Chapter 405: Universal Truth

 Chapter 405: Universal Truth

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In the Great Western City, a pure-white horse-drawn carriage drove slowly through the streets. There were guards wearing white clothes and armor both in front of and behind the horse-drawn carriage. These guards had strong bodies and solemn expressions. It took only one look to tell that they were powerful warriors, experienced in the battlefield.

Wherever the horse-drawn carriage passed by, the crowd of people along the streets knelt down in succession like a wave while wearing respectful expressions.

There was no reason for this except that these people were from the Church of Universal Truth. The person in the horse-drawn carriage was an archbishop of the Church of Universal Truth, a great expert at level 29.

Other than cultivating the path of the Knights, all clergies of the Church of Universal Truth would cultivate divine arts, which were the magical arts that allowed them to tap into the legendary powers from the God of Universal Truth.

Being the Church of Universal Truth's archbishop meant that he was not just a level 29 Conferred Knight. He was also equipped with several divine arts and had unfathomable powers.

If it could be said that most Governors in the Empire were the top notch characters of the country and were at the second tier amongst those at level 29... then any archbishop from the Church of Universal Truth would be able to rank in the first tier amongst those in level 29. The archbishops were the strongest influences in the world.

"My Lord, we've arrived."

In the carriage, a bald elder, whose facial expression was as hard as if it was carved from marble and had eyes which seemed extremely deep, came down slowly from the carriage. He looked at the small building before him and said, "Come, let's go in."

A total of 12 warriors wearing white armor followed behind him. These people had gone through the secret second transition job, the Radiant Knight, which was passed down in the Church of Universal Truth. Each of them were equipped with three or more divine arts, and their prowess far surpassed that of ordinary Conferred Knights of the same level.

The leader of the 12 white armored Knights had golden prints engraved on his armor, and he wore a blue cape. With his golden hair and blue cape, he looked just like a Knight from fairytales.

He walked exactly half a step behind the archbishop, making it apparent that he was of a different status from the others.

The archbishop said, "How is it, Gardner? What do you think about the southern expedition this time around?"

The golden-haired Knight spoke with indifference, "Each generation is weaker than the last. If there is no intervention from those in the Divine level, I'll only need 500 second transition warriors to seize the entire southern territory."

"Haha, aren't you going overboard there? This time around, it seems that there are still quite a number of talents in the central. This is especially so for the successor to the throne, George Krieg. He has extraordinary talent.

"And that Dongfang Ling who became a Royal Knight at the age of 14... He is not to be underestimated either."

The golden-haired Knight closed his eyes and said nonchalantly, "For them to not trust in god, they'll just end up with nothing. But I'm interested in meeting Fang Xingjian this time around. It's true that the Rebirth Sword Technique has changed the world. However, to think that such a rare talent is unwilling to join the Church. He is really pitiable."

The archbishop smiled, "Relax a little. Gardner, you aren't doing work for the Holy Inquisitorial Court at the moment."

The two of them walked through the entrance to the building and saw that Governor Devitt and Head of Department James were already standing there to welcome them. In the entire Great Western Region, Devitt was the only one who was of a suitable position to receive them. Sending anyone else would be showing a lack of courtesy.

The two parties shook hands, exchanged greetings, and went to take a seat in the hall of the building.

On one side, it was the archbishop of the Church of Universal Truth and his 12 guards. On the other, it was Governor Devitt, Head of Department James, Zhou Xingwen, Ferdinand, as well as the star this time around, Fang Xingjian.

The archbishop said, "I'll cut to the chase. The main reason we're here this time around is for Fang Xingjian and the Rebirth Sword Technique.

"Lord Holy Orison has personally told me about the Rebirth Sword Technique and was full of praise for it. I personally think well of this sword technique too." He then turned toward Devitt and smiled. "Lord Governor has really done a good job in nurturing the younger generation. The Great Western Region now has another unrivalled genius."

Governor Devitt's aged face smiled very brightly. "This is all Xingjian's own talent."

The group then continued to exchange some polite greetings and chat about all sorts of topics. Throughout all of this, Fang Xingjian merely close his eyes and continued cultivating his sword techniques. The royalties for disseminating the Rebirth Sword Technique in the north would naturally be handled by the Governor, Zhou Xingwen, Ferdinand, and the others.

After all, they would also be receiving a share from the royalties, and they were more experienced and proactive than Fang Xingjian.

Therefore, Fang Xingjian would rather be fully focused on cultivating his sword techniques. He felt that his current train of thought was extremely fast and clearer than ever. There were even various streams of inspiration surging endlessly into his brain from the air.

Right now, he was practicing the Killing techniques he had scanned from the library. He was able to pick them up with just merely a casual thought and could reach level 10 after thinking about them a couple more times. Just by practicing the techniques, he would even be able to find ways to improve them.

Fang Xingjian then suddenly came to a realization that as he got to know several hundred sets of sword techniques, his sword arts mastery had continued to surge. Additionally, because he had memorized the myriad of Killing techniques in the library, he had now gained sufficient experience to create his own sword techniques.

At that moment, someone called out to Fang Xingjian.

Fang Xingjian opened his eyes and looked in the direction of the Church of Universal Truth's archbishop. A warrior who had been standing behind the archbishop stepped out into view. He was wearing white clothes and armor with golden prints on them, as well as a blue cape.

Seeing that Fang Xingjian looked as if he had just woken up, the warrior's gaze had a hint of despise.

The archbishop introduced, "This is the Knight of the Rising Sun, Gardner, and he is also the newly appointed council member of the Holy Inquisitorial Court. He has been ensuring my safety during this journey."

Out of the nine divisions of the Church of Universal Truth, the Holy Inquisitorial Court was the one in charge of ferreting out the undesirable aspects within the Church of Universal Truth. There were countless terrifying and bloody rumors involving them. It was said that they were a bunch of fervent believers and genuine lunatics.

The Knight of the Rising Sun, Gardner, was a level 29 Conferred Knight, and he was equipped with several tens of Universal Truth Divine Arts. He was one of the talents the Church of Universal Truth had been nurturing for the last few years. It was even said that there were hopes for Gardner to attain the Divine level.

Hearing the archbishop's introduction, everyone gazed at Gardner with high regard.

However, Gardner only turned his gaze toward Fang Xingjian and said, "I had already heard of your name back when I was in the north. They all said that your talent in sword arts is astonishing, and Lord Holy Orison has even recommended for your participation in the Martial Techniques Grading Plan.

"The reason we're here today is also to have a talk about the Martial Techniques Grading Plan."

However, Gardner's tone changed when he said, "But even though you created the Rebirth Sword Technique, it doesn't mean that you're qualified to participate in the Martial Techniques Grading Plan.

"Those who are able to participate in this plan are all people who are at least at the peak of level 29. Or they come from great martial art clans that have made a name for themselves for many years, even if they aren't Divine level experts. From what I see, you aren't suitable to take part in the Martial Techniques Grading Plan."

The Martial Techniques Grading Plan was an amazing large-scale plan which involved many parties across the world, and the Church of Universal Truth were planning on spending several hundred million or even several billion on it . Naturally, countless people would see it as a big, fat piece of delicious meat they want to have a share in.

Fang Xingjian had rejected the Holy Orison's invitation to join the Church of Universal Truth.

Yet, he was coming to have a big bite of the meat. So, it was natural for the Knight of the Rising Sun, Gardner, to be displeased. This was especially so when the area which Fang Xingjian was going to be in charge of was originally intended for the Holy Inquisitorial Court.

It should be said that this time around, one of the reasons he had accompanied the archbishop to the south was to meet the Empire's younger generation. Another reason was to try to stop Fang Xingjian from participating in the Martial Techniques Grading Plan.