Chapter 396: Army

 Chapter 396: Army

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Dragons had always been one of the world's special creatures.

In countless historical scenes and countless worlds, dragons existed in various forms and had always been objects of admiration or terror.

Their power, majesty, greed, nobility, evilness... and so on...

Right now, dragons with varying appearances were protruding from the surface of the feminine-looking young man's skin.

It was the level 7 black magic, Surge of Ten Thousand Dragons. This technique allowed him to use his body as a gate into alternate worlds, and to summon and enslave the powers of the various dragons in those alternate worlds to use in battles.

The powers of the dragons channeled into his body and then grew using his flesh and blood.

Suddenly, gigantic dragons which covered up the entire sky emerged from the feminine-looking young man's body. There was a great variety of gigantic winged dragons including white dragons, blue dragons, gray dragons, black dragons, and red dragons. There were also some with antlers, snake bodies, fish scales, or eagle claws.

A myriad of dragons roared out, and various powers of wind, fire, thunder, and lightning caused great tremors in the air. Violet powers gushed forth and swept through the sky, even creating a great hole through the clouds in the sky.


After releasing 356 gigantic dragons at one go, the body of the feminine-looking young man seemed to have shrunk down. He appeared to be extremely pale and weak at the moment.

Looking at the several hundred gigantic dragons in the sky, Sword Saint Sasa's countenance turned extremely grim. "What are these? Since when did the Terrene Shrine get hold of such a terrifying ability?"

He could sense that out of the several hundred monsters in the air, almost half or more of them were at the level of a second transition. Out of them, a three-headed dragon, a crystal dragon, and a golden dragon were all close to his level.

This was extremely terrifying.

The two Sand Country assassins were also greatly astonished, and the sandstorm they had transformed into gradually retreated. The army of monsters before them was simply too astonishing. They even saw that the ground was continuing to sink in incessantly just because a mountain-like draconic beast had sat down on the ground.

There was another draconic beast flying in the sky, occasionally dripping saliva. When its saliva landed on the surface of the ground, a large piece of boulder was vaporized just like that.

The old assassin said, "Damn it, what on earth are these? Are they the Empire's newest invention? A Killing technique like this is far too terrifying."

The Sand Country's female assassin frowned tensely as she looked at the army of monsters before them. It was really a nerve-wrecking scene. If the Empire had really invented such a terrifying new Killing technique... In that case, if just 200... no, just 100 Conferred Knights were to cultivate this Killing technique, then the Sand Country's army would not be able to fend them off.

However, she recalled what the feminine-looking young man had said earlier and then spoke out with her brows twitching, "Something's not right... Terrene Shrine... Terrene Shrine... I remember now. They are a heretic sect the Empire eradicated over 20 years ago. Is it their magic? To think that it can reach such a level."

Amidst the flame clouds in the sky, Yaris was also paying a lot of attention to the feminine-looking young man and the army of dragons which had abruptly appeared. Yaris was greatly astonished.

"To think that these evil remnants of the Terrene Shrine have made such great progress and improvement in their black magic. This must be reported immediately to the Knight Association. We must immediately start up a new operation to wipe out the Terrene Shrine again."

Thinking of the Terrene Shrine's base in the Great Western Region as well as the black magic the feminine-looking young man had just displayed, even Yaris felt that they were extremely dangerous.

As the feminine-looking young man cast a glance of disdain toward the few who were full of wariness, he pointed at Fang Xingjian casually and said, "Grab him and get him over here."

Boom! A huge red dragon shook its tail and lashed out into the air, releasing explosive popping sounds. Then its entire body smashed out toward Fang Xingjian like a towering building.

Many lumps of huge boulder-like muscles protruded from the red dragon's body, and there were many exquisitely engraved prints on each piece of the dragon's scales. It was as if the dragon was wearing a thoroughly tempered armor.

The moment the red dragon moved, the Zenith Light Sword Formation was activated, and six light swords swept out. They hit against the huge dragon's armor of scales with high energy rays which were several ten thousand degrees celsius. However, they merely managed to leave behind many charred and burned marks. Other than causing the red dragon to roar out in fury, they were unable to stop the huge dragon's attack in the least.

However, the Zenith Light Sword Formation changed again. A series of dazzling display of light changes flashed out, and the six light swords all shot into the red dragon's eyes.

The high temperature of several ten thousand degrees continued to channel through, causing the red dragon's eye balls to instantly boil and vaporize in 0.001 second.

As the huge dragon let out a terrifying cry, its body, which was over 100 meters long, rolled around wildly, knocking against the ground. The dragon let out agonizing howls, which caused the ground to tremor incessantly, and sent dust and rocks flying around. It was as if there was a small-scale earthquake.

The feminine-looking young man let out a cold snort, and another three-headed dragon went up. The other dragons remained on guard, wary of the other people. In particular, the strongest three-headed dragon, the golden dragon, and the crystal dragon were all right next to him, protecting his body.

Yaris let out a furious bellow, "Stop right there!" Yaris controlled the falling rain of flames, turning them into fiery meteors and attacking the feminine-looking young man.

Sword Saint Sasa and the two Sand Country assassins were out for Fang Xingjian's blood and the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor he wore, respectively. Thus, they were not willing to see him get captured by someone else either. Seeing the army of dragons move, they took action together as well.

Sword Saint Sasa's martial will broke out from his body, "Fang Xingjian is mine!"

An invisible sword Qi, which was over 100 meters long, shot out from Sword Saint Sasa's body and slashed at the three-headed dragon that was launching an attack toward Fang Xingjian.

The two Sand Country assassins took action as well. Out of the four parties, they were the weakest right now. Therefore, they continued to send forth gushes of sand, engulfing the huge dragons one after another.

When the feminine-looking young man saw that he was being simultaneously attacked by the three parties, he smiled without a care.

"The reason I didn't dare to take action in the Great Western City is because Devitt and the other two old men are there. If I were to encounter them, naturally I wouldn't be their match.

"But to think that you weaklings dare to fight against me as well?

"You don't understand the might of god. It is a power that far surpasses the limits of your imagination. Even if you guys combine all the living creatures you've seen in your entire lives, it would still not be a match for god's single thought."

The feminine-looking young man let out a maniacal laugh, pointed with a single finger, and said, "Kill them all!"

In an instant, the army of dragons started to engage Yaris, Sword Saint Sasa, and the two Sand Country's assassins in a chaotic battle.

Aside from the three strongest dragons that were guarding next to the young man, the average abilities of the other dragons were weaker than Yaris, Sasa, and the Sand Country assassins.

However, dragons were born to be more suited for battle than humans. They each had a weight of several tens or hundreds of tons, a length of over a hundred or over several hundred meters, and scale armor which was like titanium alloy. They were also impenetrable by blades, and undaunted by fire and water. Additionally, they had a physical strength comparable to that of a tank, bulldozer, or crane.

Even if their levels were lower than that of their opponents, the battle prowess they unleashed explosively was something even Sasa had to deal with carefully.

Single-handedly, the feminine-looking young man forcibly suppressed the four second transition experts. Several hundred dragons kept them out on the boundaries, preventing them from approaching with even a single step toward the feminine-looking young man.

The feminine-looking young man let out a cold laugh and took one step toward Fang Xingjian's location. Under the watch of the crystal dragon and the three-headed dragon, the golden dragon then carried the feminine-looking young man on its back and slowly flew over to Fang Xingjian.

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