Chapter 415: News

 Chapter 415: News

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As Hildebrand was thinking about these, he turned toward the archbishop and the Knight of the Rising Sun. He called out to them, "Hello, I wonder if you've given it some thought about the collaboration with our country?"

The archbishop did not say anything, neither did the Knight of the Rising Sun. The latter just opened his mouth and then looked at Hildebrand with a strange expression.

"You should take a look at the contents of these documents first."

Hildebrand thought what Gardner said seemed strange and turned toward the cart of documents. At the next moment, he activated his Heaven's Perception and started scanning through the contents of the documents.

"Sword of Blood... Temperature at which the blood boils... The curve from level 1 to 20..."

The detailed statistics were presented before Hildebrand. Even though he had not cultivated the Sword of Blood before, he could clearly understand the sword technique's traits and data.

However, he quickly went through this sword technique to the next, and then another, and then another.

As a level 29 expert, Hildebrand's ether synchronization rate was naturally at 100%. Therefore, the rate at which he scanned through the books was very fast. However, the more he scanned, the more unsightly his countenance became.

It was because from the beginning till now, he could not find any flaw. At the very least, all the documents of the sword techniques seemed to have no problem at all.


'How is this possible.

'He completed the appraisals for 1,000 sets of sword techniques within a few days?'

As he thought through these, Hildebrand's face suddenly broke out in astonishment.

If this was true, then Fang Xingjian had already learned 1,000 sets of sword techniques. Even if he had only managed to synthesize half of them successfully, how powerful would his Killing techniques have become?

Moreover, if Fang Xingjian's talent was truly this heaven-defying, then how astonishing would the rate of growth for his sword arts be? How many sword techniques had he learned till date? After all, the collection in the Great Western Region Regional Academy was quite significant.

This was the first time that Hildebrand had started to feel a hint of terror upon knowing of another person's talent.

It was because he had never known that a person's talent could be so terrifying.

The female reporter, Maria, said, "What's wrong? Are all these the sword techniques documents Fang Xingjian wrote? Are there really 1,000 sets?"

Hildebrand broke into a bitter smile. "That's right. It's a total of 1,000 sets."

The female reporter once again asked naively, "Then does that mean Fang Xingjian has completed the appraisal for 1,000 sets of sword techniques?"

Hildebrand could feel that his face was heating up as he recalled what he had said to her before. He felt like he had just been slapped in the face.

However, the archbishop broke into a satisfied smile and pat Gardner on the shoulder before leaving.

The Knight of the Rising Sun, Gardner, wore a grim expression similar to that of Hildebrand. No one could imagine that there would be such a terrifying talent like what Fang Xingjian had.

Not only had he picked up 1,000 sets of sword techniques in just a few days, he had even completed the appraisals on all of them.

'Is he still human?' Gardner was stunned.

The female reporter asked, "Are all these records real?"

Hildebrand smiled bitterly and said, "From the statistics, there doesn't seem to be any problem."

Then the female reporter continued to ask, "Then does this mean that Fang Xingjian completed the cultivation and appraisal of 1,000 sets of sword techniques within three or four days?"

Hildebrand fell silent for a moment before forcing a nod. "There's this possibility. But we'll need to investigate further to get the concrete details."

Maria took notes excitedly. This was groundbreaking news! For Fang Xingjian to have completed the appraisal for 1,000 sets of sword techniques within just a few days... This was an achievement which no one had ever succeeded before.

Then Hildebrand suddenly thought of what he had said to Fang Xingjian earlier.

'With this talent... with this talent... why would he still need any logic...? Why would he still need to follow any regulations?

'Being overly rigid will make one fragile? But if the person himself is a Divine level equipment, how can he be broken?'

His smile got increasingly rigid. 'What a joke. Hildebrand, when you said what you did... that was probably just a joke to him.'

At the next moment, he looked at Peter and communicated with him through information currents, "Invite Fang Xingjian to participate in the next auction. Remember, put up a good attitude.

"Oh, right. Tynon is coming back soon, right?"

"Yes, he's coming back soon."

Ignoring the twisted expression on Peter's face, Hildebrand thought to himself, '1,000 sets of sword techniques... 1,000 sets of sword techniques...'

The more Hildebrand thought about it, the more he felt a heavy tension.

That was an entire 1,000 sets of sword techniques. Hildebrand let out a long breath. 'Fang Xingjian is a person I mustn't make an enemy of. However, if I use him to clear away obstacles, it would be even better than using the world's sharpest blade.'

Thinking of this, Hildebrand once again broke into a calm and confident expression.


The office of the newspaper company set up by the Second Prince was located in the Empire's Imperial Capital. As the newspaper company's influence was growing wider, the newspaper company was now taking up the entire fifth story of a tall building, and there was endless human traffic.

Charlie walked into the hall slowly, his face wearing a gloomy expression.

Having become a Conferred Knight at a young age, he could be said to have a smooth-sailing life. He had even received the First Prince's recommendation and entered the Knight Association. Charlie had a bright future waiting before him.

However, because of the investigation in the Great Western Region of the matter involving Fang Xingjian, Charlie had gotten himself into a fix. In the end, after bribing various parties and also imparting the Effulgence Weapon, his special skill which was not imparted to outsiders, to Fang Xingjian, he had managed to remove the offence he was pinned with. This allowed him to avoid being pushed to the southern borders.

However, despite this, after he returned to the Imperial Capital, he continued to be excluded and be suppressed by others. He was being marginalized in the association.

Just then, a middle-aged man said, "Charlie, you're here!"

Charlie nodded. "Thank you, Derek. If I continue to not find anything to do, I'm going to rust soon."

"We're old friends. There's no need to say all these words of courtesy. Come on, many people are waiting."

Charlie followed the man into the office and saw five other experts, who were also at the second transition level, waiting there.

"This is Zac from the Fireworks Academy, this is Bartho form the Steelrend Academy, this is..." The middle-aged man, Derek, then finally turned to Charlie and said, "This is the representative from the Knight Association, Charlie."

"Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you."

Charlie politely exchanged greetings with this second transition teachers from aristocrat academies. They were all people who had seen no progress in their martial arts, thus they went to the respective aristocrat academies to become teachers, hoping to get rich.

In the past, there was no way that Charlie would think much of them.

After they exchanged greetings, the middle-aged man, Derek, said, "The reason I've invited everyone here today is because there's a piece of news that we need to verify."

With that, stacks of information were distributed out. Charlie took a look and saw that they were all information regarding sword techniques. However, these were all sword techniques which he was familiar with.

He continued to read on and saw the growth trend of the respective sword techniques. The changes and statistics for each level were written out in detail, and it could be said that these were perfect references and teaching materials.

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