Chapter 392 Pursuit (Part II)

 Chapter 392: Pursuit (Part II)

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With a flash, Anderson leaped through the shadows at an extremely fast speed, avoiding the assault of sand arrows headed in his direction. He then instantly appeared behind the old man and grabbed toward Lilia, who was sleeping soundly.

However, it was a pity that the old man's reaction was faster. Almost at the same moment when Anderson vanished, sand started to appear from the surface of the old man's body, wrapping Lilia up entirely. When Anderson reached out, he could not grab anything other than a fist full of sand.

In the next moment, sand started to gushed out toward Anderson. With a flash, he then disappeared once again.

Within a mere couple of seconds, he darted between the old man and the lady several tens of times. His shadow blade slashed at their bodies repeatedly, but other than sending sand scattering, there were no other effects.

On the contrary, there were a few times when he came into contact with them for slightly longer periods of time. Anderson felt that the blood in his body was seething, and his skin started to dry up. He was almost sucked dry of all the water in his body.

He realized that all the water vapor within a one-meter radius around his two opponents was being absorbed continuously. As they turned the ground around them into a desert, they made it so that Anderson was completely unable to get close to them.

Ordinary physical attacks were useless, so he could not even get close.

Anderson's brows knit together tightly. Most of the abilities and battle means of those from the Sand Country were related to sand. Some of their skills were even more mysterious and unfathomable than the Empire's Killing techniques. This was his first time fighting against such opponents, and he could not handle their attacks.

He would have already been defeated early on if it was not because of the extremely fast speed and the shadow jumping ability that he had gained from the Shadow of Death. This shadow jumping ability allowed him to freely leap and teleport between the shadows above ground.

However, he did not know that his opponents were even more wary toward this very ability of instantaneous teleportation between shadows.

'For Anderson to have such an ability... His survival and infiltrating abilities are too powerful. It would be terrible if he were to be allowed grow.

'This time around, even if we aren't able to snatch back the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor, we must still kill this Anderson.'

Thinking of this, killing intent surged in the heart of the lady from Sand Country. It was also then that she truly displayed the terrifying prowess she had at second transition level 27. She no longer held any reservations for the various experts in the Great Western City.

Stretching out her five fingers, the sand under her feet soared into the sky, turning into something akin to a whirlwind. It sent countless sand flying up and then scattering down like a sandstorm.

The many sand particles scattered into the air, reaching out toward the entire city at a rate of several hundred meters per second while also encompassing Anderson's body.

With a flash, Anderson disappeared.

The lady thought nothing of it and stretched out her two hands. Supported by the sandstorm, her entire body gradually floated up.

Almost the entire Great Western City was now covered in sand. The lady focused fully on controlling the flying sand, attacking Anderson incessantly.

The sand darted to and fro repeatedly like many bullets. Almost every time Anderson moved in a flash, he would be attacked by a myriad of granules. After his figure flickered consecutively for ten times, Anderson finally broke out of the sandstorm and appeared outside the city.

The instant he emerged, he spat out a large mouthful of blood. All his internal organs were in so much pain, it was as if they were falling apart.

The female assassin from the Sand Country let out a cold laugh as she directed the sandstorm and moved outside the city.

However, just then, a series of explosive sounds rang out in the air. Two silhouettes cut across the air, passed by the Great Western City, and flew toward the distant skies.

Reading the light waves left behind by one of the human figures when he cut across the sky in that brief instant, the female assassin from the Sand Country frowned. "Fang Xingjian?"

The old man next to her shouted, "My Lady! It's Fang Xingjian! Someone is chasing after him! Let's head over quickly as well!"

Right at this moment, another fiery meteor passed by with a flash. It was Yaris, who was chasing after Sasa.

The female assassin was stunned for a short moment. She had wanted to kill Anderson first, but then she realized that during that short moment, Anderson had already dragged his heavily injured body away and disappeared with a teleportation.

"Damn it!"

The seething fury she had turned into killing intent. Letting out a crazy bellow, she sent sand flying up, turning into a whirlwind of sand. The whirlwind swept across the horizon and went into pursuit in the direction which Fang Xingjian had disappeared.


Elsewhere, in the back alley of a restaurant.

Diana walked out from the restaurant's back door and headed to her own house which was in the vicinity. Two level 19 guards were following by her side, making her feel a little uneasy.

She smiled and said, "There's no need for the two of you to be following me so closely. I can head back alone. It's very near."

The two Knights shook their heads and said, "Miss Diana, Mister Zhou wants us to protect you for the entire duration. It's best for us to accompany you back."

Diana smiled helplessly and did not insist otherwise. Instead, she asked, "How were the dishes today?"

The Knights laughed, "Miss Diana, your culinary skills have gotten better. Right now, all the aristocrats in the entire Great Western City are all praising your restaurant. It probably won't take long for the restaurant's reputation to spread throughout the entire Great Western City."

"Great reputation? I actually don't really care about that. It's fine as long as more people can get to eat the food I cook and like it."

Just then, an eerie voice rang out from the small alley nearby, "What an interesting thought. Then Miss Diana, can I invite you to be my personal chef?"

"Who's that?!" The two Knights immediately stood before Diana as they looked warily at the feminine-looking young man walking slowly out from the shadows.

The young man laughed and ignored the two Knights. His pair of eyes continued to stay fixed on Diana as he asked, "How about it? Miss Diana, are you willing to do so?"

Diana frowned and said, "I'm sorry. I'm fine as I am and don't want to change jobs, but I appreciate your kind sentiments."

The feminine-looking young man let out a sigh, shook his head, and said, "Pity, what a pity. To think that you don't value great riches that has fallen from the skies. You're really foolish."

"Lad, where did you come from? Do you know who you're talking to right now?"

The feminine-looking young man threw a glance toward the Knight who had just spoken. Suddenly, with a dash, his entire palm had already entered the Knight's body, and the Knight's body instantly aged and weakened. In a few seconds, he became a dried corpse that was just like a mummy.

The other Knight let out a furious bellow and pounced forward like a tiger with paws that brought about gushes of murderous winds. It was as if he wanted to tear the feminine-looking young man into countless pieces.

However, the feminine-looking young man put out his other hand at lightning speed and grabbed him by the neck. Similarly, the Knight's limbs started to weaken. His skin wrinkled up, and he seemed to be ageing rapidly at a speed that could be seen by the naked eye.

Tossing aside the two Knights who had become old men, a hint of excitement flashed on the face of the feminine-looking young man. He turned to look toward Diana whose face wore a terrified expression.

Level 19 Knights were already existences which had completely surpassed that of ordinary people, and each of them would be able to easily slash and kill hundreds or thousands of ordinary people. However, the two of them were easily dealt with by the feminine-looking young man.

Diana immediately turned to escape. She opened her mouth and was just about to shout when she felt a slender hand cover up her mouth. It was then that Diana realized she was unable to summon any bit of strength.

The feminine-looking young man laughed, "The Dark Knight alone managed to hold back those three old men. Heaven really is on my side! With this, Fang Xingjian will have to come out."