Chapter 410: Expensive and Fast

 Chapter 410: Expensive and Fast

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Rota also gulped and then put down her knife and fork, not daring to take another bite.

A Golden Lobster which cost 100,000 gold... This made her feel that the bite she took earlier had expended one month's worth of her living expenses.

However, Fang Xingjian ate very calmly. Right now, he no longer cared about the small purchases. Regardless of whether it was the money the Prodigious Astral Divine Powers Waves brought him every month, the Rebirth Sword Technique's royalties which came from within the Empire, the money which would be coming in from the Martial Techniques Grading Plan, or the Rebirth Sword Technique's royalties which would be coming in from the north... he would be getting several millions gold in income every month.

This also meant that every month, he would get enough money to purchase a number of Prefectural Academies. Each action he made would affect the economy of the entire Great Western Region.

However, his expenditure was also tremendous. The mystical prints for the eighth, ninth, and tenth levels would exceed millions of gold.

In order to expedite the rate at which he condensed specialty seeds, he needed to spend a tremendous amount of wealth to purchase heavenly and earthly treasures. This would help him to condense the specialty seeds.

Looking at Anderson, Fang Xingjian said casually, "Don't be so nervous. After all, it is a level 29 ferocious beast. Although it's considered the weakest amongst level 29 ferocious beasts, it's normal for it to be expensive. Moreover, the other ingredients are also worth the money."

"But... that is 100,000 gold!" Thinking of the several thousand gold he received every month, Anderson felt increasingly displeased. Fang Xingjian's one meal was equivalent to the amount of money he would take several years to earn.

However, Fang Xingjian continued to eat the lobster while sensing the streams of auras rise up from the specialty seed at the back of his waist.

Fang Xingjian controlled his Heaven's Perception to sense the area, and countless cells came gushing forth. It seemed that with his control ability to continuously gather power, he had started to condense his specialty seeds.

Fang Xingjian said nonchalantly, "The Golden Lobster isn't just delicious. Although its shell isn't comparable to a Conferred Knight's remains, it can also be made into a level 25 Superior Remains Divine Weapons. After its flesh has been processed and combined with other ingredients, it can stimulate my body's internal organs and help me condense a specialty seed called Renitent Physique. This specialty can increase my body's resistance level in all areas."

As Fang Xingjian spoke, he continued to take big bites of the Golden Lobster. The more he ate, the more the specialty, seed which had newly appeared in his body, exuded a strong aura.

Both Rota and Anderson could also sense that there were some changes that were happening in their body. However, they did not have the ability of a level 25 Conferred Knight to condense specialty seeds, and they had only eaten a little bit. They would still need to cultivate for a while more before they could bring out the Renitent Physique specialty.

'Renitent Physique? If I were to cultivate this specialty by myself, I recall that it would take around half a year. To think that just by having a meal, it's already halfway to completion.' Rota looked at the Golden Lobster on the table and let out an inward sigh as she thought to herself, 'Wealth and resources truly have a great effect on one's cultivation. However, if I pursue wealth as well, I won't have enough time for my cultivation.'

Rota shook her head but made a decision in her heart, 'Fang Xingjian is different from me. With his talent, he's totally capable of managing both sides without any worries. There's no way about it, and it's useless even if I were to feel jealous. I must focus on one area to be able to go further.'

While Rota was making her resolution, Anderson was looking at the Golden Lobster on the table. He gulped as he thought, 'Fang Xingjian has been eating such things all this while? His talent was originally a teeny bit better than mine in the beginning. But if this goes on, won't it be impossible for me to catch up to him forever?'

Anderson was stunned and continued saying, "I heard that you're appraising martial techniques. Can I go over and help out?"

Fang Xingjian threw Anderson a glance and knew that Anderson wanted to see for himself if Fang Xingjian could truly pick up sword techniques at such a fast speed.

Additionally, Fang Xingjian knew that if he could let Anderson take a look, he would be better able to establish his reputation in sword arts. After all, he had never thought of hiding it. With his current abilities, there was not much need for him to hide.

At the very least, unless Fang Xingjian was dealing with a Divine level expert, there was no way that a Conferred Knight below Divine level would be able to kill him, even if he could not defeat the opponent.

Moreover, letting Anderson take a look would allow Fang Xingjian to suppress him, allowing Anderson to be focus better on his work.

Rota spoke up too, "I'd like to take a look as well."

Therefore, Fang Xingjian nodded. "Wait till I've finished eating these."

An hour later, the three of them arrived at the Sword Tower and entered the room which had been specially set aside for Fang Xingjian. The entire room was built in steel, and Anderson could see large pieces of steel plates in the corners. He frowned.

Other than steel plates, there were nothing else in the hall.

Anderson asked, "There's nothing here? How are you going to appraise the techniques?"

"If one's speed is fast enough, one will be able to do anything faster. Your cultivation will be faster, and your research will be done faster as well." Fang Xingjian shrugged and said, "Moreover, the appraisal is just to test the various statistics of the martial techniques. I use the grades set by the Church of Universal Truth as the basis for differentiating the grades of the martial techniques.

"In the end, this matter is very time-consuming. It would be good if the appraiser can find a technique which they have already cultivated. Otherwise, the appraiser can only rely on himself to cultivate.

"Thankfully, I cultivate fast."

After Fang Xingjian said this, strong gales gushed by, and it was as if there was a tempest running amok in the entire hall. Air currents gushed forth, and Fang Xingjian's body seemed to turn into a faint black line, flashing about everywhere.

Anderson could hear the whizzing and clashing sounds, as well as the rumbling thunders which were ringing out incessantly. All the sounds were connected and stacked together, making him feel like he was going deaf. This was when Fang Xingjian had already performed the Prodigious Demolition Sword Physique to drown out the air currents, so the rest of the sounds were just from him stepping on air. Otherwise, if he had not done that first, the tremendous sounds would be even more terrifying.

If the view were slowed down by 100 times, one would probably be able to vaguely see Fang Xingjian performing sword techniques. The speed at which he was performing the sword techniques was very fast. It took him an average of ten seconds to finish performing one set.

After he finished performing the sword techniques, he would head to where the steel plates were and record down the various statistics of the sword techniques.

However, his movements were too fast. Anderson and Rota could only see surging gales, a black figure flashing, and over 100 slabs of steel plates flying about with sparks occasionally flashing out. Then words would gradually appear across the empty space.

It was only then did they understand why Fang Xingjian was using steel plates. It was because with the great speed he was moving at, paper would not be able to withstand his force.

However, they were still extremely astonished. It was already exceedingly difficult for a person to reach Fang Xingjian's speed. Furthermore, to be capable of writing while moving at such a great speed and also test out the effects of each sword stance... How much control would that require?

Fang Xingjian was only able to achieve this because of his extraordinary talent and his Boundaries Negation, which allowed him to get accustomed to the high speed movements. Additionally, he then used the Prodigious Demolition Sword Physique to get rid of air and reduce air resistance.

If one were to be short of any of the three factors, this would not have been possible.

An hour later, the strong gales came to a stop, and over 100 slabs of steel plates dropped onto the ground, releasing colliding boom boom boom boom sounds. There were closely packed words written all over the surfaces of the steel plates.

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