Chapter 393: Pursuit (Part III)

 Chapter 393: Pursuit (Part III)

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Diana could sense the invisible force restraining her, preventing her from moving even a single finger. She could only glare while wearing a furious expression.

Seeing Diana's furious expression, the feminine-looking young man smiled and said, "Wait till you follow me back. You'll know then just how foolish your fury is. You'll be eternally grateful that I've brought you to heaven."

As he spoke, he lifted Diana's neck and released the constraint on her mouth.

Diana did not shout. She knew that this person was able to kill two Knights instantly, and within such close proximity, he was not someone she could go against. She merely glared at the feminine-looking young man and said, "This is the Great Western City. You won't be able to escape."

"Hehe, Great Western City... Hehe, right now, even the strongest people in the city have trouble fending for their own lives."

As he spoke, flames soared up into the sky from the direction of the Governor's manor. It turned a large piece of the sky into a scarlet color. Diana looked at the red light in astonishment, and the feminine-looking young man laughed. "Fang Xingjian has really offended many people. However, this has saved me from a lot of trouble."

Diana said furiously, "What on earth do you want?"

"What do I want? Hehe, you'll know very soon."

Just then, two streams of white lines passed through the sky. The clashing sounds of powerful air currents seemed like a myriad of thunderous rumbles, causing one to be on tenterhooks.

The feminine-looking young man looked at the sky in great surprise. Then at the next moment, he noticed that sand was gathering and dashing out into the sky. It turned into a whirlwind of sand and gave chase in the direction where the white lines had disappeared.

"Young Lord," an old steward said as he appeared from behind the feminine-looking young man. He looked at the sand in the air and said, "They're people from the Sand Country. And the thing from earlier..."

"Mmm." A hint of excitement flashed in the eyes of the feminine-looking young man. "Fang Xingjian... Hehehehe, to think that someone has the same thoughts as us, and they've really managed to lure him out."

"Young Lord, then what should we do?"

"Give chase. Don't let Fang Xingjian be snatched away." Saying that, the feminine-looking young man knocked out Diana with his palm. Looking at the unconscious golden-haired beauty, he laughed and said, "Wait till I've returned after capturing Fang Xingjian, then I'll come to take you with me."

At the next moment, the feminine-looking young man and the old steward took a step forward. The entire street was torn into two by violent forces. Under the explosion of pure power, two long rows of afterimages formed, and the two of them dashed out at an extremely wild and fierce speed.


Up in the sky, Fang Xingjian's legs continued to step on the air, creating streams of air currents. The temperature of his body continued to rise, even giving rise to hints of white steam. However, they were very quickly dispersed by strong gales.

After consuming the Divine blood, its essence continued to flow through all of Fang Xingjian's organs, limbs, and bones. He felt as if his body was like an erupting volcano, and he could no longer control even his limbs.

A terrifying will surged through his blood time and time again, as if wanting to gain control over his body and every single cell within it.

Fang Xingjian could sense that every single cell in his body was trembling. It was as if that terrifying will would modify his body at anytime, completely turning him into another creature altogether.

This was, after all, the blood essence of a Divine level ferocious beast. If its descendant were to consume the blood essence, it would accelerate the rate of their growth and modify their bodies toward becoming a Divine level ferocious beast.

Furthermore, it was because it was intended for the beast's descendant that it did not hold much aggressiveness, and so Sasa and Fang Xingjian could take it. Otherwise, they would have been killed on the spot by the Divine level prowess.

However, although the Divine blood was already considered to be more mild, even a third tier level 29 Conferred Knight like Sasa would only dare to absorb its prowess a little at a time, slowly digesting the will inside it.

By now, Fang Xingjian had swallowed the entire Divine blood essence entirely. Thus, he could only try hard to suppress the terrifying will that was flowing through his blood. However, he realized the pressure it induced was getting increasingly stronger. He had no choice but to divert even more effort into suppressing the powers which had gone berserk in his body. This caused his battle prowess to plunge rapidly.

Simultaneously, he continued to figure out the situation, 'I passed through the Great Western City that openly... Those who wanted to take action would all have done so, right?'

It turned out that Sword Saint Sasa was only the first person Fang Xingjian had suspected. The Dark Knight was currently attracting the attention of many experts. So, all the forces, who had wanted to take action against Fang Xingjian previously but had not dared to do so, would of course be tempted to take action.

Fang Xingjian had taken this point into consideration. Moreover, he had gotten a lot more powerful after coming out from seclusion this time. So, he would be able to test out his sword while giving the other party a huge surprise.

Therefore, he passed through the Great Western City with Sasa chasing at his tail. He wanted to draw out the people who wanted to take action against him all at the same time. Then he would wipe them all out together.

The other parties would never be able to expect that, with his level five mystical prints and the world's best sword arts talent, his abilities had improved tremendously to a level beyond anyone's expectations.

'It's about time.

'I'll give you guys another chance and see if you manage to take up the opportunity.

'If it really doesn't work, then I'll just use the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent to suppress the will in the Divine blood.'

With the enhancement of the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent, he could directly use the level 29 powers. Furthermore, even with his current basic use of the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent right now, he was extremely powerful. It would be sufficient for him to suppress the Divine blood in his body.

Thinking of this, his body threw into a curved trajectory in midair, and he plunged toward the ground.

Both he and Sasa were great experts amongst Conferred Knights, and the pursuit was conducted at over ten times that of supersonic speed. So, this chase and escape covered 100 kilometers within just a short period of time.

There was grassland under Fang Xingjian. He descended to the ground like a meteor, plunging down at tremendous fast speed. Then as his feet stepped onto the ground, every step he took left an over-ten-meter-wide crater in the ground. With just a few consecutive steps, he turned the grassland within a range of over 100 meters into mud pits before finally coming to a stop.

The moment Fang Xingjian came to stop, he sat on the ground with his legs crossed, focusing all his efforts on suppressing the increasingly chaotic powers in his blood. Of course, there was no way he could leave himself defenseless. As such, six light spots floated up from his back, and in the blink of an eye, they were already circled around him.

Soon after Fang Xingjian came to a stop, a loud whizzing sound rang out. Then Sword Saint Sasa came down from the sky, crashing toward the ground where Fang Xingjian was.

Over 500 streams of aura soared into the air from Sasa's body. His expression was that of malevolence, and the violent killing intent he was exuding seemed as if it had turned into something physical.

"Fang Xingjian! Die!"

As he dashed out at full prowess, Sasa tapped with his finger, sending over 100 invisible sword Qis spinning together and piercing toward Fang Xingjian's head.

Although Sasa was infuriated, he had yet to lose his mind. RIght now, he wanted to kill Fang Xingjian and then absorb all the blood in Fang Xingjian's body. Only by doing this would it make up for Sasa's loss of the Divine blood.

If it was necessary, Sasa was even planning to eat up all of Fang Xingjian's flesh. Therefore, his current plan was only to destroy Fang Xingjian's brain.

As Sasa charged down from the skies, the friction from his entire body ignited sparks. Before he had even got close, the shock waves he brought along with him had already plowed away many layers of soil around Fang Xingjian.

At the next moment, Sasa appeared before Fang Xingjian, and with a thunderous rumble, his sword fingers collided against over 50 streams of Ether Sword Ripples.

The moment the sword ripples and sword fingers collided, the skies seemed to go silent. Sasa's body, which was moving at great speed, came to a momentary pause in midair.

Then a heaven and earth shaking explosion suddenly occurred. Overwhelming power exploded outward from the point where the sword ripples collided with the sword fingers, while dust was surged upward and the ground was overturned.

Aside from the ground underneath Fang Xingjian, the surrounding earth was plowed through to a depth of over one meter.

Sasa was sent flying out over a distance of more than a few kilometers. Wherever he passed by, the grass was flipped over, and soil and sand were thrown up, opening up a long path through the grasslands.

However, being sent flying by Fang Xingjian made the killing intent in Sasa's heart surge even more strongly. With a long whistle, Sasa blew off all the unsettled dust in the air and once again charged toward Fang Xingjian.