coldly but did not reply. He looked at the space around them which had been reformed and thought, 'Is this the World Partition which has been passed down in Hildebrand's clan? The space in the world which we're in is formed by countless shattered pieces. He's unable to smash space but is able to expand the gaps between spaces, forming an illusion as if the space has been sliced up.'

Seeing how the location of where he and Hildebrand were standing was all charred, and yet the auction hall, which was one meter away, was still perfectly fine, Tynon could not help but feel more wary toward the World Partition technique.

'However, although it is amazing, it's still a far cry for my Gates of the Netherworld.'

Achilles let out a cold snort and said, "Hildebrand, I'll let this go on your account this time around." With that, Achilles turned to leave.

However, it was impossible for Tynon to let him leave just like that. He said coldly, "Achilles, are you thinking of leaving just like that? Do you dare to have a fight with me in the arena three days later?"

Tynon had put hard work into his cultivation for one year, and trained day and night after having gotten his hands on the Gates of the Netherworld. He had worked hard around the clock just to fight back for himself and to suppress Achilles. How could he possibly let Achilles go just like that?

Achilles turned and gazed at Tynon vengefully, "Tynon, are you courting death?"

"We all know who is the one courting death." Tynon shrugged, "Why, do you not dare to take up the challenge? That's true, after all, you are unable to even accept one attack from me. How could you possibly be willing to fight it out in the arena with me?"

Tynon had absorbed too many attacks at the same level as the Gates of the Netherworld while travelling. So, to him, Achilles was far too weak.