Chapter 401: Complete Annihilation

 Chapter 401: Complete Annihilation

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Having detonated 100 specialty seeds at one go in order to push forth the invisible sword Qis, Sword Saint Sasa was now extremely weak. The battle today could be said to be the toughest he had ever experienced since becoming famous.

Therefore, when Sasa saw Fang Xingjian standing there before him, almost totally unscathed, his eyes filled with astonishment, regret, terror, and anxiety. All sorts of emotions were mixed together, forming an extremely complicated expression.

Fang Xingjian walked over to Sword Saint Sasa, one step at a time. With each step he took, the aura he exuded grew increasingly stronger. All the muscles, bones, and blood in his body trembled continuously. Not only were his wounds completely healed, it even went up one step further. The toughness of his body had increased and was now comparable to that of a level 28 Superior Divine Weapon.

The Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor he was wearing had become extremely fitting, tightly wrapping around the surface of his body. It provided him with various supporting force fields and also absorbed and released the energy from ether particles.

"Sasa, your determination isn't strong enough. If you had detonated 300 or more specialty seeds earlier, I would have only been able to escape. If you had detonated all 500 of your specialty seeds, I might have died."

Fang Xingjian looked calmly at his strong opponent.

Sasa let out a bitter laugh as he gazed at Fang Xingjian with an extremely complicated expression.

When Sasa had first met Fang Xingjian a few months back, Fang Xingjian had merely been a new student who had just completed his job transition.

Less than half a year had passed since then, and Fang Xingjian was already able to stand before Sasa and even defeat him.

Sasa broke out into a hideous smile, "Fang Xingjian, even if I... Ahhh!"

As a terrifying cry rang out, four streams of sword light swept by, and Sasa's limbs were completely severed.


400 streams of starlight lit up. Sasa was about to detonate all 400 specialty seeds in his body to perish together with Fang Xingjian.

However, his body was far too weak. Then as a whizzing sound rang out, his head was split open and his brain was crushed into dust, with blood splattering all over the ground.

With Sasa's abilities, although he was able to regenerate most parts of his body, his brain was clearly not one of the parts he could regenerate.

Therefore, after a single sword attack, this talented Sword Saint from the Eastern Sand Region died completely. Right until the moment he died, his eyes were still filled with endless regret and fury.

Having truly killed Sasa, Fang Xingjian let out a breath and then opened his mouth, releasing a loud bellow.

He threw out powerful air currents instantly, and the terrifying toughness of his body allowed him to achieve what he had not been able to do before. As he let out this loud bellow, white light flashed. Then air currents gushed out from his mouth and filled up the place with sword Qis, scattering the surrounding smoke and dust in a flash.

As the smoke dissipated off, Yaris' location was revealed, as was the location of the Sand Country's assassins who were progressing slowly while carrying the coffin on their backs.

Hearing the sounds and seeing all the smoke cleared up, the two Sand Country assassins went into a daze when they saw Fang Xingjian. Their eyes were filled with great astonishment.

'To think that he got away unscathed?

'How it is possible that he has got no injuries at all?

'Is the blood essence of a Divine level expert really so powerful?'

A series of thoughts flashed through their minds, but they did not stop moving. As they retreated rapidly, the female assassin sent sand flying and was about to control a sandstorm to protect herself, while the old assassin opened up the coffin he was carrying to reveal the unconscious Lilia.

The female assassin shouted, "Fang Xingjian! Your disciple is in our hands! Don't you dare act recklessly!"

Fang Xingjian threw her a nonchalant glance and said, "Do you really think that you'll be able to kill her?"

Wind and sand gushed forth, serving as an obstruction between them. When he finally stopped being able to see that glance which gave him an uneasy feeling, the old man let out a breath. He tightened his grip around Lilia's neck and shouted, "I am grabbing onto her throat now! It will just take a slight movement for me to kill her! Do you really think that I wouldn't dare to do it?

"We can at least kill her before we get killed by you. Since we're here to assassinate you, we're prepared to sacrifice our own lives.

"But if you want your disciple alive, let us leave!"

"I'm not doubting that you guys wouldn't dare to kill her."

The first half of Fang Xingjian's words was still ringing out through the wind and sand when the second half rang out directly from behind the old man.

"But rather, when do you feel that you'll have the chance to take action?"

The old man exerted force in his palms and was about to snap Lilia's throat when he realized that a line of blood was spurting out from his wrist, and his arm broke off from the elbow.

The old man wanted to activate his Killing technique. He wanted to absorb the water from Lilia's body. Many of these thoughts ran through his mind, but he had already been turned into pieces of shattered rocks.

The female assassin let out a sharp whistle, and millions of sand particles shot out toward Fang Xingjian like bullets. Simultaneously, a scorching and agitated aura continued to exude from her body. She pushed out her delicate fist slowly, then it was as if the world was going through a tremendous change and all things on earth were withering.

This was the Killing technique-Waning of All Living Things.

The Sand Country's religious view was that everything in the world had their own lifespan, and at the end of it, they would turn into a part of the desert. Sand was the final state of all things in the world.

Right now, the fist technique the female assassin was displaying, the Waning of All Living Things, contained the concept of the decline of all living things and the end of the world, with everything turning into desert.

However, it was clear that even the female assassin herself was unable to fully control such a powerful fist technique. The moment she performed it, her entire body shattered as if she was made from earth, and large areas of her body started to dry and crack up, withering away.

Faced with this punch, a hint of solemnity flashed in Fang Xingjian's eyes. He activated the Prodigious Demolition Sword Physique and lunged out with his fist, smashing it against the female assassin's fist.

A stifled boom rang out, as if an explosion had occurred underwater.

The surrounding sand particles were sent scattering away, and Fang Xingjian looked at his palm. To think that the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor had actually suffered from a layer of damage. Although his skin was not exposed, it was already very rare for this to be happening.

As he inhaled, the vital energy and blood throughout his body seethed. The ether particles in the surroundings continued to replenish his energy and send the nutrients to the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor, allowing the Divine Weapon to slowly regenerate.

Fang Xingjian then looked in the direction of the female assassin. Half of her body had already completely disappeared, particularly her brain. Over two-thirds of it was destroyed by Fang Xingjian's Prodigious Demolition Sword Physique, and she was now completely and utterly dead.

Yaris had initially wanted to rush over to provide assistance, but when he landed with a wide expanse of flame clouds, all he saw were the corpses of the two assassins.

Fang Xingjian handed Lilia to Yaris and said, "Bring her back first and keep her safe."

"Xingjian, aren't you heading back?"

Fang Xingjian broke into a vicious smile. Then with a flash, he brought along a large stream of air currents and appeared next to that little snake.

"Did you think that I hadn't noticed you earlier?"

With a stomp, Fang Xingjian brought up a huge area of rock spikes from under his feet, trapping the little snake. He looked at the little snake, who was twisting and struggling, and slowly let out a breath. This time around, he had lured out his enemies and managed to wipe out a number of parties who had secretly harbored malicious intents toward him. The risk he had taken this time around was worth it.

'Although it took a little bit more effort, it has been a success. Getting my hands on the Divine blood was an even greater surprise.'

The eyes of the little snake, which had transformed from the feminine-looking young man, were filled with terror and wariness. He said furiously, "Fang Xingjian, do you know that you're facing impending doom?"