Chapter 419: Rich

 Chapter 419: Rich

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A few days later, Fang Xingjian looked at Zhou Xingwen and said, "Has the money for the Martial Techniques Grading Plan come in?"

Zhou Xingwen nodded and said, "Yes, all 15 million gold have been received. I don't know why they are suddenly so fast. At first, they said that they needed to check through all the records and would only release the funds when all of them have passed the checks. But I was suddenly told today that the funds have all come in."

Fang Xingjian nodded and looked out the door. Ferdinand came in as well. Zhou Xingwen said in astonishment, "Could it be that the money for the royalties has come in as well?"

Ferdinand's brows twitched. "Old Zhou, how did you know?" At the next moment, Ferdinand understood, "Is the money for your side in as well?"

The two of them exchanged a glance and then looked at Fang Xingjian. Then they said, "Xingjian, from today onward, you're probably the richest person in the Great Western Region."

The gazes at which the two of them used to look at Fang Xingjian were filled with envy. A total of 18 million... Even after deducting the payouts to the people who were helping him as well as the administrative fees, Fang Xingjian would still be left with about 16 to 17 million gold. Moreover, there were only a few more days till February, and the next monthly payment for the Prodigious Astral Divine Powers Waves would be coming in then. By that time, Fang Xingjian would have savings of close to 20 million gold.

20 million gold... If a comparison must be made, it would probably be equivalent to several hundred billion USD on Earth.

This meant that Fang Xingjian, having gotten his hands on such a tremendous amount of money, would be considered one of the richest in across the world, let alone in the Great Western Region.

However, Fang Xingjian was definitely not going to keep the money he had with him for long. It was because he would be spending all of them very soon, turning them all into various attributes, specialties, and mystical prints.

To him, his power was the most important.

Ferdinand said, "Hildebrand has invited us to participate in the upcoming auction. It's said to be the first auction after the new year. Everyone participating is loaded with money, and there will be many good items up for auction.

"Xingjian, are you going to participate?"

Fang Xingjian nodded, "I'll participate then."

Over ten minutes later, Ferdinand and Zhou Xingwen walked out together. Zhou Xingwen looked at Ferdinand and asked curiously, "Ferdinand, I heard that a great explosion occurred at the volcano, and the entire volcano was destroyed from the explosion. Do you know what happened? Is it related to Xingjian?"

Hearing that, Ferdinand was stunned for a moment before saying, "I don't know." However, after giving it some thought, he came up with a hint. "Maybe someone was cultivating there."

Zhou Xingwen could not help but turn to look in the direction of Fang Xingjian's room, and the admiration in his eyes grew increasingly stronger.


Outside the Great Western City, a man dressed in beast hide, who had a height of over 2.5 meters and the appearance of a wild beast, was standing there. He looked toward the Great Western City's city gate and broke into a grin.

A member of the City Guards Institution walked over and asked, "Tall guy, how long more are you going to be standing there? Do you know that you're blocking the way?"

"Oh?" The man did not move his head but just looked downward with his eyes, breaking into a smile.

With just one look, the guard became like a rabbit who encountering a tiger. He stiffened up, and his body trembled, unable to say a single word.

This lasted until the man gently pat him on the shoulder while saying, "I'm sorry. I understand."

The guard only regained his senses a good while later. He turned his head, but the man was already nowhere to be seen.

"Who exactly was the person from earlier?'

Tynon, who was ranked fifth in the Regional Academy and had came back after having traveled for a year, walked along the streets. His height of 2.5 meters attracted gazes everywhere he went.

Thinking of the achievements he had gotten for the past one year, endless emotions surged in his heart.

One year ago, when he left the academy, his goal had been to temper his martial will and prepare to strive for level 29 with an ether synchronization rate of 100%.

One year later, not only had he become a level 29 expert, but he had also inherited the legacy of a great ancient technique-Gates of the Netherworld.

Looking at the formation map in his palm, his eyes were brimming with confidence.

Gates of the Netherworld was a powerful Killing technique which involved both space and time. After one cultivated this Killing technique, the person's palm would gain a door leading to an alternate space.

The alternate space was a cube which was about 100 meters in length, width, and height. Tynon could store anything which came into contact with his palm into the alternate space and then release them at any time or place he wished to.

Everything he stored in the Gates of the Netherworld would enter an almost completely immobile state.

Therefore, they would emerge at the speed at which they entered.

They would also remain in whatever state they had been in when they entered.

The only flaw was that he was unable store living things.

Despite this, it was still considered terrifyingly powerful.

With the Gates of the Netherworld, Tynon would be able to absorb all the attacks his opponents launched at him. He would then be able to send the attacks back in the same state.

Regardless if it was light rays, shock waves, explosions, cold wind, thunderbolt... He would be able to take all of them and then send them back.

With such a horrifying Killing Path, Tynon gained the confidence to returned to the Great Western Region to vie for being the top in the Great Western Region. He would then take part in the National Selection as being the number one rank in the Great Western Region and then becoming first in the National Selection.

'As long as I have sufficient resources and I fight with enough experts, my Gates of the Netherworld will be able to have limitless potential.

'For the past three months, I've been fighting in the eight great continents. I challenged several hundred dojos and stored over 100 types of astonishing Killing techniques. '

Tynon stood on the roof of a tall building, looking down on the Great Western Region which was packed with human traffic. Suddenly, he had the feeling of although the world was big, there was still no one who could be his match.

'As long as I'm given time, with the Gates of the Netherworld, I'm invincible.

'And the Great Western Region will only be the beginning.

'Odysseus, Hildebrand, Xiao Tianxia... Despite being the top three in the Regional Academy, you will only be my stepping board.'

Thinking of this, his expression became increasingly satisfied. Then with consecutive flashes, he brought along a series of strong gales as he rushed toward the Great Western City's aristocratic district.

'I just happened to get my hands on a batch of ancient treasures. After selling them off, I now have about two million gold. Since Hildebrand has invited me to the auction he is organizing, I'll make a trip there to spend this sum of money.

'After spending these two million gold, the prowess of my Gates of the Netherworld will definitely be brought to greater heights.'

To the Tynon from one year ago, two million gold was a number which he would not have even dared to imagine. However, right now, that amount was in his hands.

'Two million gold... Even Hildebrand, who comes from a wealthy family, wouldn't have two million gold worth of fluid funds, right?'

Thinking of how Hildebrand would look when he made his bids, Tynon could not hold back the excitement he was feeling.

Tynon reached the auction hall and displayed his Knight medallion. The attendant showed a surprised expression. "Lord Tynon, you're back? I heard that you have become famous in the Eastern Rain Continent after you consecutively challenged the 12 dojos of the Great Thunder Alliance. You were amazing and unrivalled."

"Mmm," Tynon replied softly and tossed out a gold coin casually. The attendant immediately broke into a smile. Tynon said, "Get me a private room."

The attendant happily held onto the gold coin and led Tynon to a private room.

As they walked, Tynon asked the attendant about what items would be put up for auction.

Just then, amidst a great commotion, a group of people clustered around a young man who was wearing a cold expression. Over ten men and women fawned upon that young man, showering him with endless compliments.