Chapter 387 Divine Blood

 Chapter 387: Divine Blood

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"Oh? The Dark Knight is here?" Fang Xingjian's eyes gleamed. He thought of the tyrannical figure back at the Regional Selection's arena. The First Prince's top subordinate... he was a peak Knight at the second transition and level 29. Even amongst the level 29 experts, he was also considered to be in the second tier. He was only slightly weaker than the Conferred Knights who were aiming for the Divine level, such as the First Prince himself.

"What a great opponent." Fang Xingjian stood up and streams of sword light flashed in the air. The surrounding walls could not withstand it and continued to crack. Zhou Xingwen felt that even his heart was twitching fiercely. He looked at Fang Xingjian and could not help but say, "Xingjian, the Dark Knight is the Empire's Conferred Knight and has the First Prince's clone with him as well. You mustn't fight him recklessly."

However, Fang Xingjian could not be bothered. The corner of his lips curled up into an excited smile. Yet after taking a few steps forward, he frowned. "That's not right. Why has the Dark Knight come so openly?

"Hmm? Could it be to head there? I had wanted to wait for a little while longer, but it seems that I should go meet up with that person first."

Zhou Xingwen asked puzzledly, "Xingjian, who are you referring to?" However, even though a while passed after he had asked his question, he did not hear any reply. Feeling puzzled, Zhou Xingwen lifted his head, only to see that there was nobody in front of him. Without him knowing, Fang Xingjian had disappeared.

Such elusive means placed Zhou Xingwen on tenterhooks.

He walked out feeling perplexed, thinking about what Fang Xingjian had said earlier, 'Attract attention? Could it be...? No matter what, it's best to be on guard and take preventive measures beforehand.'

Thinking this, he headed for Anderson's room. For the past couple of months, he had gotten a lot closer to this Conferred Knight who had also been helping Fang Xingjian run errands. Although he did not like how arrogant Anderson was, the two of them were the only Conferred Knights Fang Xingjian had under him.


In the prison, Sword Saint Sasa's body continued to be engulfed, surrounded, and suppressed by metal. This caused him to be as if he had been stuffed with cement, completely unable to move.

However, despite this, the blood in his body continued to surge relentlessly like a great river, causing rumbling sounds to ring out.

Even though he was in a place with an ether particle density rate of 1% and had gone without eating nor drinking, his body's condition was better than before!

This was especially so as there was a lump of blood-colored liquid located above his heart. This liquid was like Sword Saint Sasa's second heart, moving in tandem with his own heart. Small streams of red fell from the pulsing liquid into Sword Saint Sasa's heart. Then they flowed through his entire body through his bloodstream, causing his body to get increasingly stronger.

Sensing his body continue to grow stronger, the corners of Sword Saint Sasa's lips curled up slightly as he recalled the things that had happened recently.


That day, Sword Saint Sasa was absorbing the energy of ether particles as usual, lowering the depletion of energy from his body. However, just then, a stream of information current entered his mind.

"Sasa, do you want to get out?"

Sasa's heart skipped a beat. Although he wanted to leave this prison with no sunlight very much, he continued to suppress the agitation that was growing in his heart and replied with an information current, "Who are you?"

"I work for the First Prince." The other party went straight to the point. "Without my help, you can forget about leaving the Great Western City. Do you wish to stay here forever and watch as your body slowly degenerates? Or will you choose to follow the First Prince, make great achievements, leave your name behind in history, and even truly step into the Divine level?"

"Haha, Divine level? Even the First Prince himself isn't at the Divine level. How can he possibly help others attain the Divine level?"

The voice spoke coldly, "The First Prince's wisdom isn't something you can understand. The First Prince cultivates the 36 Hell's Maps and aims to reach a level that has never been attained before. Not only does he wish to create clones and place them into 36 top notch Conferred Knights, he also wishes to bring all these Conferred Knights to the Divine level."

"What? He wants to bring all 36 Conferred Knights to the Divine level?" When Sword Saint Sasa heard this, he only felt that it was ridiculous. "What does he think the Divine level is? Is it something that can be mass produced?"

"Hmph, the First Prince's courage is exhibited in his wish to create an unprecedented path that no one has ever walked on before." The person continued, "Moreover, the First Prince's wisdom and power aren't within your imagination."

Sasa did not reply but smiled coldly. It was true the prison was so dark that it was hard to differentiate day from night. However, if he were to go out and sign the Hell's Map, he would not be able to decide his own life and death.

That voice did not say much and disappeared a while later.

However, after one week, that person came by to ask him again.

Just like that, the person would come and pay Sasa a visit once in awhile, sharing with him some of the things which were happening outside.

Then as the time Sasa spent in the cell grew longer, his mood got increasingly irritable.

This was especially so when the other party brought news of Fang Xingjian. It made Sasa feel even more agitated.

"Ten million?! A set of Waves was sold for ten million?!" Sasa's expression distorted, and his eyes seemed like they were going to spew out fire. "They are really corrupted and decadent! To think that the country's money has entered Fang Xingjian's pocket just like that! These people really deserve to die."

"Haha, how about it? With Fang Xingjian's current rate of progress, he would probably be able to surpass you very soon. Aren't you anxious? It's ten million we're talking about. How many heavenly and earthly treasures can he purchase? How far can he raise his abilities?"

Sasa did not answer the other party's question, but his expression grew increasingly savage. Feelings of fury, vengeance, and jealousy... They were like a snake, constantly swallowing up his heart.

Then for the next one month plus, the other party never came by again.

With no news of the other party for an entire month and having to stay in this dark cell, each and every minute and second felt very long. This made him increasingly agitated as well.

If it were in the past, considering Sword Saint Sasa's cultivation, this would not have happened. However, losing the Heaven's Volition Sword Intent, losing out to Fang Xingjian, and hearing of Fang Xingjian's repeated success... The negative effects of these things were worsened in this dark cell.

If he were an ordinary person, he would have long since become crazy in this darkness, in this situation where he did not have anything.

Although Sasa had persisted for very long, he only became increasingly agitated and uneasy. However, the person the First Prince sent had accelerated this process, making his mental state become increasingly unbalanced.

Finally, a few days ago, when the other party appeared again, Sasa eventually agreed to join the First Prince and become his subordinate.

"Haha, Sasa, you won't regret this."

At the next moment, streams of red liquid seeped through the metal and flowed into his body.

"This is the fresh blood of a Divine level ferocious beast. It isn't just ordinary fresh blood, but is the blood essence that a ferocious beast has condensed for its descendant to consume. Even Divine level ferocious beasts themselves aren't able to easily condense this and it contains Divine level powers.

"Absorb it well, and let it merge into your body. It can propel your abilities once again. If you're able to absorb it all, it can increase your potential points by at least ten million. It can also bring the heavenly thunders and terrestrial magnetism forces in your body to be at the peak just below the Divine level, allowing your body's toughness to reach the level of a level 29 Superior Divine Weapon. When that happens, breaking out of this prison would be nothing."

As Sasa sensed the fresh blood which was seeping into his body drop by drop, he was startled. 'The blood essence of a Divine level ferocious beast? To think that the First Prince has something like this?'