Chapter 414: Interview

 Chapter 414: Interview

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Hildebrand smiled and said, "Our appointment should be tomorrow morning, right?"

Maria replied with a smile, "I'm a little bit on the impatient side and always try to get my articles out as soon as possible. As they say, time is money."

Seeing Hildebrand nod, Maria took out pen and paper, taking notes as she asked, "By the way, I haven't really been able to understand this completely. What is the purpose of the Martial Techniques Grading Plan?"

Hildebrand replied, "The Martial Techniques Grading Plan is a project to gather and sort out all the martial techniques in the world. What benefits are there? Far too many. The minute parameter of each martial technique will be tested, and we will also gain an understanding of the growth trend of the grades.

"If an ordinary Knight were to cultivate a set of martial technique, he would tend to require several years or several decades to reach the maximum level. What if this set of martial technique doesn't meet his expectations?

"The Martial Techniques Grading Plan allows everyone to know what they are cultivating, the best way of cultivating each technique, and what the eventual results would be.

"The same goes for the research on martial techniques. The existing synthesis formulas and creative research tend to require records of the martial techniques. These pieces of information tend to be based on the academy's documentations or may even require the researcher to cultivate the technique by himself. This is too time-consuming, and there are too many repetitive studies being conducted.

"Once the Martial Techniques Grading Plan is completed, all researchers would be able to get the records of the martial techniques they require.

"This isn't just beneficial to the current generation but also to the entire world's future. This is a project that builds on the foundation. After all the martial techniques have been tested and categorized, it'll bring great convenience to people worldwide, both in terms of cultivation and in terms of conducting research on martial techniques.

"It can be said that once the Martial Techniques Grading Plan is completed, the speed of research on martial techniques conducted worldwide will be increased by ten times or more."

"Based on my understanding, the Church had not initially planned on collaborating with the Empire for this project. It's only because the Great Western Region's genius, Fang Xingjian, was personally recommended by the Holy Orison that the collaboration has been agreed on. Is that right?"

"That is right." Hildebrand said, "There is no doubt that Fang Xingjian is talented. However, this tremendous project doesn't just concern one person, nor is it one which he can accomplish alone. Therefore, there's a need for the country to offer assistance. Otherwise, if he were doing it alone, how long would it take him?

"Moreover, although one's talent is very important for the project, a great level of mastery in sword arts, many years of experience, as well as an understanding of the sword arts are also very important. The central government will be sending many great masters to assist this plan."

Just then, Peter, who had been sent out, returned. Hildebrand threw him a glance, and the two of them started communicating through information currents.

Hildebrand asked, "How is it? What did they say?"

Peter frowned and replied, "Fang Xingjian said that he has completed the appraisal for the 1,000 sets of sword techniques."

Hildebrand shook his head. "How is that possible? I thought that he had some way of going around this. Isn't this him being like a kid and just trying to pull some tricks?"

"But he said that he has brought all the documents here, and he's bringing the archbishop and the Knight of the Rising Sun to see them."

"Hmmm?" Hildebrand frowned. "Could it be that he has completed a portion of it? Or did he forge the records?" Hildebrand shook his head. He was still unsure what trick Fang Xingjian was trying to pull. Therefore, he just stood up and said, "Let's go and have a look together. We shall see what on earth Fang Xingjian is trying to do."

The female reporter, Maria, said in astonishment, "Fang Xingjian is here as well? What has happened?"

Therefore, with Hildebrand's approval, Peter shared the whole turn of events with the female reporter.

Upon hearing that the appraisal for all 1,000 sets of sword techniques had been completed, her beautiful eyes popped wide open. However, she immediately realized that this was a great scoop and looked excitedly at Hildebrand while saying, "Is that possible?"

"It's just a load of nonsense." Hildebrand sighed and said, "It can be that Xingjian isn't satisfied with the collaboration between the Empire and the Church. The segment which he was supposed to be in charge of is now to be split between many others. He is still too young and aggressive, so he may be unwilling to accept this."

The female reporter's eyes gleamed. The contention between a genius and the upper echelon... This was going to be another piece of breaking news. She asked, "You're saying that Fang Xingjian wants to be the sole leader of the entire project?"

"He's young, so it's natural for him to be a little arrogant."

The female reporter asked again, "But when I came here, I heard that Fang Xingjian only spent a few minutes to pick up the Universal Truth Longsword. Is that true? If that is true, then wouldn't he only need a few thousand minutes to learn 1,000 sets of sword techniques? It might not be impossible for him to complete the task within a few days.

"Furthermore, he created the Rebirth Sword Technique previously. It's said to have received commendation from Lord Holy Orison."

"Haha, you're making it sound too simple. First of all, creating a sword technique and the speed at which one learns sword techniques are two different things altogether.

"50 years ago, the Blood Knight created the Blood Sea Divine Spear which is unrivalled at the southern borders. However, when he was young, because he learned things very slowly, he was thought to be useless.

"It's true that the Rebirth Sword Technique is very amazing, but it is just a Nurturing technique. It only goes to show that Fang Xingjian is very experienced in the area of physical cultivation as well as the circulation of the vital energy and blood. It doesn't have a great relation to his sword arts cultivation."

Hildebrand explained, "Furthermore, even if he did learn the Universal Truth Longsword very quickly, being able to learn one sword technique fast doesn't mean that he can do the same for all sword techniques. The unique trait, direction, and the people suited for each sword technique are different. The fact that Fang Xingjian learns the Universal Truth Longsword very quickly goes to show that he has the experience in a similar area. If it's a different sword technique, he may not be able to learn it.

"Furthermore, learning new sword techniques requires a high level of concentration. He might be able to focus for a few minutes, or even a few hours. However, he can't possibly stay focused for several tens of hours, right?

"Additionally, the Martial Techniques Grading Plan doesn't only require one to learn the techniques. One has to test them out one by one and then record the details.

"Putting aside the various tests required, and looking just at the recording of the details... Let me ask you a question. No matter how fast you move, are you able to write at the same speed? Writing and recording require delicate control of one's movements. No matter how fast one is, the person wouldn't be able to be that fast in this area.

"Even if he were to replicate out all the documents for the 1,000 sword techniques, it would probably take him half a month. So, how could he have possibly completed the task?"

Maria nodded, feeling that what Hildebrand analyzed made sense. She wrote down all the things Hildebrand had shared with her and felt even more excited. As expected, everything related to Fang Xingjian was breaking news. The Rebirth Sword Technique had already attracted the attention of Divine level experts. It was unexpected that this time around, Hildebrand was opposing Fang Xingjian.

On the way, Hildebrand refused to accept that Fang Xingjian had truly completed the appraisal for all 1,000 sword techniques.

'In the end, the only person Fang Xingjian can rely on for this matter would be Governor Devitt and the Second Prince's faction.

'However, the issue of the collaboration between the Empire and the Church isn't something which the Great Western Region alone would be able to take the leading role in. It'll definitely attract the central government's attention. In the central government, of course the First Prince's words would hold greater weight.

'Even if Fang Xingjian were to bring out Devitt, I can just use the First Prince's name. There's no way that he'll be able to win against me.'

Thinking of all these, Hildebrand felt that it was unlikely for Fang Xingjian to have forged the documentations. However, it was still a well-used method by appraisers to complete a portion first and then say that he was still sorting through the other records in order to delay some time.

With that, Hildebrand was even more curious. If he were to expose Fang Xingjian's plan, what would Fang Xingjian do?

'In the end, he is still inexperienced. He already met me at the entrance. Didn't he think of the reason why I've come?'

Hildebrand, Peter, and the female reporter arrived at the outside of the inn. They saw that the archbishop and the Knight of the Rising Sun were standing before a cart of documents.

The two of them were clearly checking the contents of the documents with their Heaven's Perception.

Hildebrand walked over only to discover that Fang Xingjian was no longer around. Looking at the cart of documents, Hildebrand smiled and thought inwardly, 'Could it be that he was rejected by the archbishop on the spot?' After giving it some thought, Hildebrand thought that it was not impossible. To the Church, working together with the Empire would definitely be better than to just be working with Fang Xingjian, who was merely a student.

'In the end, Fang Xingjian is just a student. Before he advances into a level 29 top notch expert, becomes a leader of a region, and turns his talent into strength, he is merely a student.'