Chapter 391 Pursuit (Part I)

 Chapter 391: Pursuit (Part I)

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"Fang! Xing! Jian!"

The infuriated bellow tore through the cloud-filled skies and almost spread out through the entire academy. However, when people lifted their heads to look at the sky, they could only see two white lines slicing through the clouds as well as two black dots which were gradually disappearing.

During the mere couple of seconds of Sasa chasing after Fang Xingjian, the two silhouettes had already flown up above the prison.

One of them appeared very old, as if he was going to die at anytime. The other had a very fit and robust body, with looks which reflected his great capabilities.

They were the two people who had participated in the Regional Selection as the judges, old Luke and the middle-aged Yaris. Both of them were top notch level 28 experts and had been left behind to uphold the Regional Academy.

However, they had not expected that they were a step late. Sasa had already run off in pursuit of Fang Xingjian.

"Sasa escaped?" Luke, who was very old, frowned. The wrinkles on his face seemed to have curled up into many deep trenches. "It seems like this time around, he is the First Prince's target."

Yaris communicated with Luke through information currents, "Why is Xingjian here as well?"

"I don't know, but we can't leave this lying down. If Sasa manages to escape and takes Xingjian with him..."

Thinking of this, their moods became extremely bad. If both Sasa and Fang Xingjian had disappeared, then that was the worst possible situation.

"Yaris, you go on after them. I'll stay here to keep a watch on the academy in case this is an attempt to lure us away." The wrinkles on Luke's face grew increasingly deep. "Your ability is just right for this. After you've caught up to them, you'll just need to save Fang Xingjian and get away. With Sasa breaking free, there must be people who would be meeting up with him. You must be careful as well."

A few seconds later, Yaris burst into flames and soared into the skies like a meteor. Heat waves swept through the entire academy, and the temperature within a range of a few kilometers rose up. Then in the next moment, he had already brought about streams of flames at his tail as he went off in pursuit, headed in the direction Sasa had disappeared.


Elsewhere, at the Governor's manor, the Dark Knight sat on a couch in an unrestrained manner. He was engrossed in a game of chess with Governor Devitt.

Suddenly, Devitt stiffened, and the chess piece in his hand was crushed into dust. He abruptly got up to his feet.

As the current Headmaster of the Great Western Region Regional Academy, he had always had his attention on the things happening in the academy. Right now, someone was sending him news through information currents. Streams of killing intent shot out from his eyes.

"Dark Knight, you deserve to die!"

Taking a step forward, he appeared before the Dark Knight like an illusion. As he threw out one of his palms, it was as if a myriad of dragons were howling. The surrounding temperatures quickly plunged at an amazing rate, and in the blink of an eye, the entire room was covered in ice and frost.

With a loud bang, the Dark Knight flew backward, coming to a stop only after smashing through over ten walls.

The moment Devitt struck out his palm, he had concurrently sent a message to the other two, "I'll deal with him. One of you go stand guard in the academy while the other chases after Sword Saint Sasa."

Communication between Conferred Knights could be really, really fast. In the blink of an eye, he had already shared the series of events which had happened in the academy to Head of Department James and Hoppes, who was the head of the sword arts team, through information currents.

The two of them were about to take action when they realized that the Governor's entire manor was surrounded by layers of black fog. Two ladies walked out slowly from the black fog.

One of the ladies was dressed in palace clothes, but her upper thighs and arms were revealed. She had an ice-cold face, as if she was trying to keep all strangers away from her.

The other lady was dressed in purple and had purple hair. She was the top notch expert, Li Zi, who had been chased down by the First Prince's personally led team back in the snowy plains of the northern country. Back then, Li Zi had used her Four Seals of World Creation to go up against the First Prince's Overturned Hell.

The presence of these three people caused James' brows to knit together tightly. He said softly, "Hoppes, there's no need to try anymore. This is the top Killing technique of the Ancient Path of Hell that's used to confine people-Hell's Labyrinth. Ordinary people won't be able to break through it."

As he looked at the Dark Knight, the lady dressed in palace clothes, and Li Zi, he said, "I've long sensed that there were two killing intents in the surroundings, but I didn't expect the First Prince to really have placed such a huge wager this time around. Why, is he thinking of getting rid of us, three old men, at the same time?"

Li Zi, who had purple hair and was dressed in purple clothes, kept silent with a face full of indifference. It was as if the entire world was none of her concern.

The Dark Knight let out a cold laugh, and the black aura around his body grew even more intense. He was clearly controlling the Hell's Labyrinth at full prowess in order to confine Devitt, James, and Hoppes.

These three top notch level 29 experts were all experts on the second tier amongst those in the level 29. None of them could be underestimated.

Hearing James' words, the lady dressed in palace clothes laughed and said, "Seniors, the three of you must be joking. Li Zi and I have just come over to protect the Dark Knight. We can't possible just watch as the three of you tear him apart, can we?"

"Hmph," Governor Devitt shouted, "Stop talking crap with them. Attack!"

In the next moment, interlacing forces surged into the skies above the Governor's manor as flames, thunderbolts, and reverse dimensions. The six experts were engaged in an intense battle. It was truly a scene which shook the heavens and the earth.

The Governor's manor was instantly turned into ruins. Thankfully, the people had all been sent away by Devitt long ago. Therefore, there were no casualties.

However, the flames and lightning, which soared up into the skies, were accompanied by thunderous rumbles and continued to attract the attention of countless people from the Great Western City.


A few minutes ago...

At the Knight Academy in the Great Western City...

Two assassins from the Sand Country were walking in a small alley. The lady was the one leading the way, while the old man was carrying the unconscious Lilia on his back.

However, while they were walking, the ground under them was suddenly completely covered by shadows.

"The two of you, put her down and each break one of your arms. Then you can leave."

The entire surface under their feet had been encompassed by black shadows which reached out continuously as if they were alive. The shadows even crept up onto the walls. However, when the lady saw this, the corners of her lips curled up, revealing a hint of smile. "Shadows? You're Anderson? Another genius of the Great Western Region?"

Anderson's figure slowly emerged from the shadows. He let out a sigh inwardly as he looked at the two assassins from the Sand Country.

He had received Zhou Xingwen's alerts and specially rushed over to the Great Western City as he was fast enough. After having gone around Ferdinand's area once, he then came over to Lilia's location. To his surprise, something had actually happened.

As Anderson looked at the two black-clothed people, a strong feeling of unease arose in his heart. He could sense that the pressure the two of them exuded was much stronger than many of the teachers he had faced.

However, in spite of having heard what the lady had said, Anderson still said arrogantly, "That's right. I'm the Shadow of Death, Anderson. If you don't wish to die, then scram."

"It's good that it's you. Since you're a genius, you deserve to die." The black robes on the female assassin exploded in that instant, and she landed a punch onto the ground. At that moment, the shadow-covered ground was turned into sand, and many sand arrows shot out in Anderson's direction.

"All of the Empire's geniuses deserve to die."