Chapter 403: Tremendous Improvement

 Chapter 403: Tremendous Improvement

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"Oh?" Fang Xingjian exerted a little strength with his hands, and the little snake felt as if his body was going to be crushed. The little snake let out a horrified cry, "I can't bring you to the Terrene Shrine, but I can teach you black magic. Don't you wish to learn it? Black magic is several hundred or even several ten thousand times stronger than the path of Knights. If you don't learn black magic, you'll be remain cannon fodder for your entire life."

"Can I learn it now?" Fang Xingjian squinted his eyes slightly and asked. He had done tests back when he was in the Demonic City. He did not show any aptitude for black magic at all.

The little snake was a little taken aback and said, "It does require some aptitude, but with your strong talent, it'll definitely be possible."

Just as they were in the midst of their exchange, Fang Xingjian suddenly lifted his head to look into the sky. Under the eastern horizon, he saw a black figure rush over at great speed. Then in the blink of an eye, the black figure had already arrived in the space above them.

Fang Xingjian immediately said, "Hide yourself."

The little snake was very intelligent and quickly wrapped himself around Fang Xingjian's neck. His body twisted and changed, and became seemingly lifeless.

Head of Department James cut across the air, and in the blink of an eye, he arrived before Fang Xingjian. Yaris quickly followed behind him.

James' already extremely aged-looking face now appeared to be even weaker and withered. The two unusual flushes of red on his face were very obvious. Slightly stunned, Fang Xingjian asked, "Head of Department, you've been injured?"

As James waved his hand, his eyes were full of regret. "We had a fight with the Dark Knight and a few others. I hadn't expected that after the First Prince went into seclusion, he would still be able to show his prowess across space through his clone. It's true that he has reached the entrance of the Divine level. To begin with, my lifespan is already nearing its end, and my strength is no longer as before. So, this time around, I was injured by him.

"Are you guys alright?" James lifted his head to looked at the now barren battlefield and an astonished expression flashed in his eyes. "Xingjian, it seems like you've gained a lot out from your seclusion this time around."

"I really have gained a lot," Fang Xingjian replied.

"It's not just a lot," Yaris chipped in, "Putting those two Sand Country assassins aside, Xingjian single-handedly defeated Sasa and destroyed that expert from the Terrene Shrine."

After saying this, Yaris then described in detail how powerful the feminine-looking young man had been. In the end, he said, "To think that you were able to wipe out his army of monsters in just an instant... Xingjian, you've already reached level 29, right? I even have the feeling that you're close to the level of the Head of Department and the others."

Inwardly, Fang Xingjian nodded slightly. Right now, without using the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent, he would basically be able to go up against a tier three or four level 29 expert. However, with the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent activated, he would be able to go up against tier two experts like James and Governor Devitt.

Alas, he was still a far cry from those first tier level 29 existences like the First Prince and The School of Sword Arts' Supreme Chief.

James looked at Fang Xingjian with a look of disbelief. In fact, anyone else would also find this unbelievable. To think that it had been possible for Fang Xingjian's abilities to be brought to such a level within a mere half a year...

"Excellent, excellent, excellent. I'm still able to see your progress before I die. Xingjian, you might really have a chance to participate in next year's National Selection." James coughed and continued, "But this time around, you've killed Sasa, who was a Conferred Knight. That Terrene Shrine expert must also be one of their geniuses. We can't let news of this spread. Otherwise, you'll probably end up being on the receiving end of some crazed revenge."

Fang Xingjian nodded. He had the same intentions. Especially after having heard the little snake brag about the Terrene Shrine, he had even less interest in spreading the news and being chased endlessly by people who wanted to end his life.

Of course, after a few more months, when he would have gotten stronger again, he could consider releasing the news.

Thereafter, James and the others announced to the public that Sasa had escaped and disappeared, and that Sand Country assassins had assaulted Fang Xingjian and gotten killed. As for the Terrene Shrine, nothing was mentioned at all.


After another half a month, another year had passed, and it was now the start of the new year's January. Fang Xingjian continued to stay and cultivate in his training room. Right now, he was only left with three years before the end of his remaining five-year lifespan.

He could hear that his internal organs and blood were continuously releasing loud swooshing sounds and that the circulation in his internal body was extremely agitated. As he performed the Nine-Headed Dragon Sword Technique, a martial technique for internal training, the potential points on his Stats Window depleted incessantly while the other attributes increased.

For the past half month, Fang Xingjian's abilities had improved and become even more terrifying. It was because the Divine blood had given him a total of over nine million potential points.

Today, he had finally depleted over eight million potential points and saved the remaining one million potential points. This would allow him to use Boundaries Negation and Heaven's Volition Sword Intent at anytime.

However, the depletion caused by the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent was far too great at a rate of 100,000 points per second. Even if he had one million potential points, it would only last him ten seconds.

Additionally, Fang Xingjian had depleted the over eight million potential points mostly for the purpose of improving his strength attribute, allowing it to increase tremendously. His level had also been raised to level 27 in the past half a month. After another two million gold deposited into his account in January, his mystical prints had also progressed to the seventh level.

The seventh level of the mystical prints allowed his aptitude to increase once again, reaching an astonishing level.

His specialty seeds increased by another 101, and the attributes in his Stats Window became:


Name: Fang Xingjian

Age: 17

Occupation: Heavenly Sword Sovereign

Level: 27

Strength: 261+16

Agility: 284+16

Reaction: 183

Endurance: 161

Flexibility: 160

Ether Synchronization Rate: 85%

The attributes above come into effect once the Prodigious Astral Divine Powers Waves are activated.

Due to Perfect Muscles, +16 in strength and agility (10% of the endurance attribute).

Skills / Techniques: Boundaries Negation, Level 40 Rebirth Sword Technique, Level 40 New Nine-Headed Dragon Sword Technique, Level 40 Zenith Light Sword Formation, Ether Sword Ripples, Level 40 Prodigious Demolition Sword Physique, Level 12 Ether Divine Art, White Bone Divine Weapon, Heaven's Volition Sword Intent

Internal Specialties: 203

External Specialties: 8

Physical Particles: 1,000

Waves: Level 7 Prodigious Astral Divine Powers Waves

Mental Cultivation Method: Level 7 Universal Sword Dominance Lunisolar


By depleting his potential points to temper his attributes, the toughness of his body had increased to become like that of a level 28 Divine Weapon. Fang Xingjian could be said to have completely digested the essence of the Divine blood.

This was especially evident as after attaining level 27, he had also started to refine the powers in his body's physical particles.

Through his Heaven's Perception, Fang Xingjian could sense all the cells in his body. He then continued to probe deeper to sense the countless particles which made up his body.

He could sense that within each particle, there was an extremely violent force brewing. Once the forces burst out, they would bring about tremendous power.

Specialty seeds strengthened the physical body, allowing Conferred Knights to have extremely powerful bodies. As such, these strengthened physical particles were currently the source of Fang Xingjian's power. Once a Conferred Knight could refine all the power contained within the 1.08 billion physical particles, they would no longer need to worry about the energy storage they had. They would be able to reassemble and regenerate their physical bodies as they wished, unleashing various ultimate Killing techniques.

Fang Xingjian could sense that there were 1,000 physical particles throbbing in his body, capable of unleashing the most violent powers anytime, anywhere. Those were the 1,000 physical particles he had refined during this period of time.

At the next moment, he looked at his wrist and the dark green bangle it wore,on which an eye suddenly opened up.

Fang Xingjian asked calmly, "How is it? Have you thought of a way?"

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